Montage porte pour chien

we’re working with the Seligman today taking care of a few projects they haven’t had time to tackle we’re enclosing the side patio to create a three-season room complete with a high-tech doggie door what about this little thing right here yeah we bought a dog door and we wanted to install it it’s really cool because it only opens when they come to we’ve got one more project left installing that remote-controlled doggie door for Gidget first we’re gonna get Gidget and over here we’ve got about five and a half inches to work with on the front and the back with this dog so we’re gonna keep this door as low as possible there you go we have a successful test with Gidget you can take her back in okay alright as you just saw Gidget don’t really have she can’t really high step so we’re gonna keep it pretty much flush to the bottom yeah we’re gonna drill down on the insides of the corners now we’re just gonna cut this thing out from this side we’ll flip the door cut it out from the other side okay perfect that looks like a nice pen that looks good just screw that in flip that bad boy around put the other side in you’re ready to go gage it’s still a young pump and I’m hoping that a dog dorm will help them be a little more independent but also keep get it from you know being a bad dog goes up goes down looks likes ready for the Dom if you gut that dog door in inside that looks awesome got the door hung up while you’re doing that I got the glass in there

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