Mossy Oak Nature's Menu Premium Dog Food

this is a new food that we're starting to use here at Marshall kennels it's called muffled nature's menu central super premium dog food it's 26 percent protein 14 percent fat we get good energy levels we get good coats we have no allergies and reason we have no L just go we have no gluten in the dog food all natural ingredients and all the ingredients are made in the USA we have noticed that by using the higher grade dog foods where you can clear skin we get a shiny coat we get a most two and our dogs have the energy that they need to work through the trunk progra predation

7 thoughts on “Mossy Oak Nature's Menu Premium Dog Food

  1. This is a pretty good food. I decided to give it a try because 2 of my 3 dogs have skin allergies. So far so good. Now my one dog gets bladder stones and she's on Royal canin S/O. She has to avoid magnesium and phosphate so I will contact the company to find out if there is anything in the food not listed on the bag. When I first opened the bag I notice the food bring different colors which I immediately thought..oh crap I missed it has dyes in it. NOPE it doesn't. My 2 love it and even my cats get into it lol. I Also mix in cooked chicken breast with spinach,peas and carrots and sometimes sweet potatoes. At times I will add salmon oil or virgin UNREFINED coconut oil. It really does wonders for the coat for both cats and dogs. I hope mossy oak plans to put out cat food because my cats are demanding it!

  2. I drove to DG for some coffee creamer and decided to do a stroll through the store since it was a new built. I was shocked to find Mossy Oak dog food and was really interested in it as it was next to Rachael Ray dog foods (I have been feeding my dogs Purina Smart Blend Turkey and Venison. So I bought a small bag of the Real Beef & Brown Rice Recipe of the Natures Menu Super Premium Dog Food. When I got home, I grabbed three of the different colored pieces, the beef, carrot and pea blend and tried them. They are FULL of FLAVOR! So I laid a pile on the floor next to my two bigger dogs food dish which Sammy hasn't touched her food in two days. Well, there was no stopping them on this stuff They were looking at me after eating their piles as if asking for more treats.
    I did find however where a couple/few people were complain about this food and it making their dogs sick in 2017 either after first serving or the third day of eating it at Dog Food Advisor in their forums

    Lets hope this is some weird fluke. And pray that this company doesn't go to changing anything to save a few cents to cause health issues in anyone furrbaby family members.

    Keep It Clean Mossy Oak! If the end fell tomorrow, I'd eat this dog food. If I can eat it, then so can my babies. Thanks Mossy!

  3. i gave my lab and pitbull this food mixed with the other food i was feeding them and they prefer to eat only mossy oak they will no longer eat the other brand they show high energy great coats happier great product

  4. This dog food gives results. My lab is on her second bag and I am seeing huge improvements in her coat, skin, and over all well being. I have struggled for two years, with lots of vet visits, to find the reason for her loss of hair and severely dry skin. Then I found Nature's Menu at Dollar General and thought to give it a try. So glad I did and very thankful that this product is readily available and affordable.

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