48 thoughts on “Mosquito Sound |CAUTION!| (may cause sickness, pets to freak, ears hurting, etc..)

  1. PSA: DON'T PLAY THIS OUT LOUD NEAR YOUR CATS. I had no idea it would be a problem, but I played it out loud when my cat was in the room and it made her completely freak out. She was clawing at the door and then started having convulsions and falling over. It took her a while but she's back to normal now. I would strongly advise people NOT to play this around their cats.

  2. Sounds nothing like the sound mosquitoes make when they fly, it's simply a high pitch sound that makes listeners uncomfortable.

  3. You,be cured my depression thank you, and actually I tried playing Ali a intro at true same time and woke up my parents.

  4. The "Now bring your parents into the room!" and vibrant toothpaste color, along with comic sans shows you this person is also a kid.

  5. My parents can hear this but they are not supposed to be able.. aren't kids only gonna hear it?

  6. Me and my sister can hear it, my parents can’t. I put it right next to my mums ear and she still can’t hear it.

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