Motu The Super Dog Man – Motu Patlu in Hindi – ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES! -As seen on Nick

OK, I just had lunch and was taking a short nap. You hit me with a stone and awakened me. I will not leave you. Hey doggie brother, it was by mistake. The stone struck you by mistake, forgive me. Bow wow, no forgiveness. I will clean you up. Help! Big brother!!! Motu! Where is that dog? Hey, Motu my brother, I had made this a superhero machine but you have become a Super Dog Man; it’s good. Bow wow! Oh! Lord, in my twenty years of experience, I have never seen anything like this before. Bow wow, quickly make me normal again big brother. Hey Motu my friend, I swear on my patients that I have not yet made an antidote for this. Dr. Jhatka, you only know how to make things go wrong! You never do anything correctly. Help, Patlu just stop Motu, give me some time. I will make an antidote and turn Motu back to normal again. Let’s go home Motu; let Dr. Jhatka do his work. Koon!! Koon!!! Koon!!!!! Koon!!!! What is this trouble! Now he won’t allow me to sleep also. Motu you are a Super Hero Dog! So you go outside and keep a watch along with your Dog Squad and let me sleep. Ok. Patlu Koon!!!!!! Koon!!!!!! Bow wow. Hey! He is just like us all. Koon!!!!!!! Bow wow! I am Super Hero Dog Man, all of us together will keep peace in Furfuri Nagar. And we will keep watch at night so that no thief can rob anyone. We will make this town thief free. Yes, we all are with you. Bow wow! Koon!!!!!! Yes! We have to do a lot of work. Let’s go on the top of the building and keep a watch and catch the thieves. Koon!!!! Koon!!!! Hey! Shut up! What times are this? This is called, do nice for them and get hit by shoes. As such we are keeping a watch for them, over that they are hitting us with shoes, slippers, and sticks. Friends, I can see the thief, attack!!! Number 1, number 2. Today, suddenly my eyesight has become weak or is that I am having a bad dream? See there. Is it Motu or someone else? Yes, boss. It’s Motu! Again and again what happens! I cannot understand, every time he takes a new disguise and comes to me as a big trouble. Very good boss, very good, what poetry! Leave the poetry and run quickly from here. Leave me. Hey leave me Motu, If you cannot leave me, at least walk like a man. Why are you walking like a dog? Oh, my god! What is this! Bow wow, here is your criminal, John. Yes Chingam sir, I am John, John the Don. Arrest me and put me in prison but save me from Motu. Motu, tell me clearly what is this all about? Bow wow, it’s a long story Chingam sir. Let me explain you it in short. I have become a Super Dog due to Jhatka’s experiment, now I will ensure peace in this entire town. Oh, my god! Very good, you made my work easy. Motu, it’s enough now, let’s go home. No Patlu, you sit here. Motu and I are going for patrolling. Oh my god, what a bad destiny! When people’s bad time comes they fall from a horse and sit on the back of a donkey. How is my time that leaving the motorcycle, I am sitting on the back of a dog. Bow wow, Chingam Sir, you are making a hole in the same plate in which you are eating; sitting on my back, you are cursing me only, shall I thrash you down? Oh my God! No Motu the Super Dog Man, I was just joking. Ok, for this time I am forgiving you but henceforth do not do this type of joke or else I too know how to joke. Hello inspector Chingam, some prisoners have escaped from central jail, They are moving towards the main street, catch them immediately. Ok!! Sir!!! Why are you talking as if you are bouncing? I am really bouncing because I am sitting on Motu’s back. Motu you are a Super Dog Man, you can fly also, quickly fly around and find out where the criminals are and catch them Bow wow, Chingam sir, there are the prisoners. I swear you by Mother India, stop now. Stop, stop in the name of the law. The name is Chingam. It is impossible to get out of Chingam’s web. Impossible. But, I am here. Motu, very good. Now I will take all three of them back to the prison and you carry on with the patrolling. Boss, you went away flying & all of us fell down. You please teach us how to fly. Yes! Or else you will remain a Hero and we will be Zero. No, small brother, I cannot teach you to fly, this is not in my hands. OK, it means you alone want to take all the honours. Brothers, we don’t want this type of boss, catch him and drag him away. Bow wow, big brother save me. Long live big brother! I am normal again. Hey, this is good, my friend Motu, my brother; I was still making the antidote but it takes time. It’s good you are normal again. Who are you? Hi friends, how are you? What are you looking at friends! Now I have become a Super Dog Man. Thank you Motu! This is all because of you; now you save Furfuri Nagar and I will go and save the world.

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