so my morning always begins with Cleo
jumping on my bed and waking me up it’s about 7:00 in the morning and she’s
basically saying hey give me some pellets so then I finally wake up and I get the
rabbits their pellets and this is the happiest time of the day for them I
don’t necessarily think pellets are necessary in a rabbits diet or the
healthiest thing but I personally feed just a tiny bit just to make sure the
rabbits are doing ok as soon as a rabbit doesn’t eat their pellets then I know
something is wrong for the most part the rabbit’s stick to
their separate dishes but then Lola is a faster eater so she eventually finishes
all of her pellets and then she tries to eat Cleo’s because she is a piggy and then of course the rabbits are happy
so they end with a flop then I get started with cleaning the rabbit area
yes there’s poop on the floor yes my rabbits are litter box trained, rabbits
are gonna get poop on the ground anyways because if they jump out of the box it
flies out of the box rabbits also uses poop as a territory marker so it’s gonna
get on the floor and I don’t really care this is a prime example of that then we have to refill the rabbits hay
box because it is important obviously and my rabbits love to go into my closet
I’ve tried to block it off they still get in there it’s the most annoying
thing ever but they disappear into Narnia then I just go and I refill their water
just so they can have some fresh water then the rabbits get to have free
playtime in my basement because it is rabbit proofed and they get to come out
when I am home and I’m able to supervise them a bit if I’m not home they don’t
get to go into the basement even though it is rabbit proofed I just like to make
sure they’re not getting into trouble because they are the biggest
troublemakers then while the rabbits are playing I go
ahead and make them their daily salad so the rabbits get to just munch on
their really big salad and they very much enjoy it so that is it for my morning rabbit
routine and of course the rabbits always end it with a big flop because their
bellies are full so thank you guys so much for watching bye


  1. Hi! I’ve posted quite a few comments.., but now I’m worried that my hamster will get wet tail.. can wet be spread from one hamster to another? My little sister’s hamster has recently been showing signs of it and I’m really nervous about it…. help?

  2. Hi my hamster keeps having poop that smells really bad I think is diarrhea and he sleeps all day long he only gets up for food or to drink water. I don’t know what to do it’s making me worried..

  3. 0:02. Mommy, 5 more minutes!! Please!!
    Adorable rabbits!
    Edit: You should do one these for your hammies!
    Edit #2: Thank you for hearting my comment!!

  4. Hi my name is Victoria, I was wondering If you could do a taking my rabbit to the pet store and what ever it touches you buy that would be so cool ?

  5. Hi can I ask is it okay that I don't have hay for my rabbit I already asked this to someone but it haven't answer yet but my rabbit has a big space and I give them other foods like pellets and some carrots and other veggies because here in Philippines I don't know where to buy hay is it okay I love my pets so much but yeh my biggest problem is hay….

  6. mine crawls on me to get to the door and wall molding lol…ususally involving using my head and face as a spring board and a landing pad coming down.

  7. Hi Tori!!!! I’m a getting a Syrian hammy pretty soon and I’ve been doing a lot of research about them. I was planning on feeding my hamster food mix that is made of 50% Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend and 50% Mazuri Rat and Mouse pellets. According to my math this falls under the required guaranteed analysis. I just wanted to get your opinion because I look up to you as a hamster expert. Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. hello! i know this isn’t a hamster related video but i wasn’t sure if you would reply on the others. my dwarf hamster isn’t eating all her food only the good stuff. i did watch your video and tried all the things and didn’t seem to work for me. i also tried changing the food? which did not work so if you see this then please help i’m not sure what to do! btw i love ur videos and have been a subscriber for a while! ava xx

  9. Hi Victoria I have a dwarf hamster and I watched all of your videos on how to tame them but mine is just too skittish she does not trust anyone

  10. Idk how you still have that cardboard house. It would have been destroyed within 2 days at my house! Hahaha! I love how they cuddle so much!!!

  11. So on Monday I went to IFA a country store. And they sold bunnies and they had no hay and they were in tiny containers with a lot of pellets and they were using pine. And they let kids hold them and Pet them. It mad me so sad I wanted to save them

  12. I don't know if it's just me, but I find it helpful when you label the vegetable when you are making their salad. Thanks for that, Victoria! 🙂

  13. I have a large water bottle and a large bowl for my rabbits as they are very picky and drink our of both but they are always filled up so they pick and choose! ❤️

  14. Do your rabbits live in your room? Sorry just curious because your rabbits jump on your bed in this video??❤️??

  15. This isnt about bunnies but I've had my Guinea pig for a while and I might get another one can they live with each other?

  16. I have a question, do your rabbits just be free while your sleeping? You don’t put them in they’re like cage or playpen? Am I supposed to leave my bunny just jumping around my room while I’m sleeping? PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER!!!

  17. Hi can be bermuda grass and carabao grass be replacement in orchard and timothy hay? Cause in our country its hard to find that kind of hay and very expensive.. Can you try doing video a healthy bunny diet with food that can be found in asia?

    It would be a really big help for us ?

  18. I've been doing my research on rabbits because I'm getting two and I know the basics like providing a huge cage or a water dish instead of the bottle but I have one question do you feed them once or twice a day? And how much

  19. Hey so I’m getting a bunny and I was wondering all the good types of hay to give a bunny because I was planning on going to a farm and getting hay because the store was just way too much money for me

  20. My friend: there's some gerbil poop on your floor and there's this pa-
    Me: bedding. It's bedding
    Friend: eeewww

  21. you give your bunnies sink water!?!?!?!? when i get them im gonna give them frresh drinking water 🙂

  22. Hi Victoria, did you know that because of your rabbit routine videos it kinda sparked my desire to clean my house even more? I know it sounds weird but just by watching you sweep the poop drives me to clean ? So thankful for you. But I don't have any pets though.

  23. Hi one question… 🙂 
    I saw your video in which you say you prefere natural environment for your hamsters. But why do you expose your rabbits to so much plastic then? They are still really cute tho!

  24. You know that rainbow colored ball you have for your rabbits? Well I used to have that same ball when I was a toddler!!??

  25. Aww to cute this really helped me with my bun misty! She loves watching on my bed with me! You even inspired me to make my own cardboard house for her and she LOVES it! Thanks so much!

  26. I had two bunnies one was brown and that was thumpper and the other was black he was bugs. Bugs was really soft and loved playing, And he was the first one that died '? And we had thumpper for a year after and then he died ?

    I MISS YOU ??

  27. Cleo and Lola are so cute together!! I also love their setup ?
    I would love for you to do more bunny videos!

  28. I wish I could free roam my bunnies but I share a room with my sis and she wouldn't like to be woken up by my buns ;-;

  29. What brand of vacuum do you use?
    It is very hard to find a good vacuum that will do the job with rabbits ?

  30. hi so i was just wondering at 2:26 that bed that you have with the sides that are up, where did you get that because im looking in to getting a rabbit and i heard rabbits really like those things so plz reply back!!! Thank you!

  31. Your black bunny is beautiful. I have a black cat. Just something about black animals that are gorgeous. They're both so cute too.

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