17 thoughts on “Mother of 3 fatally mauled by family dog while suffering seizure

  1. Tens of thousands of people are killed by dogs each year worldwide. Not to mention the number maimed, catch serious or fatal infections, die or are injured while trying to run after and save their dogs… Or the very real cost to economy and wasting of resources…. In this day and age, keeping farm animals indoors and in cities as emotional crutches and fetishizing them, while masking the real antisocial symptoms and lack of interpersonal communication is a disgrace on humanity.

  2. I feel like pit bull s are dangerous cuz I have a multis terrier and he got attack by a pit bull he had to get 13 stitches on his back and I honestly hate pit bulls I’m sorry to say that but I do

  3. People always say its not the dogs fault it's the owners, but look at the type of people who own them – usually trash. You can't ban just uncivilized people from owning them, so unfortunately it's the breed that probably should be

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