More Cats Vs Boxes: Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

Simon’s Cat: Guide to Boxes 2 The Lookout The Tortoise Favourite Box The Ambush The Magic Box The Privacy Box

100 thoughts on “More Cats Vs Boxes: Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

  1. У меня кот как с одной вашей серии и обои, и диван дерет…..?

  2. Thank you for sharing another great truth about cats Simon! I LOVE all your videos! they are always on spot! ♡

  3. Hey guys,

    I hope this doesn’t get lost in the other amazing comments out there and I know self promo is annoying but if there is any chance of you checking out my channel? I will be doing travel and baking videos (weird mix I know!) but would really really love the support. I am relying on you tube at the moment to help me as I am in a really bad place and need some happiness in my life! I would appreciate it so much – Thank you

    Alice xoxo

  4. что за хр*нь вы стали делать!? почему нельзя как раньше, простой мультик делать?

  5. Just bought my cat a new cat scratcher, he started scratching and playing with the box it came in instead.

  6. pleeeeease, what is that for a music???
    PS: Nice Video, how every Video of Simon's Cat 😀 I love it so much!!! 🙂 Sorry for my bad English but i'm from Germany…

  7. The privacy box was funny. My cat has one just like it. All I hear is scratching for at least 5 minutes. Then she walks out like her shit doesn't stink. If only that was true. hahahahaha

  8. Insert "You Spelt Favorite Wrong" comments here. (even though he did spell it right, that is the Uk spelling)

  9. Good question. Maybe they are dumb. I love this. I love cats and my cats love boxes, bags, all kinds of containers really except the travel tote. I think it got associated with the vet. Love your stuff and have sent you an email. My son does animation and needs a little help on how to make a little money on his creativity. He's real different than you. He likes all the Gothic stuff.

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