Monthly Rabbit Care

hey guys this is Haley from and in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about monthly rabbit
care so one of the main things I do monthly with my rabbits is I do a full
grooming trimming their nails and cleaning their scent glands I also try
to weigh my rabbits about once a month however if I’ve taken my rabbit to the
vet recently sometimes I skip this because the vet ends up weighing them
anyways so the first thing here with ebony I’m using is called the hair
Buster it’s just a type of brush that you can use with your rabbit and then
I’m going with the Furminator and rubber curry I don’t take very long to groom
ebony simply because she has a lot of history of trauma and she does not do
well at all being groomed and so I just hurry up
clip her nails brush her very quickly thankfully she is not shedding this
month so it really wasn’t that long of a process and I did happen to nick one of
the quicks on her nails just because she was squirming a lot during this process
I don’t normally end up cutting the click but this time I had cut it just
barely so it wasn’t gushing blood but there was
a tiny drop of blood that I saw on the surface I personally used cotton pads to
hold pressure against it and wait for it to clot and stop bleeding you can use
things such as styptic powder I think that’s how you pronounce it or flour or
cornstarch or something however I was told that products like styptic powder
actually burn the rabbit when you apply it I don’t know if it’s the same
with flour and cornstarch so a vet I saw recommended I just use cotton and hold
pressure in this situation so that’s personally what I tend to do unless you
would cut the quick a lot and it was bleeding a lot you might have to use
something like that but honestly this doesn’t happen very often to me so
cotton pads work just fine so here you can see I am just cleaning out
Eponine scent glands which actually they were a little bit crusty so I’m really
glad that I went to and did that I am trimming the fur a
tiny little bit around her bum area just so that I can see better so then I went ahead and weighed evany
on the scale and my scale isn’t super accurate so I always weigh them twice
just in case and then I go ahead and take a picture of how much they weigh so
that I can remember so now here is sterling I am using the hair Buster on
him first as well he isn’t really shedding but I did get quite a lot of
fur off of him which was nice and then next I am using the Furminator on him
these two are my favorite brushes the hair Buster and the Furminator I always
get questions on what brushes I use and then I’m just using this rubber curry
comb which sadly you cannot purchase it’s a really old product but any type
of rubber brush would work fine and then I’m gonna go ahead and clip his nails he
was not very happy about this either so I’m trying to do it as quickly as
possible I also want to mention during this time you should definitely kind of
look your rabbit over make sure nothing weird or crazy is going on just make
sure you’re feeling their body kind of looking them over make sure there’s
nothing abnormal standing out any weird skin things or growths or anything
that’s abnormal you just kind of want to do a quick health check as you are
grooming them and Here I am going ahead and cleaning
his neck glands I apologize for my hair in this video it
gets in the way constantly I did not put my hair up in a hair tie so it kept
falling to the front but I went ahead and cleaned sterling scent glands real
quick and now it’s time for Lulu I’m using the hair Buster on her first as
well I try to be extremely gentle with Lulu because of her arthritis but here
I’m just using the furminator I tend to groom Lulu more often like I mentioned
in my weekly care video because Lulu cannot groom herself anymore so I do
have to groom her more often for that reason so it always kind of looks like
she’s shedding because of that yeah I’m just kind of pulling out little
Tufts of fur and everything like that and then I am going ahead and clipping
her fur around her but this is not necessary for healthy rabbits I do that
because she has arthritis she’s not able to clean herself down there so I like to
keep it nice and short so that things don’t get stuck sometimes hay gets stuck
down there or poop or something like that so then I’m just going ahead and
clipping her nails and as you can see she’s very very angry this was probably
the hardest time I’ve ever had clipping her nails and that’s because rabbits
tend to get really bad arthritis in their toe joints because of how delicate
and how many joints there are in their toes so clipping their nails is quite
painful but it is something that has to be done so then here I am just going
ahead and clipping some fur down by her butt and cleaning her scent glands so the next thing I do on a monthly
basis is I order hay and litter from Chewie calm as you can see here I use
the Oxbow timothy hay 50-pound box from this is my favorite hay
because it’s the cheapest and my rabbits really like it
sometimes I order the 50 pound orchard grass box from oxbow if they have it
in stock but they don’t always have it in stock on chewy so that’s the first
thing I order and then I go ahead and I order about four or so bags of carefresh
I use carefresh in addition to pine pellets for my litter so I go ahead and
order that I tend to use about a bag a week but not always it depends on how
often I’m changing the litter boxes so so yeah that’s basically it for the
monthly care video a lot of the stuff I do with my rabbits are on a daily basis
so if you guys want to check that out I will have a link at the end of this
video as well in the iCard or in the description down below I hope you guys
enjoyed this video thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you
very soon on the new one bye

52 thoughts on “Monthly Rabbit Care

  1. Great Video! Haven't seen it yet, but Bet it's good. I always watch your videos with my bunny, Kiwi. I bet she thinks its gonna be good too! Okay now time to watch xD

  2. Haley is amazing! Her bunnies are adorable and she takes such good care of them. I have learned so so much from her over the past couple of years that I even started my own YouTube channel about rabbit care!
    I love your videos! ❤️

  3. Hi Hayley, I have just found your channel and wow its amazing. Before today I had no idea that rabbits belong in houses not gardens. It had never occurred to me that there is actually something wrong with keeping rabbits in small cages. My rabbit Blossom is three and a half and has been living in large hutches most of her life. She stayed in the house when she was a baby and I was 11. She destroyed everything and petrified my cats ? so she had to go outside. I am so glad i looked up bunny grooming and found your channel otherwise I would of never known what I am doing was wrong. Luckily my parents are having an extra floor built on our home so we are swapping rooms and getting them decorated anyway so I can bunny proof and make everything bunny safe in my new bedroom. I just need to approach my parents and tell them my idea ? I hope they say yes. I am hoping to have Blossom semi free roaming in my room until I know everything is safe for her and I won't come back to a destroyed room! She will be in other parts of the house like the kitchen and the den ( our huge garage that is now like a basement ) when I can watch her however they won't be bunny proofed so I'll have to be careful! Wish me luck and keep doing what your doing as it is amazing! Love Ella

  4. Is there a reason why a rabbit would constantly have tufts of hair around her back end (normally referred to as a tutu) she grooms herself and I do it at least 2 or 3 times a week but she always got the tufts. Even when she not moulting.

  5. I know a amazing vet who knows about exotic animals a lot , she told me that the sent glands do not need cleaning ?‍♀️ she has a bunny too.. But i did clean them with my previous bunny, not with present ones.

  6. Wow that’s squirming!!! I wish. Berry hates when I do anything especially grooming. He’ll even try to push away or nip at me. Spunky kid ?

  7. You are such a good bunny Mom ❤️❤️❤️? ? love your videos. Can you do another day in the life or your bunnies play time. Thanks

  8. How do I calm my rabbits before clipping their nails? They always get all nervous from it and my female likes to bite my pullover when I clip her nails… She's got quite a mind of her own ? I just don't want to stress them too much with the clipping… Even tho I do it just like you do..

  9. can you please make a video on tips for grooming rabbits? you make it look so easy and my rabbit is similar to ebony as he twists and squims alot. it makes it very hard to groom him.

  10. Thank you so much for this video! We are picking up our first bunny this week and we are so excited! We’ve been watching all your videos to learn how to care for our new family member! Would you recommend those same brushes for a long-haired rabbit or would they pull too hard? Thank you!!!

  11. Awesome video as always! I'm hoping you can give me some tips…I don't have enough money to take Blossom to the vet to get her nails clipped and I haven't been able to do it because she's super squirmy; I firmly held her and twice she was able to jump out of my arms and on to the floor. Luckily she didn't get hurt! But how can I safely transport her to a counter (or something similar) and safely clip her nails?

  12. Your the most dedicated best care taker of any type of pets ive ever seen , we need more pet owners like you ❤️

  13. My bunny hates being picked up and held and stuff like that. His nails will be due to be trimmed soon, and I’m not sure how to approach it, since he will struggle if I wrap a towel around him, or hold him against myself. If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate. Love your channel and your bunnies Hailey ❤️?

  14. I have NEVER cut my rabbits while cutting their nails. I never try to cut really short I always cut their nails more of a medium length to make sure I don’t even have a chance of cutting too far. Especially since one of my rabbits has pitch black nails.
    I’ve also never have cleaned their scent glands. I don’t think it’s necessary for healthy rabbits. I’m sure it’s necessary for those who can’t groom themselves. And I don’t deshed them monthly I only brush out their fur when it’s their shed season (I have 2 dwarfs they don’t shed all the time) but I’m sure brushing their fur just helps prevent them from eating too much of it.

  15. So your second bunny sterling how did you get him to stay still cause I feel like if I do that to my bunny he won't stay still he'll just move around and try to escape

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