there are a lot of predators competing to reign over a slice of the swamp and usually the American alligator wears the crown but at this water hold near the Trinity River in East Texas you'd never guess what monster outranks the alligator as king a restaurant deck overlooks the pecking order here wild animals associate boot heels knocking on two by fours with yummy leftover biscuits and gravy crawfish pecan pie and whatnot the bluegills better yield to the stealthy snap of the spiny softshell turtles and the softshell turtles better yield to the crushing teeth of this eight-foot alligator but what swamp creature could scare away a large alligator watch closely and see for yourself did you see that look again the alligator snapping turtle is one of the heaviest freshwater turtles in the world bolt-cutter shaped jaws mounted on a boulder of a skull suggest you need to keep your tasty little digits at a distance this alligator snapping turtle is estimated to be about 150 years old and around 300 pounds Raphael as the locals column has been head honcho here below the restaurant since the 1980s and was likely sharing the planet with ulysses s grant Charles Darwin and Billy the Kid alligator snapping turtles are extremely shy and almost never come out of the water if you see a snapping turtle the odds are it's a common snapping turtle a much much smaller animal so quit calling common snapping turtles alligator snappers it bugs me you

39 thoughts on “MONSTER TURTLE ATTACKS BIG ALLIGATOR – The Alligator Snapping Turtle

  1. Had a 'dumbass' friend lose three fingers showing off with one of those.
    Turtle must have weighed 100 pounds, but ole KP had to mess with it.
    He took those fingers off with just a twist of his head and a POP of those jaws.
    When the man says, "Boy, leave it alone", you listen.

  2. It's amazing of the aging process in these turtles. To have lived back in the cowboy days or 1800's and still be alive today , now that's incredible. I would like to see one of these turtles. Thanks for the cool info Hank.

  3. They were selling one at my local pet shop when I was a kid and I thought it was the most awesome lil turtle I'd ever seen! Thank heavens I didn't him cuz I'd be in some serious trouble!

  4. I hate when people (usually boondock hillbillies) call them loggerhead turtles. I always have to be the party pooper and say, no those are saltwater sea turtles.

  5. So ur saying you are going to jump me and kill me will
    I know who is behind all this and I been waiting for a reason to get this over with

  6. Yes! It drives me nuts when people assume common snappers are the same as alligator snappers. I dream of seein an alligator snapper in the wild aka the Flint River here in G.A.

  7. Those species of turtles are only dangerous to other creatures that threaten them but they are completely harmless and innocent as dolphins are to humans and are easily frightened when approached by one. So go ahead and enjoy swimming carefree in the river with them because the most that would happen is one swimming up to you and slightly turning over to get its belly scratched.

  8. Here they are celebrating the age and history of this turtle, but most of the redneck fucks watching this enjoy trophy hunting which makes sure no animals live long enough to be old, big, and amazing.

  9. Down here in Cajun country in the south Louisiana swamps where I grew up we used to tie a big grappling hook to our wire cable boat winch and troll down the bayous fishing for alligator snappers. We'd bait the hook with road killed house cats skewered on the hook. The alligator snappers can't resist house cats it seems. When they latch on to the hook with a cat on it they won't let go for anything. All we had to do was run the winch back up and pull the turtle into the boat. To kill the turtle quickly we would hammer a piece of rebar right down into the center of its skull. That will put them out like a light when it punctures their brain.

    When we skinned and cleaned the turtles most of them weighed 150 to 200 pounds or more and two or three of them would feed our family for the whole winter. Most people don't know this but alligator snapping turtle meat has a lot of fiber in it so you wont ever get constipated.

    We would clean and boil out the shell and turn them upside down. Made all sorts of things out of those shells such as sleds for the kids, bird baths, and even a litter box for our pet bobcat. One time I even mounted one on a pole and put it over our picnic table for an umbrella. It was so large it covered the entire table!

    But now don't you believe that the little ole alligator snapper you saw in this video is a match for a real alligator. That was a small gator in that video. We got some alligators swimming in our swamps that weigh about 1,000 pounds and are up to 20 feet long. No little alligator snapping turtle like the one in this video is a match for our gators!

    Oh yeah, that cannon ball they found in that turtle. It must have been a Yankee cannonball. Any Confederate cannon ball would have busted that turtle into a hundred pieces.

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