Morning Routine with my Pets | Feeding my Pets Breakfast

good morning it's time to rise and shine and check out my pets and take care of them so that I have time to take care of myself before I go to work and I wanted to show you my morning routine with my pets and usually I start with my dogs I'm gonna let them outside so let's go check on them and I'm gonna show you what I do in my mornings with my pets there's Illusion she's still kind of sleeping I know she'd start to see she's black there's chick on Indy there's Indy he's still sleeping too and this is a waste as he's still sleeping alright the first thing I'm gonna do is open up the curtains in my bird room now I keep my bird room dark because you can hear them because they'll chirp and wake me up especially in the summer 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning to open the curtains the puppies out Bobby's side good morning rice oh if the budgies case hello buddy good morning how's everybody today all right now I got to wake up my room yeah and my Senegal just by opening the blinds to get some light and I'm watch video this window another house good morning girl you want some breakfast [Applause] and a one-eighth reverse you're hungry puppies all right so I feed my dogs in the morning after I let them out and in out and in in and out they go in and out 109 times so I do see them dry food I feed them to the wild I give them each a cup of dry now give my dogs a variety of food a chip enzyme what I have in the page today I'm gonna give them some mixed vegetables and some yogurt and some canned dog food sometimes I make them up some cheese I cook up some beef and chicken and sometimes they get the freeze-dried raw you get raw bones so they're always eating something a little bit different actually I ran a yogurt so I am going to be using some cottage cheese in which they love just give a little bit of canned food so India gets a thyroid pill gets a twice a day so the morning and the evening and what I do is I put it inside this snap pea because it really loves them and it's a healthy treat for him as well all right shall I birds in my bird room they all get a stolid in various fruits and vegetables I'm gonna be feeding them right now and I'll show you what I put into it it changes every day I mean depends on what I have in the fridge and the cents and what's not in season so today I am going to give them some spring mix they're all gonna get some spring mix on the bottom of the bowl they're gonna get some sparkly and my minis get these snap peas the other birds don't eat them and the Linney's can hold them in their feet I feed my lorikeets nectar so my Laurie kid gets a dry nectar and wet nectar each morning he gets the dry nectar all day long but in the morning I check it and i refresh it give it soiled I give them fresh nectar so his dry nectar goes in here now this measuring spoon just comes with the the nectar it's inside the jar and I just use one of these so I'll leave this in for the day it's just drying you can eat that whenever he likes and then I mix up this wet nectar in here so again I use that measuring spoon that came with the formula we're not performing either next year sorry is there any in the morning and I put one of those in there and I add five of these full of warm water and I just stir it up then I use the end of this boom which works perfect so that's his wet nectar said my lord Pete takes the longest to feed because I got to make his salad and then it's dry nectar which only takes a second but then the wet nectar and also I got to cut them up some berries and fruits and the burpees you know like just read and might need to eat it so I just chop up a bunch of it and parent my other two boards don't come down on it's time morning buddies time for your breakfast salad there you go Canaries love to be first thing in the morning breakfast bathtime trigger warning snowball laughs once noble Hector goes you want your breakfast there you go oops okay dad where's your sister there we go here's your dry food hey give me a kiss and you get there you go and this is Jack Sparrow the budgie that I found outside here we go some salad for you alright so now I feed my two bigger parrots which are my senegal electra and indian Renick parakeet real so i just given these bowls as they like to eat you know from the balls attached to their cage if i put a bowl on the bottom of the cages toss around anyway so what they do toss around everything and sometimes they get these off as well so i kind of just break up the spring mix that'll give them the same as my small birds because you know parrots right they pick up stuff and they just throw it on the floor so it's better if there are smaller pieces because instead of them's dropping the whole thing on the floor they would just drop a piece and hopefully eat a different piece and so i then i give them some blueberries i give them the whole blueberries because there are bigger birds they can hold them in their feet and eat them and I give them pieces of strawberry actually I should kind of break that one up because I don't know what'll happen they'll throw it on my wall and my wall will be all red yes reow I'm snitching on you that's real and there's some grapes I'm gonna break that up a little bit and I'm coming baby hungry and then carrots which I love so I just give them bigger pieces I don't shred them up because they do would like to hold them in your feet so this is this good morning these months actually don't even break up these are snap peas and my Senegal loves them especially real eat some as well but to my clinical really loves them and some cucumber so their breakfasts aren't always the same every morning it just depends on who I have in the fridge all right so they're ready to eat their salad all right so I'll feed my Senegal first now she doesn't like me she only likes my husband so sometimes she does try to attach so I gotta be careful I just open up her door and I'm gonna attach it right there and just hopefully she doesn't jump out and lunge at me but I'll protect myself with the door okay girl I'm giving you food yes and I tighten in the little holders of the back of the cup right here just so they can't get them up okay there so usually she likes me when I give her food but she's a funny girl very funny girl just don't bite my fingers off good girl ah see she got snappy Maria won't you starlet now we have a little bit funny when I feed her as well she doesn't like when I touch her food bowls so we're gonna be careful but right now she's doing that you can see they love dance there so that'll keep her occupied I put all she sees it she will bite me she snaps out of that mode there no no no okay go wait for the food there we go okay eat your food now shall we use me no there should see what she picks first SiC was one that was a cucumber oh there goes a snappy Oh No are you excused where you gonna go clean that up now basically in a few minutes everything will be on the floor I'm not sure what she's eating as I can't really see she lifts up her head can I see what you got I don't know they continue to eat your breakfast so it gives my rabbits some greens in the morning I just make sure there's no spinach in there or kale because that causes bladder sludge and stones which my rabbits hide so they can't have any kale or spinach this is spinach so I take that out there's usually no kale in here that's not spinach oh and there's a wet one I'll take that out and give that to someone else actually I'll give that to my hamster so I make my hamster a little salad in the morning and a night that she goes to bed but she does stuff sometimes she's awake still in the morning but if I put this in there she wakes up and eats it and then she gets some any evening as well but this is what I do in the morning and feed her something and then I'll give my bunnies just a few little slices of carrots not much does their main diet is hay which they have plenty of it in their pens and not too many greens I have two rabbits oh this is enough for two rabbits and the carrots are kind of like a treat all right so that's gonna be their breakfast and that's gonna be my hamsters breakfast good morning bunnies good morning covert easy to enjoy breakfast yeah I'm at you favorite part of the day's the morning okay I'll get your salad hang on I usually fill up their hay in the morning whenever they need it make sure they always have pain that's their main diet I put it on both rap nobody's time for my hamster Jules I think she's still awake my shadows going in the light hi sweetie look and salad for you it's time to wake up the fish hello Jupiter good morning hello pretty baby I see you made a bubble nest over nice huh you want to eat some breakfast it's so beautiful I'm just gonna give him some pellets this morning there he is good morning Pete buffers how's everybody today okay I'm gonna feed like Pete poppers now and this is their worm theater they eat blood worms all right little guys so I put the blood worms in there that way I don't have to stand there forever and hold all the worms because they weren't they suck the worms through the little openings there good morning Pluto there you are what a beautiful boy I'm just gonna give little some pellets and this is the last pets that I have to feed my tetras my buddy got tetras in there and two dwarf Cory's I'll let them wake up for a few seconds and then I'll feed them where the Cory's I just put in some float or sinking food it was one piece they're just too small for Cory so they don't really eat a lot like three pieces and they'll come out you might not see them so this is the last I'm gonna feed them some fleet food right now they do get different variety of foods throughout the day in the evening this is just my morning routine I'm just putting a few flakes on top they might not even eat because it's kind of early anyway hope you enjoyed my video let's see if they'll eat I don't know oh there they go I'm gonna see the food maybe it's too early for you a little guys so they'll eventually eat it so I want to thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed my morning routine and my morning feeding and make sure to subscribe if you haven't already and we will see you in the next video oh there's the Cory can you see him here he comes little zoom up here he is oh he's so cute there's two of them I've had them for a really long time Oh where'd you go they're they're starting to wake up and eat some food there's the quarry where's your friend they just thinking food as well like the food that I feed the tetras they can eat that too alrighty so there you go bye-bye

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the video. I wake up early to care for my animals. They keep me active and happy.
    Meet all my pets here >

  2. So much fun to see all your little friends and how you prepare their food bowls. Very endearing ! A busy mom I must say ! ????? ? ?

  3. This is so relaxing. I love the 3 pretty puppies, and the colourful birds. I have animals too, they keep me active. I live in the city so I have 3 cats, 3 guineas, 2 hammies. This is so my mornings. I line up all the bowls and start making everyone breakfast.

  4. How do you manage on wet and snowy whether. Cleaning cage and feathers flying around….i see your cages are clean share some tips n how do you manage

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