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Can’t you maintain the garden? Look, how long and big the plants have gotten. How much should I maintain? I cut them every day and they grow back every day. You might not be cutting it right. Why don’t you guys cut they plants and show me what the right way is. Wow, wow, we did not know we are such great artists Do you see gardener, this is how you trim them. No matter how you trim and cut them, they are going to grow back to its original shape by tomorrow morning. Motu, we should consult Dr. Jhatka on how we can maintain the shape of the trees and plants. The garden looks so pretty, doesn’t it. Patlu calls Dr. Jhatka. Dr. Jhatka, Hello Here’s my new gadget, this is a plant shape protection machine, if you throw rays at the plant using this machine, the plant won’t lose its shape and it will remain maintained. Now, put the rays on the other plants too. Big Brother, we’ll name this garden animal park. We’ll put an entry fees for this park, people will come to see animal shaped plants And whatever we earn from this park, can be used to help the residents of Furfurinagar. That’s a great idea Motu Who is it? Oh it’s you! Big brother how is this alive. Dr. Jhatka’s medicines never work fine. It turned them to life. Run!!! yeah!!! big brother save me. Motu help!!!!! help!!!! Put my friend down right now or else I will do such a thing to you that you will remember it for the rest of your life. Check it out, you should take lessons on controlling animals from me, brought everything under control in one attempt. Big brother, help!!!! Oh, elephant brother, enough, were you some kind of laundryman in your last life? Thank god, that only the elephant turned into life. Oh my god, what is that thing? What did you do to my car. What are you doing, whatever you are? Is anyone else left? Motu! What is going on, what kind of animals are these? Boxer brother, have you seen an elephant, rhinoceros and crocodiles anywhere? Yes, I saw them but I cannot believe it. How is it even possible? We are the creator, we created them. Why are you laughing? They have squashed your car and you are still laughing. Because what they did to me will be less as compared to what I am going to do to you guys. you can’t even begin to imagine. Come back down and I will show you What kind of animals are these! Run!!!!! Tea vendor, don’t be afraid, I will catch them right away. Oh damn!!!! Oh lord, Dr. Jhatka do something quickly Boxer brother, we are not at fault here, the elephant flung us. I don’t understand is why is the elephant only throwing you two around. Because that’s our back luck. Now neither your luck will live nor you. Help Help, not sure, where these animals are coming from? Drank all my water. And are wrecking havoc all over. The elephants and rhinoceros have wrecked havoc everywhere! Motu Patlu do something! They haven’t left a drop of water anywhere in the city! They drank water from every possible place. I will go to the lab and fix the animal freezing gun and this will help us freeze the animals like before. Until then you stop them from drinking water, they will get stronger after drinking water; as they are plants. These animals can smell their way to water. They are going towards furfuri nagar’s water resource. How are we going to stop them from drinking water? Motu and Patlu, here is a flying saucer. Stand on this and fly your way to the water resource. Get there and freeze the water before these animals get there. But how do we freeze it? This is a water-freezing gun, if you run this over the jheel, then the water will freeze! Now go quickly, if they drink all the water from the resource, they will get stronger. Patlu, why is everything appearing upside down? Because you are flying upside down! Come on, get straight. Patlu!!!! what are you doing? Try to fly straight. Now let’s see how these animals drink the water. Patlu, Why are they dancing? Because they are going to feast on us. Patlu I can’t think on an empty stomach. Do something. Idea, leave the flying saucer here and start to run. Help!!!! Help!!!, somebody help!!! They are playing football with us. The elephants aim wasn’t all that good! and that’s why we got saved the first time, but this time it looks like the aim is right. Motu, here! Take this Animal Freezing gun, Now freeze the animals back. No!!!!!!!! Hey, they only shaped the plants! All those gadgets are mine. Why don’t you cheer for me? Oh so all this is because of you! Guys come on, let’s cheer for Dr. Jhatka! Come back down quickly, then i will show you No, coming down means going back up to heaven.I will run from up here.

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