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I know that squirrels are really cute and they’re little bit of trouble makers from time to time. Mossy The Squirrel is, like, the smartest, most cutest, most cuddliest squirrel ever. Meet Mossy! This little squirrel is always busy doing something. Scratches. Like running around or climbing on furniture. She even peels bananas! Mossy’s unique ’cause she’s really smart and she’s unique ’cause she lives in a house! When Mossy was just a teeny baby squirrel, she got hurt. No one knows what hurt her, but luckily, animal rescuer, Tiara, saw Mossy. She knew the little squirrel needed help and that she was the right person for the job! So, we grabbed her and took her in! Mossy was growing bigger and stronger every day. One of her favorite games was “Chase the Marble.” Then hide it somewhere in the house! I think Mossy’s feelin’ like, “This place is really fun!” Mossy felt really, really close to Tiara. But Tiara didn’t think she could keep Mossy forever. She wanted to help Mossy and release her back into the wild. But everything changed when Tiara noticed something special about Mossy’s tail. Squirrels use their tails to talk to each other. I think that is pretty awesome. So, if a tail wasn’t working on a squirrel then they couldn’t talk to each other. And Mossy’s swirly tail would make it hard for her to be on her own in the wild. That’s when Tiara decided that she would raise Mossy for good! And Tiara officially became Mossy’s mom. Mossy was the happiest squirrel in the world! She liked wrestling with her mom, and helping her bake and being a real squirrely troublemaker! Mossy was having the time of her life! But what she didn’t know was that things were about to get even squirrelier! I got a message from a friend who said, “Hey, this squirrel needs a home.” And my husband said, ‘Yes!’ And just like that, Mossy got a new baby sister! A squirrel sister named Juniper. Mossy getting a new friend is the most squirreliest thing ever! But Juniper was very shy. It took her a whole month to feel safe with their mom, Tiara! But now whenever her mom calls her name, Juniper flies right to her. They’re, like, some of the coolest squirrels ever. Juniper’s still getting used to her sister, Mossy. So, Mossy is giving her some space. But as soon as Juniper’s ready, Mossy will be right there to love her and make her feel safe. Just like Tiara did for her! She’s going to be a good sister. I think the two of them are going to have a great life together! Remember, if you see an animal in trouble, do not try to rescue them by yourself. Ask an adult family member for help!

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