Mother Cat Lost One Leg But Raised Her Kittens Well Despite The Pain | Animal in Crisis EP56

Gong San Sung, an ancient mountain fortress Is located in Gongju city, Korea Built with earth and stone A cat lives inside Doesn’t even move when we approach her closely When people pass by The cat doesn’t really care The cat is different from your typical stray cat But.. The cat lost one leg Perhaps she couldn’t move due to her disability But then A kitten comes out from under the castle After hearing the three-legged cat’s crying 4 kittens come outside She hid her kittens under the castle Soon after sensing the people’s movement The kittens hide inside Kittens are still afraid of the outside world Such an amazing mother cat who takes care of her kittens despite her injured leg The castle is located on top of the mountain fortress How come this mother cat with a disability Gave birth to kittens, and looked after them in such a place like this Since it’s a historical site, there are a few houses nearby and people rarely pass by There must be not enough food I also wonder what they’ve eaten I mean it must be hard for her to hunt with her 3 legs There are no people who can feed them or water they can drink on the top of the mountain fortress To feed the cat family who must’ve starved Prepares cat food and pet milk The mother cat hurriedly eats food But.. As soon as the kittens come out The mother cat moves out of the way Perhaps they’re not familiar with the food they’ve never tasted before Turns their back at it Eventually, the mother cat breastfeeds them instead The mother cat must be hungry But takes care of her kittens first She’s very familiar with people’s touch Unlike common stray cats Stray cats usually don’t follow people, and avoid them Seeing that she follows people well, I think she has someone who looks after her A residential area near the fortress Perhaps someone from here has been taking care of the cat family? I haven’t seen this cat before Especially the one with a disability in her leg I haven’t seen this cat I’ve never seen this one If the cat’s been strolling around the village with her injured leg Someone must have noticed her But no one knows the three-legged cat Someone might have abandoned her due to the disability in her leg I think she’s abandoned by her owner After being abandoned, she gave birth to kittens And lives on her own on top of the fortress Someone might have abandoned her when she was pregnant And the mother cat who was left alone gave birth alone in this place Perhaps the reason why she misses people’s touch is because she was abandoned before.. When the kittens fall asleep The mother cat comes outside And acts charming to people But Soon after hearing her kittens’ crying She goes under the castle again Wonder how she’s survived through this lonely place where there’s no food.. A vet visits the site Is it okay for them to live here? Vet/ Cats with wild instincts who have kittens Run away even after hearing footsteps Very wary of human touch But she’s not wary at all Perhaps with her friendly personality, she could get food from tourists Vet/ The kittens need to learn from the mother cat Like how to hunt for food. There are many other things But they can’t do anything I mentioned in this place Once she stops breastfeeding her kittens It’ll be hard for them to find food on the top of the mountain Such a bad condition for the cat family with the three-legged mother cat Before it’s too late Rescue the cat family asap As soon as the mother cat comes out The kittens follow her Perhaps a cage looks strange to them They hesitate to go inside At that moment After one kitten goes inside The others go inside the cage, one by one All four kittens are safely rescued! Also, rescue the mother cat who follows people easily Before their new life begins Checks their health condition How’s their health? Vet/ Seems like the mother cat took good care of all the kittens despite her disability Two of each gender They’re in good health even though they were raised on the street Wonder how’s the health of the mother cat, who’s been taking good care of her kittens despite her disability The left leg which seems to be cut off.. Vet/ Her leg was cut off a while ago The scar is healed already, so no additional treatments are needed Thankfully, she’s healed with no infection, but.. Vet/ She must have felt severe pain Even when your skin is cut off, it’s painful Imagine that your bone is cut off.. Must be really painful She must have gone through a hard time due to the pain Couldn’t eat properly With the disability She strolled around the street But still did her best to protect her unborn kittens.. Poor mother cat.. Vet/ I’m not sure if she was abandoned after the injury or she was hurt after she was abandoned But I can say that she has strong maternal love Because she raised her kittens so well despite her disability Since she had to protect 4 siblings She must have been always anxious on the street From now on Hope she has a happy, dreamy life with her kittens together

100 thoughts on “Mother Cat Lost One Leg But Raised Her Kittens Well Despite The Pain | Animal in Crisis EP56

  1. To all the people that always say females are weak or people who use the phrase, "cry like a little girl" I say……. MOM STRONG ?

  2. ดูเเล้วร้องให้เลย *??เสียงลูกเเมวมันทำให้เราดีใจ และร้องให้ไปด้วย

  3. Как же все-таки трудно быть животным слава богу что в мире есть такие люди

  4. Even the kittens are soft.
    Dont bite or scratch.The only reason they ran away i think its because the mom kept them hidden.Understandable since they could have been stepped on by the tourists.
    So lovely seing all the family get rescued

  5. Poor her so much, only 3 legs !!! Please give her love, food and home !! Please let be the new owner of her, and protect her family !!! Thank you !!!

  6. |•«??»•| This is so sad, to see these defenseless little animals suffering and not being able to do anything to help |•«??»•|

  7. I think she got lost and like somehow tripped and cut her leg
    Because nobody will abandon a poor cat right

    If they did
    They have to suffer who abandoned it

  8. و الله انا اعشق القطط☺️?
    و ألله بحبهم كتيييررر?
    بس اهلي مو يرضوا أربي قط بالبيت??
    ربيت من زمان بس للأسف بابا رماهم برا البيت?

  9. More likely she was abandoned because the owner thought she was male so didn't expect her to get pregnant – almost all ginger cats are male – ginger females are very rare.

  10. Эхх. Ей бы лапку новую переделать . И смогла бы даже бегать . Нужна всего лишь лапка для счастья ((

  11. Бедная кошка дай ей бог здоровья и счастья и её котятам. Я плачу смотрю это видео. Спасибо что спасаете животных?????

  12. Meanwhile there are women fighting for the right to kill their children within their own womb. How horrible !

    Enquanto isso há mulheres lutando pelo direito de matar seus filhos dentro do seu próprio ventre. Que horror !

  13. Masyaallah. I am so sad ? I hope there are still people who are kind to the cat. always healthy cats cute cats aamiin aamiin ya allah ??❤

  14. Human parents should watch these videos …gain gratitude for what these animal parents go thru…
    We have it easy compared to these animals .

  15. Mimo tego ze nic nie rozumiem co oni mowia te filmy sa przepiekne i cudowne ludzie ktorzy pomagaja w taki sposob sa swietni i powinno byc takich jak najwiecej ???❤❤

  16. I am very dazzled by this wonderful humanity you have. Thank you. I hope that the countries of the Middle East will be like you, in Iraq so far more than 511 people have been killed and thousands wounded because of our claim of our rights

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