Most Painful Animal Attacks Human Could Ever Endure

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head
over to to try out one of their premium plans right now. If someone asked you what the most dangerous
animals in the world were, we’re willing to bet you could rattle off a quick top ten. But what about the most painful animals in
the world? We’re talking the most painful bites, stings,
and stabs in the animal kingdom! Hello, and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show. Today we’re going to take a look at the top
ten most painful animal attacks you could ever endure. 10. At number ten is one of the world’s deadliest
animals. It is 100 times more deadly than sharks! Ranging from Asia to America, the crocodile
claims on average about 1,000 victims every year versus just ten by sharks. And while it would be excruciatingly painful
to be chomped on by a big great white shark, a crocodile attack is exponentially more painful
because of the crocodile’s unique physiology. That’s because, unlike sharks and most other
animals, crocodiles can’t really chew. Instead, they are forced to tear chunks of
meat from their prey and gobble them up in entire bites. They do this by the dreaded “death roll”
where a crocodile latches onto prey and begins to violently roll in the water. Crocodiles have the strongest bite force in
the world. Once the crocodile is latched on, absolutely
nothing will pry it loose, and the twisting motion of the croc’s body ends up tearing
loose entire chunks of flesh. Eyewitnesses to crocodile attacks describe
seeing the victims torn to pieces one roll at a time! 9. At number nine is an Australian native whose
bite is venomous but not deadly to humans. The Yellow-faced Whip Snake is an agile and
fast predator that preys primarily on frogs, small lizards, and lizard eggs. Unlike most snakes, the Yellow-faced Whip
Snake is fast enough to even catch lizards at a full run! Its bite is venomous as the bites of most
snakes are, but it is not particularly dangerous to humans. However, victims have described the pain as
an intense and incredible burning sensation that creeps up the extremities. Bites can also cause extreme localized swelling,
and repeated exposure to Yellow-faced Whip Snake venom makes each subsequent bite even
more painful! 8. At number 8 is a creature whose malice isn’t
exactly an “attack” but more of a total infestation. The Ascariasis roundworm is a parasitic worm
that lives in the intestines of wild animals and about 10 percent of the developing world’s
human population. People can become infected via ingestion of
Ascariasis eggs found in feces or soil contaminated by feces. Once swallowed, the eggs hatch inside of your
intestine, and the young larvae enter your bloodstream until they make their way to your
lungs to continue their development. Once fully mature, the worms then leave your
lungs and make their way to your throat, at which point you will either cough up or swallow
the worms lodged in your throat! Those that are swallowed make their way back
to your intestine where they will mate and lay more eggs – some of which will hatch while
others exit through your feces. It’s disgusting, but that doesn’t compare
to the excruciating pain caused by a total infestation of ascariasis, which can see the
worms multiply to such numbers that they cause a blockage of the intestines, liver, and pancreas. These blockages can not only lead to sepsis
but also create horrific stomach cramping and pain. 7. At number seven is a miniature terror with
one of the most painful bites of all insects. The assassin bug makes its home across the
bottom 2/3rds of the continental United States. While most bloodsuckers inject their victims
with local anesthetics so they never even realize they are being bit, the assassin bug
makes its presence known with a red-hot painful bite compared to burning coals. As if that wasn’t enough, about 60% of all
assassin bugs carry Chagas disease, a parasitic disease that is spread via their feces. Causing heart failure and enlarged organs,
Chagas disease is incurable, and, if symptoms aren’t managed, it is deadly. 6. At number six is another snake, though this
time of a far deadlier variety. The infamous black mamba snake makes its home
across Africa, and it has a bite so deadly it can kill an adult human being in a half
hour if untreated, with a fatality rate of 100%. The black mamba’s neurotoxic venom attacks
the nervous system by destroying the chemicals needed to transmit signals between nerve cells. This leads to a paralyzing effect that can
quickly shut down the lungs and heart. Survivors often describe feeling as if their
very blood was on fire, with the pain radiating from the bite and expanding across their entire
body. 5. At number five is an arachnid from down under. Australia’s redback spider makes its home
anywhere humans live, hiding out under floorboards, book shelves, and flower pots. Identified by a red or orange strip on top
of their abdomen, they bear a striking resemblance to the American black widow spider but are
a fraction of the size. Barely larger than a match head, the redback
spider nevertheless packs one of the most painful bites of all spiders. Extremely venomous, bites from a redback spider
can be lethal for small children. They cause extreme pain in the affected area
followed by loss of coordination, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes even convulsions. Luckily, only half of the population is a
danger to humans, with a male’s fangs being too small to penetrate human skin. Unluckily though, the larger females fully
capable of penetrating human skin are also extremely aggressive and will not hesitate
to attack anybody that strays into their webs. 4. At number four is a distant relative of man’s
best friend. The hyena is a notorious pack killer given
a very wide berth by most Africans. While most predatory animals ensure a victim
is dead before beginning to eat it in order to prevent injury to themselves by struggling
prey, hyenas show no such compulsion. Observed eating crippled animals alive, hyenas
don’t bother making sure their prey is dead before beginning a feast. They are all too happy to settle down and
start tearing pieces of flesh with their powerful jaws the moment they’ve overpowered an animal. Known for attacking sleeping campers in the
bush, hyenas will often bite people’s faces and eat the soft tissues of the nose, mouth,
breasts, and groin, eventually moving to the stomach and intestines. Victims typically take minutes to die from
blood loss, though one hopes shock sets in long before that. 3. At number three is one of the world’s most
unassuming and deadliest animals. Another native of Africa, the hippopotamus
is extremely aggressive and territorial, killing 500 people a year. Weighing in at three tons (3000 kg), they
are also surprisingly fast animals, achieving speeds of up to 18 mph (30 kph). Hippos routinely attack swimmers, canoes,
and even speedboats that stray too close. With their massive jaws and six-inch long
teeth, they have been known to bite people in half with just one bite. Their hyperaggressiveness often sees them
continue to maul victims long after they are dead, trampling them underfoot and even biting
limbs off. In one particularly gruesome attack in 2014,
a hippo upended a boat transporting a group of 12 children and one adult, killing all
of them. 2. At number two is a bottom dwelling fish from
the West Pacific. The infamous stonefish is perfectly camouflaged
to look like … well a stone, leading many hapless swimmers to accidentally step on one. The stonefish is an ambush predator, and its
venom is delivered via its thirteen dorsal spines and serves only as a protective measure. When a swimmer accidentally steps on one,
each spine can shoot several ounces of potent venom deep into the tissues of the stonefish’s
victim. Untreated, a stonefish sting can be fatal
to an adult human within an hour, but even if treated the pain will last far, far longer
than that. Victims describe how the pain at first feels
like a hot torch lit directly under your foot. The burning sensation then moves up the entire
length of your body over the course of hours as the venom courses through your blood, and
it is followed by a feeling like a sledgehammer pounding your limbs every ten seconds. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, there’s
also the fact that the pain can last for days. 1. At number 1 is the hands down most deadly
creature in the ocean. None are more feared than the Irukandji jellyfish,
which ranges in size from several feet to a few inches. The initial sting reportedly feels like a
little less than a mosquito bite and is typically ignored by victims. However, within 30 minutes, symptoms begin
to set in, including severe headaches, back, muscle, chest, and abdominal pain with intense
cramping. Nausea, vomiting, sweating, anxiety, and hypertension
quickly follow. Perhaps the most curious symptom of all is
a feeling of impending doom, with victims so certain they are facing death they beg
doctors to kill them. If properly treated, most symptoms go away
within hours, but people with particular sensitivity can experience symptoms that last for up to
two weeks, during which victims describe pain so intense that even powerful narcotic painkillers
have little effect. When even morphine doesn’t cut it, it’s a
little hard to blame victims for feeling like they’re going to die! All of the attacks in this episode are excruciatingly
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uniquely you! What’s the most painful sting or bite you’ve
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