49 thoughts on “Most URGENT rescue EVER! Kitten falls 43 ft straight down a water well & cries for help for 5 DAYS!

  1. i would be so pleased to knews from jessye ????howis he going now , any more video of this little king of warrior???

  2. That kitten was so cute i dont think we got that much animals out there iv only seen like youkies but i cant keep them so i put them up for adoption ask the peple questions then if they get improved they get the pet?????????

  3. Aww you played roar at the end ❤️
    And BOY DID JESSE ROAR that is probably the toughest kitten I have EVER seen like ever!!!!!! ?

  4. I want to donate but I can not do it ;-; When there is no crisis, I will donate at least $ 5 or $ 10.

    My English is so bad, sorry for everything.

  5. when i saw that cat start to lose hope, i started balling and praying for this poor thing, i love these people i would dedicate my life to do what they did, and its my dream to save animals like you guys. i resentlie saved a homeless cat who was pregnet and was in deprait need water and food almost on the virge of death, thank god we saved her because now she has 4 beautiful kittens, i am so inspired by you guys, thank you!!❤❤❤❤

  6. I’m surprised it survived the fall let alone the five days. I mean I seen the hole and am like that is negligence on the owners part like you got to think, “SHIT THAT IS A HUGE HOLE, A REALLY LOOSE BOARD THAT COULD BREAK (whatever was the case to cause the hole) MAKING MY KITTEN FALL THROUGH IT, MAYBE I SHOULD COVER IT UP OR KEEP THE KITTEN OUT OF THE BARN UNTIL ITS A CAT AND CANT FIT IN IT”

    Thank God the kitten is safe and with a good owner now. Plus he has an older dog friend now named Shaggy.

  7. I am so nervous when saw this video…but at last i feel so happy …what a creepy moment and made me so feel unpleasent…thank you Eldad and the Team…All the Best for You All….??❤☺?

  8. I appreciate your effort but what about the children of Iraq and Afghanistan do not deserve a peaceful stand in front of the White House and cry over them as you did with the cat Know that there are many wise among you but why silence؟

    مقدر لكم جهدكم لكن ماذا عن أطفال العراق وافغانستان لايستحقون وقوف سلمي امام البيت الأبيض والبكاء عليهم كما فعلتم بالقط اعلم ان هناك كثير من العقلاء بينكم لكن لماذا الصمت

  9. I have been sitting here watching this and my heart is breaking for that poor baby. Thank God for people like you who know animals have feelings too. They hurt, get scared, happy, excited, get too hot, too cold THEY FEEL LOVE AND GIVE IT IN RETURN. You make our world, their world, GOD'S WORLD A BETTER PLACE. Thank you for your BIG heart.

  10. I had a very sad situation as well…

    Me and my brother were going to school riding our bikes, and we heard the most quiet whine ever…we couldn’t tell if it was dog or cat but we rode our bikes toward the sound and there was this huge ditch by our school that has a bunch of snakes and other things but we took our chances. We eventually tracked the sound and found the poor thing lying stuck with a wire trapped around its leg, so I got out my scissors and cut it off the poor baby was bleeding badly and it was almost time for school. I held the dog in my arms as it was shivering, it was winter and the dog needed to get warm so I wrapped my jacket around it and my brother carried my bike. The dog had a collar and was so cold I saw the phone number and took it inside my school the principal and staff said “No animals allowed inside the building” we told them what happened and we gave the dog back to its owner after we took it to the vet.

  11. The moment he was saved and out of the hole makes me cry real hard.Thank you guys for not giving up on every animals if that is other people they will just let it and have given up. But you guys are not.

    Thank you with my whole heart.

  12. The only reason there are thumbs down is because they were crying and couldn't see through their tears. (which isnt an excuse)

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