Moses tells us exactly how the Nephilim returned after the Flood

the primary verse a lot of people will look at is verse 4 with the Nephilim one in the earth in those days and also after that that's the little piece that I have a little bit of a contention with some of the other people when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them the same were the mighty men that were hold the men of renown that took place on Mount Hermon in the days of Jared we get that information from what I refer to as a synchronized biblically endorsed extra biblical text those a bit of a mouthful synchronized biblically endorsed extra biblical text those being Enoch Joshua Jubilees and I refer to them that way because they are synchronized in the sense that they follow the same chronological order of events that we find in the book of Genesis I call biblically endorsed because the authors are the Holy Spirit inspired authors of the canonized text are quoting from these books referencing them by name or inferring things that can only be found in these books so I thought it'd be neat to compile them into one volume with the Book of Genesis and I have that back there but in the King James and the Septuagint it's side-by-side because there's some interesting differences between the King James and the Septuagint in particular in the book of Genesis so you get those side-by-side to read first and then you get the full volumes of Enoch Josh from Jubilees of course most people who study the subject of the Nephilim derive a lot of information from the Book of Enoch just because it's loaded with information about the what they we find out r200 watcher class angels that landed on Mount Hermon in the days of Jared I love putting together timelines I'm a very visual person and it helps me to kind of wrap my my mind around various topics if I can put it down visually and try to figure out what's going on so I love to create timeline charts and based on the chronologies that were given for the various patriarchs and the Old Testament we know you know these guys were living nine hundred plus years right and they're overlapping and stuff so I love to you know see that visually if my calculations are correct and I base this on the works of dr. Ken Johnson Bishop Ussher there's a lot of people who have done timelines specifically related in the pre-flood world with the patriarchs so as well as my own personal research on it I came to the conclusion that the Genesis six experiment took place in roughly 35 50 BC so not too long if you believe creation started at roughly 4000 some say 3900 ish it's not too long after the creation that we've got this event taking place in the days of Jared Jared's name means descended they named them because that's when the angels descended in the days of Jared so if my calculations are correct that took place in 35 50 BC one of the reasons why I do not believe in multiple incursions is because I don't think the Genesis six even remotely supports it even in the verse that people use for instance especially if you take into the account of the testimony of the Book of Enoch landing in the days of Jared you end up with the Nephilim were in the earth in those days what days the days of Jared and also after that what is that the days of Jared when the sons of God came into the daughters of men in the days of Jared and they bear children to them the same this is important the same ones the author's talking about the ones who were born in the days of Jared were the mighty men that were of old and the Hebrew word there is olam alarms translated 136 times as forever and a hundred and ten times as everlasting in other words very very long time ago so the same guys that Moses is talking about we're from a very long time ago they became the men of renown and a reason I'm focusing on olam there is because Moses is writing this about eight hundred eight hundred fifty years after the flood he would not have used the word Olam to describe the Nephilim that they just saw in the land of Canaan just recently the same became the mighty men that were of olá a long long time ago when you read in the Book of Enoch about the severity of the judgment of the watchers who participated in this experiment you get to chapter 68 and you see that Michael the mighty Archangel himself looks at the severity of the judgment that is being imposed on the watchers and he turns to Raphael and I'm gonna paraphrase dude Wow no one's ever gonna do that again now if you read it for yourself I'm not gonna take the time to read it just for the sake of you know moving forward here but it says that he's looking at this and he says that he's trembling because of the severe of the judgment that he's seeing and later he says may I know what else is gonna do this at the bottom verse there this is those guys are receiving such a severe judgment that for another angel to see that and then commit another incursion they'd have to be dumb and Dumberer on acid in my opinion I mean that's all severe it was if Michael the Archangel himself is like trembling in his boots that's pretty severe so I want to talk about what I believe is the Genesis 6:4 pre-flood return of the Nephilim when I was synchronizing the text and looking at them I'm not going to go through all of this in the read there but I'm just going to go through the black this is the Genesis portion of Genesis chapter 6 1 through 18 we see invert the first four verses that angels were mating with women that's backed up and synched up with the text you see there and read Genesis 6 5 through 7 shows how God feels about the resulting violence he's obviously very upset about that syncs up with the text did you see there Genesis 6 8 through 10 reveals how Noah and his sons were genetically pure pastor talked about that in his session earlier the Hebrew word used there's the same Hebrew word where it says perfect in his generations same word that's used to describe the pure red heifer without spot or blemish and things like that he's genetically pure so we have an exception there Noah and his family and his sons are described next are the exception to verses 11 and 12 where it says all flesh became corrupted how much is all okay I think all means all pasture we were just talking about them right in Hebrew a Greek – I think right yeah all means all the time so with the exception of the people that were just described in the previous verses it says all flesh became corrupted syncs up with the text that you see there we'll cover that a little bit more in a second here Genesis 6 13 through 17 God grows increasingly angry and tells Noah to build the ark and shows him how to do it syncs up with the text you see there then we have the first mention of the three wives of the three sons of Noah and verse 18 quick quiz does 18 come before or after 12 18 comes after 12 okay even in public schools you know 18 comes after 12 how much is all all means all therefore it seems to me the they would have to fall into the category of all flesh that have become corrupted and when you read the book of Jasher it tells you that the three wives were not chosen until seven days before the flood which is the same day Methuselah died so you basically had a a funeral and a wedding at the same time let's look at Genesis 6:12 a little more closely here and God looked upon the earth and behold it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth that's the bottle we get you know it's just a tiny little snapshot but if you look in the super 9 million doors I see difficult text you see in josh or 418 and their judges and rulers went to the daughters of men and took their wives by force from their husbands according to their choice and the sons of men in those days took from the cattle of the earth and beats the field and the fowls of the air and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other in order therewith to provoke the Lord and God saw the whole earth and it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted its ways on the earth all men and all animals backed up by another witness and Jubilees 7:24 I believe where you see the after this and jubblies right here I believe the after this of Jubilee seven is synonymous with the after that of Genesis 6:4 in John jubblies 7 this is a recap this is after the flood and Noah's sort of giving a recap of what happened to caused the flood and he says and after all these angels made it with women and everything this is still in a pre flood context he says and after this they sinned against the beasts and the birds and all that moved and walked on the earth and much blood was shed on the earth and every imagination of desire of men imagined vanity and evil continually this is I like to say is as Paul Harvey would say was the rest of the story for Genesis 6:12 it's how all flesh became corrupted and a pre-flood context now when I was really first studying this and looking into this I began to wonder what is this sinned against the animals deal and of course I read Joshua 4:18 of Jubilee 724 I came to believe that sinned against the animals is a reference to genetic manipulation which created the animal-human hybrids of mythology which appears to have also made a way for the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim to have host bodies to once again inhabit the springing about their return what am I talking about here well we have the days of Jared Watchers come down they mate with women Enoch tells you that the first generation Nephilim would only live for 500 years and that they were to kill each other off in a massive Civil War that their parents had to watch how many of you have kids how many of you would like to see your kids Massacre each other anybody no of course not but that would be very difficult to watch right part of their severe judgment was for them to watch their beloved ones Massacre each other and the text refers to it as their beloved ones they love their children that was part of their judgment was to watch their children kill each other our Josephus likens the first generation nepheline to the Titans of Greek mythology so I believe that this 500 year civil war that Enoch writes about is what the Greeks later stylized the what became known as The Clash of the Titans you've seen the movie The Clash of the Titans I believe that's where it all goes back to I believe goes back to that story right there but 1200 years before the flood is the days of Jared okay the age 35 50 BC about twelve hundred years before the flood that's when they arrived they get busy pretty quick to start mating with women they have children five hundred years they're allowed to live and kill each other off then the watchers who gave birth to these children or who made it with women who gave birth to these children were judged bound and barrier for seventy generations and then eventually Enoch is raptured sometimes shortly thereafter well that's 700 years before the flood all that's over and done with 700 years before the flood so that begs the question what happened what why did God get so upset within those 700 years I believe that's the after that after this timeframe that we're talking about here and as I was looking at this scenario right here I happen to read this quote in dr. Judd Burton's book before I met him he said despite the loss of their physical bodies there is reason to believe that the Giants spirits continued to exist in this state they were and are demonic entities like other sentient creatures they have an eternal spirit at their essence therefore the Nephilim and related tribes of Giants never really ceased to exist only their physicality was lost and I agree without a hundred percent the Book of Enoch tells you point-blank that the demons or their wandering or the evil spirits were the embodied spirits of the Nephilim that were killed so when you have The Clash of the Titans those first generation Nephilim however many there were when they were killed off in the Civil War their spirits went out became wandering spirits they lost their physicality they're looking for bodies again so what happened next I believe they started this process of the genetic manipulation that we read about in Joshua 4:18 in Jubilee 724 they started to create host bodies for their spirits to go into we learned from Paul that there's one flesh for birds one for animal one for humans you read that quote I think it's in 1st or 2nd Corinthians where he's talking about that when Genesis talks about God breathed into Adam it's not breathe that's Adam's nostrils and he became a living soul the Hebrew word there is nephesh it's the same word used for the living creatures when he's making the animals it is my opinion that God has a God prescribed nephesh for a bird for dog for cat for lizards fish and humans so if that's the case if that's true what happens when you plan let's say human with a goat there's no God prescribed nephesh for a human goat for Seder so in my opinion what you end up with is you've created a host body that is fit for a disembodied spirit to go ahead and get into and those animal human chimera may have been similar in characteristics to their fathers like reproduces afterlife right judd talked about as a zone Azazel is traditionally associated with the goat so it is my opinion that the satyrs were later representation or manifestations of host bodies for the like spirit of the as asel human Nephilim that you know once they were killed off that goat like demonic spirit would find a host body that would be appropriate for it does that make sense okay I've got dinosaurs down there t-rex and whatnot it is my opinion that the herbivore class dinosaurs were probably created by God but perhaps the Velociraptor t-rex type characters may have been part of that genetic manipulation of existing lizards to create creatures that were had only evil continually and you know that's not a very pleasant creature right there you see Jurassic Park you know when they first get there and they see the Apatosaurus isn't stuff out there Wow that's wonderful that's beautiful then all of a sudden you know t-rex comes through and the blaster Raptors well we see in the Texas there was violence you know terrible violence so it's my opinion that genetically the violation took place of lizards there and that all of this took place in the last 120 years leading up to the flood which is what I believe Genesis 6:3 is really referring to Genesis 6:3 I think is overlooked a lot of times where it says that my spirit will no longer dwell with man for he's flash you know in his day should be 120 years please flush it's Adam so what's he talking about there I believe that he created our bodies as a what a temple for who the holy spirit right he created us in His image and likeness we are in the image and likeness of God we are if you if I can use this term a host body right for his spirit to indwell right we are the temple the Holy Ghost well if you corrupt this temple God says I ain't gonna hang out with you if you start genetically manipulating your body such that you corrupt the temple that's in my likeness I'm not gonna hang out with you anymore I believe Genesis 6:3 is the warning he's sending up a flare saying hey all this genetic manipulation you guys are doing you better knock it off because if you keep it up I'm not gonna be able to do out with you anymore and I think I think the transhumanism that we see today is nothing new Under the Sun what has been done will be done again I think that that's what we're seeing take place and I believe it was taking place in the latter 120 years leading up to the flood as I was contemplating these things I happen to have these two books sitting on my desk and arranged in this order Doug HAMP's book corrupt corrupting the image on the left and Tom and Eder horns book forbidden gates on the right and I looked at that I thought wow what if that's the formula what if corrupting the image that God created and called good and very good leads to opening forbidden gates that brings about the creation of nepheline everybody likes to use the definition of the fall or never Liam comes from the fall – meaning to fall but as we see in strongest 5307 it has a number of other meanings besides just to fall I think all of them are appropriate I think when we think of the term to fall that that's a reference to that something being corrupted and falling from its original state that God called good when you corrupt that if you've fallen from that state as I was thinking about that I happened to go out and see the movie spider-man one of the more recent ones that came out where the main bad guy was a lizard who was a scientist who had lost his arm and he was doing experiments why is it that you could cut the tail off of a lizard and it grows back what is the genetic code that allows limb regeneration so he's experiment he cuts off the legs of mice and stuff so it's injecting them with lizard DNA and eventually he gets a viable subject the leg grows back figure it out awesome so he injects his stump with this concoction and what do you know his arm grows back yeah that's awesome but he had an unfortunate side effect he became a giant lizard creature who had only evil continually in his heart and mind he started out as a good guy you see what I'm saying here I think that's the reason why we had the text of that bastard and read earlier in Genesis I believe that six five if I remember right where it talks about the man had only evil continually in their hearts and minds and I started thinking about that I mean there's been a lot of people in history that have been evil people who've done evil things I mean the Nazis did some pretty horrific things right but I'm sure they still had tender moments with their children and with their spouse even though they were they did terrible things so I started to think what is it gonna make only evil continually if I'm a biblical literalist and take that literally I believe it was it was this act of genetic manipulation when they started doing things and they had no idea what the with the byproduct of it would be and maybe it was progressive because I would imagine it was probably seductive to do this transhumanist thing I mean wouldn't you like to you know see like an eagle you know run like a cheetah you know have the radar of a bat or the sonar of a dolphin Wolverine I mean come on well but if you didn't know that was the price you know the sales pitch is wonderful but you know what happens after twenty-five thousand dollars I mean you you know and I believe that carried over into the post-flood return of the Nephilim and I believe Moses the same guy who wrote Genesis 6:4 tells us exactly how that happened again I like timelines this is a larger timeline that I created showing the 350 post flood years of Noah's life looking at the text where did the Nephilim come from looking at Genesis 9 18 I'm sorry but in my opinion this is a smoking gun that obliterates the multiple incursion idea says in Genesis 19 and 18 excuse me 9 18 and 19 and the sons of Noah that went forth of the ark were shem ham and japheth and oh by the way ham as the father of canaan why did he put that down he just decided to insert something there okay oh and you know Mahan fathered a lot of people so why did he just single out office you know for what why did he put that there this is before the table of Nations in Genesis chapter 10 so he just says oh by the way him father King well I'm not going to go there but I don't think that that's the case I and I don't think he did anything with his dad the nakedness of the father if you read I believe it's Leviticus 16 or somewhere thereabouts it's a phrase it's a reference to the wife actually of the husband in other words his mother so it appears that he may have done possibly there's a lot of speculation on but candid as to what he was mentioned in know this prophecy that's right right right absolutely correct yeah and that's important to point out that the curse was not on him the curse was on Canaan and pretty much everybody who studies the subject of the Nephilim would admit that the Canaanites were nephilim that's why we see constant references throughout the Torah in the book of Joshua where God is telling the Israelites to utterly destroy these people including the women in the children's OKC even the animals and stuff wipe out everything yes so we have a choice either God is prejudiced and schizophrenic and into random acts of genocide or he has a legitimate reason for isolating those specific people groups the amorite CIB sites turkish aids etc for utter destruction acute including women and children because in the standard rules of war of course the men go to battle they fight each other they kill each other I get it but they can also take the women and children animals as spoils of war they could take them except for the specific campaigns when you went to these certain i'ts that are listed in Genesis 10 6 through 20 ie the Canaanites and Moses tells you oh and by the way ham not an angel is the father of the Canaanites and a case you don't get it it says in verse 19 these are the three sons of Noah and of them was the whole earth populated over spread in King James right or over spread this is about eight hundred eight hundred fifty years after the flood Moses is saying the entire world was populated by these three people so if he meant to say except for that group of Giants over there her father by angels this was the time to do it but he didn't do that there and then he goes to chapter 10 and tells you exactly where the ayats come from

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  1. I don't believe in the book of Enoch so I think, using the book of Genesis, we see that Noah's sons took local women for wives. Were they pagan but then adopted Noah's family's worship? Don't know but it's plausible. The book says they were all righteous. However, those women, and possibly Noah's sons, could have had Nephilim DNA. Just as a couple who give birth to a child with dwarfism may not necessarily have another child with that condition, the same can apply to the offspring of Shem, Ham and Japheth. Eventually one of his children or grandchildren was bigger than other men or women. The offspring at that time would have had to intermarrt to repopulate the earth so eventually 2 people with Nephilim DNA could have married and had offspring who became giants. Joshua and the Israelites killed off most of them but not all of them. We see some giants in our population today. Wrestling had Andre the Giant; some basketball players are close to or maybe a bit over 7 ft. I've seen pictures of men and women who have some kind of growth imbalance and are giants.

  2. I AM a nephilim, so you can trust me when I tell you – this is the biggest bullshit I´ve ever heard of. The truth is that Moses paired with Sauron, resulting in the Nephilim and the hobbits. If you do not believe me – ask gandalf

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  4. P.S. In The Orthodox Church we confess NOT TO a priest. We do NOT face the priest like Catholics. We face the Bible and a painting of Christ called an icon. It is not an engraved image. It is simply a reminder of his earthly body-someone visible to picture while we confess, and it makes it so real. Before you confess you talk/catch up in the priest’s office. You then pray together. You then go to the sanctuary and stand in front of The Bible, facing the cross, with the priest on your left side. While confessing, the priest asks you questions about specifics if needed. Usually it isn’t. When you are finished, the priest quotes scripture about Christ forgiving sins. The priest is NOT forgiving you. Christ is. The priest is there NOT as a mediator. We don’t believe he must be there for asking for forgiveness. He is merely an accountability partner. But mostly he is there for keeping you accountable in order to partake of communion. He is there to actually aid in the Repentance, which is all about changing your ways.
    You don’t HAVE to confess to him before taking communion each Sunday.
    So much is misunderstood by Protestants. I was raised Protestant (Baptist and Bible, parents were raised Methodist. My brother is a Methodist priest.)
    Also, priests HAVE to marry in our church. We don’t grant divorces.
    The bishops of our church are rotated out, voted in by the people, and really have NO power. The Catholic Bishop wanted power and broke away from the other 9 or 10 bishops at the time (thus The Great Schism).
    9 don’t break from 1.
    1 breaks away from 9.
    The True Church IS still out there.
    Also, we have other books in our Bible. In some countries Orthodox have the Book of Enoch. Not in America though 🙁

  5. Everyone also needs to understand that The Word of God is Christ Himself!!! Not The Bible! I am not saying the Bible is not valid, or inspired by God. But think about this. The printing press was invented in 16th-17th century. It wasn’t until the late 1800s until common people could afford to have a Bible in their home. Do people really think that all the BILLIONS of people who claimed to be Christians for the first 1800 years of Christianity were not Christians because they didn’t have access to a Bible? Seriously???
    I am in a church that has not changed its services since Paul’s Church at Antioch. We don’t have a praise band. We don’t even have an organ or piano! It is all a paella. And guess what, if you were to attend our church on day 1, and attend every service for an entire year, we will have read through the entire Bible during those services exactly one year later. We know the Bible. But we also know that people wrote it. The only way it could be PERFECT, as many Protestants claim it to be, would be if Christ Himself wrote it. I am not saying it isn’t The Holy Text. I am saying Christ is The Word of God, and only through a relationship with Him will anyone attain salvation. Wake up, and actually think on these things. And visit your local Orthodox Church in America. (And it is FALSE that it is similar to Catholic Church. In fact Protestant churches are closer to Catholic in doctrine than Orthodox are. It is the desire of The Enemy to keep people away from The One, True, Holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

  6. I can't accept as inspired the book of Enoch and Jubilee as for Jashir it is not canonical as Josephus does not consider them as part of the God( YHWH ) inspired word. So we should take lightly the words of these books and even just ignore them. This video is for the most part speculation as to what the author wants to believe.

  7. I don't believe the demons mated with females in a sense of the natural. They could instigate by thoughts. Woman is a state of the soul. Eve was impregnated by the thoughts of satan. Then after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.

  8. The number google commercials is really Obnoxious !! Your message is getting totally compromised. I get your trying to make money but really, could you imagine seeing commercials every 8 minutes during a Sunday service?

  9. ……..very logical….shows how precise the King James Version is……Looks like this is what happened…….Nice presentation…..

  10. It's impossible for angles to have intercourse with women, because they have nothing down there to have sex with … no ding-dong! Angles are sexless … they can't have kids! . (ref. Mat22:30) .   Angles are spirit beings, and were created to live forever.  Angles cannot and do not procreate. When God created angles he created a certain number that will never increase or diminish. What you present in this video is interesting, but has nothing to do with the facts.

  11. In Genesis chapter 6 verse 4, the first sentence says, "There were giants in the earth in those days. " Let's look at the word giant in the Mercer dictionary of the Bible.
    Giant : "A being of huge statue, believed by the Hebrews to have lived on the earth from earliest times. Genesis chapter 6 verse 4 is often interpreted as saying that giants originated in the marriage of the sons of GOD (devine beings from the heavenly court) and human women, although in it's present form the passage says only that the Nephilim (the fallen ones ?) Were on earth both before and after the marriages took place. Whatever their origin, the nephilim were thought to be the ancestors of the giants the Hebrews both heard about and met in their conquest of Palestine. The Moabites called the previous inhabitants Emim, meaning the terrible or frightful ones (Deuteronomy chapter 2 verse 10). Ammonites spoke of the Zamzummim (Deuteronomy chapter 2 verse 20). Another name was Rephaim. All were related as "sons of Anak." The presence of an Anak tribe in Palestine at about 2000 B. C. E. is supported by the Egyptian Texts, which lists them as the enemies of Pharaoh. The unbelieving spies cited the presence of giants as one of the reasons the Hebrews should not try to conquer Canaan (Numbers chapter 13 verses 28 and 33). Caleb drove out the three giants named in the spies' report (Numbers chapter 13 verse 22; Joshua chapter 15 verse 14), and Joshua destroyed all the Anakim except a remnant in Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod (Joshua chapter 11 verse 21). David and his army symbolically completed the conquest when they killed the Philistine giants of Gath (2nd Samuel chapter 21 verses 16 – 21; 1st Chronicles chapter 20 verses 4 – 8).

  12. This guy is fun to watch and makes SOME sense on some things. But he keeps talking about what the bible says, and what this word means or that word means. Then he talks about the MYTHICAL rapture like that is a real thing. I would have to tell him to Read the bible, the bible does NOT ever talk about a rapture. There is not one, and never will be one. Sorry nutcases, just try reading the bible.

  13. cherry picker    how bout the 3000 ells high or the ice and snow   hey dumb ass   cush breed the other female from the races that was on the boat    that had the watchers blood line  thatr had nimrod     read isaiah26,,14

  14. Genesis says "Noah" is pure in his generations.
    It does not stipulate anything about his wife, thus children, then their wives.
    Many possible cracks there.

  15. The Nephilim were 1/2 Fallen Angel and 1/2 Earth Man-this is the Reason that they were around after the Flood, you cannot Kill a Spirit Angel with Flood Water…American Soldiers Killed a Red Headed Giant in 2002 in Kandahar, Afghanistan that had 6 fingers and 6 toes-he weighed over 1100 lbs. and was over 11 1/2 ft. tall. This Giant Survived as a Cannibal-killing and eating the people of this area…..

  16. Different families and species of animals cant produce offspring by mating with one another.

  17. I love Rob, im glad that he walks in the light, i really enjoy his lectures, but man can he get side tracked and ramble easly..slow down brother, take a breath, concentrate, and give us the meat and potatoes, not the side dish for 30min. Thnkx keep on keepn on..


  19. I read that scripture and re-red it, Jasher 4:18, but it noted "…taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other" and just before that noted "man took from rhe earth cattle…breasts. ..fowls or the air." This in this section is about mixing animal species, not man w/ animals or chymeras of animal w/man. There is another scripture regarding that man should not have sex with animals. Flesh corrupted its way upon the earth were acts of the lust of the the flesh to do whatever feels pleasurable to them which was not by the original order of nature. That could be crossing a lion with a tiger, a dog with a pig, or even the actual s_x act of a man w/an an_mal.

  20. See these videos by Win Worley,loosing spirits of God,The Fragmented soul,his mass deliverance videos,destroying the roots of Babylon.

  21. Oh man your saying the same things I have been thinking about the men and animals being where Greek mythology came from. That's one thing it meant by all flesh sinned day and nigh.

  22. That's right lol pick and choose what you want to believe in that fairytale. What is implausible u dont preach about. Lol.

  23. That's right lol pick and choose what you want to believe in that fairytale. What is implausible u dont preach about. Lol.

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