MONSTER Feeding Time — Catching Wild Food for Pet Fish

like it gosh whoa what's up guys you guys remember me I'm the sloth of eggs fishing YouTube videos and don't beats anyway it's good to be back believe it or not I've been gone from this channel for twenty three and a half days all those videos you guys saw were filmed prior that never stopped – her – with parrot and Wes so I've been on the road for forever but now I'm back in Dallas I'm ready to film for you guys as you can see I got some dope bling looking extra fresh let's let's change since you saw me this is actually was a chain that parrot left in my house he bought it from a random guy at a gas station right before the tour that's an interesting story I'll share that later but in much bigger news as you can see here we have a new boat pan out Alex gimmick give him a sweet shot of the boat under cover now I'm not gonna I'm not gonna take it out of the cover yet because I want to save this for a separate video I'm gonna do a full boat tour of the new rig believe or not it's actually a low it's not a slow it's more or less a low it's pretty fast got a 150 in the back well I guess I'll say it for different video I'll put in the link in the description below we'll do a full tour this thing I'll show you guys the new rig it feels surreal to have this boat this is both the views from the tour along with the rig runner but yeah today is about getting back in the swing of things this is will be my first day back in Texas since the hell tour I am exhausted but I'm also really in the mood to film for you guys exactly what we're gonna do today we got to go to the warehouse get ready for June 15th the big meetup the big grand opening is doing a warehouse give you an HQ so that's gonna be huge gonna see Rob we also pick up some bait for Gary let's just stop talking about and let's just start doing it top of the whip and get out of here I got a great girl I gotta go grab a lucky first stuff I never leave the curb without my wiener stay packing with the Wiener I could probably take this off nuts it's fake by the way you guys Parekh bought a fake gold chain at gas station plum Texas I don't know why he did that but it made for a great meme okay let's get out of here boats hooked up let's head to Google HQ you ready lucky I'm ready hit it Bob said that he needed me at the warehouse at 12:00 it's 12 till 12 p.m. right now but we just passes juicy ass Creek and I have not fished Texas and like I said 22 freakin days because we've been on the never stop tour so I'm getting a little itchy I'm just gonna take a cast like why not did anticipate fishing today but you know we gotta try it out we got to give it a dangle as old Rafi would say it looks so good I used to fish this place when I first moved to Dallas and we're gonna see if it still holds up to the hype I don't know a park but get the freaking boat behind me how's it going sir Fisher Creek so Rob Terkel aka titty circle aka lunker's TV put me on this mission to catch some fish for Gary he actually told me to go to like a boring bass shopping and get some goldfish which is lame no one's to see Gary eat just like some domestic goldfish so we're gonna do is we're gonna go to this Creek where there are wild bluegill lurking and we were going to get some like bigger prime cut New York strip steak sized meals for Gary and we're gonna go to the warehouse and feed him I figured this we kind of cool nice little project to get the Dallas videos picked off so I got the boat parked here right next to me is a little urban Creek an we're gonna see if we can uh you know pick up some Gilley's for old Gary the bass get it we're on first one that is guy is baby that is what I call Bates oh you're welcome Gary you're welcome Gary sick I'm gonna put them in the nut I'm gonna snap all right get some more more bait for the tank so gnarly is this fun it's like really anticipate doing this like landed from Illinois just a few hours ago an hour on a creek catching bait for my good buddy Gary this is pretty big hopefully he has enough space on his stomach to eat this way I can lip that thing that's pretty large still gonna keep it going some guys literally just pulled on off the side of Rodin's like how are you doing by fishing for bluegill no dirty little creek it's exactly what I'm doing I'm loving every second of it I'm pumped did you get pumped oh my gosh a nice little green sunfish nice you're getting some good meals now like wouldn't you want to eat this like if you were Gary you would not want to eat some little turd poop infested goldfish from Petco you'd want to eat this all-natural free-range stuff right here lucky what are you doing okay here we go cool I'm in the danger zone now oh my gosh just instantly hammered it that is a big one you guys are crazy it's pretty nuts of these kids are in this little creek I know a lot of people aren't gonna trip I'll be like oh my god you took you took bluegill out of a greasy little sewer pond and put it in your tank no no it's fine trust me I'm an ichthyologist I know what I'm doing here I almost graduated agree in Physiology so that degree has to count for something or it was like a semester left I think we're fine he's gonna love this let's go put him in the put him in the net we just bagged up our little friends put them in the live wall of my boat so they're actually they've actually had kind of a nice home for now little do they know they're about to get meet their demise and land and Gary's goblet it's goblet a word I think I'm using the word goblet incorrectly they're gonna they're gonna get eaten you know it's gonna be a good bait stop when you're driving up to the spot and just all gravel this place only takes cash to super legit so we got some big Gilley's now we're going to pick up some some bait from this guy that I've been picking up date for for eons now since we first got Gary he was in the little swimming pool yeah my greatest decision but let's go get some manners economy it's enough pound of each on the auto shiners pound of dropping the nose I'll be good welcome to the home of the googans aka the googan here what's the exact address it's two three four five nail Road Crum Texas it's in Texas I gave you that address because on the 15th of June you guys will be able to come here visit the shop visit the headquarters meet us get some Bates get some products and for your inch coffee some pear all that kind of stuff and we're just have this monstrous meet-up it's pretty much gonna be our biggest meetup ever like a history I'm not even just saying that like it's going to be huge so anyway I'm here now I've got some stuff I need to do I gotta help the guys so Bates on pegs as we don't have like a giant like team of guys it's just us it's just us putting together this this warehouse and making sure everything looks good and looks nice and neat for when you guys come and visit I think we kind of overestimated like you guys understand this this right here is like a 32 ounce tomahawk like I was hoping to catch some little ones like what we did like this is a pretty small one like that's above bite size but I mean damn we got some big stuff a little little one this guy's gonna get crunched in a heartbeat there we go that that's an 8 ounce filet see you I think bluegills enough Peter first you guys ready for this we've placed in the bluegill he's still warming up to that and I think he yesterday so he's pretty full but Gary never sleeps he's never not eating so we're just gonna throw a bunch of minis in there see how he goes so this is that guys it's changed a lot last time I give you guys a warehouse update it was right before Alex and I left for the never stop or no not never stop The Devil's River tour but since I've been gone for 22 days I'm not seeing this Gulf these guys are killing it first and foremost I gotta give a happy you something got to give a happy birthday to my buddy Matt Kendrick he's the guy that really helped make this possible but along with that we got to give him some cuz he tends to like what do you would what was that what are you doing just done somebody tell me happy birthday you know just being like a good friend Rob's also done a ton of work here to directly is rocky vanilla rocket guy everyone who's been in Texas basically other than myself has been doing a lot of work to make this happen so I'm gonna try to catch up right now put some stuff on pegs and get ready for the big date June 15 – five foot sabers better how high off like probably two to five foot tables corkboard I'm taking the rigged runner and I'm gonna go find some stuff for the Google where I was because while it may seem seem pretty apparent the fact that we've got a lot of stuff in there we don't have a lot of stuff for our stuff if that makes any sense we got to put stuff on top of stuff in order to do that we need more stuff so he'll get some stuff right now dude you're not gonna believe this pegboards five of them 40% off Hobby Lobby is like the most MVP of all stores possible anyway I got pegboards got five of them did I mention I got five of them and there were 40 percent do what else we need to do them you need to find cables we're running out of cables for all of the boxes and then baits too so I don't even know why I'm telling you guys this this is some porridge next I have to find a like a decent-looking table it fits all the other furniture that we've got in the store so far actually that looks pretty cool something kind of like rustic with like wood in it you know I'm no HGTV expert but I kind of know what we're looking for my pure one right now let's see if they could have anything probably don't but throw the shot want candles I'm getting sidetracked oh well that was a failed errand I went in there to buy a table and ended up buying a pineapple scented candles so hey you know what thinking a table but I got I got I got a sick candle I also bought some margarita glasses that's cool it's always neat I needed some more margarita glasses thanks man well good news bad news which one you want first bad news bad news they didn't have any tables also bad news it's super dark in here so I'm gonna there we go bad news didn't have any tables okay good news is I bought a candle yeah very nice yeah I'm so close it open up in there glasses it's Christmas Day so what's that actually know I don't know if it was a full-on failed mission but uh yeah we still need tables sorry googans my bad pegboards got that guys ready to play with some unsafe tools and properly let's do it so what I'm designed right now is a brag board for you guys to come in here and share your pictures and put them up on the wall in the actual googan HQ and like the actual retail retail space this is kind of a nostalgic addition to the room like I'm sure you guys have gone to like old bait tackle stores and they've had like a wall basically where you can you know pin your old pole right on there your Grandpa's catch from 1936 of 58 inch walleye or whatever you know it's just kind of cool and this also allows us to showcase your catches come in here with a picture of your big catch and we'll put it on this little column we're just starting with this section right here but who knows I mean this whole freaking thing could be full of pictures it's just sky's limit here but we're getting started off with just four corners or four sides and it's looking pretty good there's got two more pieces to cut out and be looking fresh oh this looks so good this actually is like the one thing that I did right let's get this one we are good Nick dude let's start printing some pictures we gonna post some pictures of ourselves on the board before you guys do it just to kind of get it all warmed up damn they're loud jeez – this is sick oh it's doing the colors nice this is super high-tech this is the best first picture we could post on the board picked a better first picture for the for the bragging board that is his perf he doesn't even look like a human he looks like a mouse alien from another distant like galaxy that's parried by the way you guys know what I know I feel complete I feel like we've done our due diligence here at the goog in HQ I'm excited for you is the gum here I'm especially excited to see what you guys think of the warehouse because the team has always been working on this for quite some time we've got so much here got a line we got baits we got apparel we got a board now for you guys to post your catches and yeah there's just a lot so I'm gonna save part two for the the googan HQ build for tomorrow but that's it we've completed our daily limit for today and we're gonna we're now gonna get some rest because I've been up since frickin 4:00 a.m. I think you guys for watching this video again remember the day I've said it 15 times June 15th at the Google TV the UM address right there so you guys can can come and stop by and say what's up you maybe just come by and say hello that'd be cool it'll be really cool so I'll see you guys there i'm peacing out signing out thank you so much for watching and as always folks keep fishing yeah

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  1. You need to come to south carlina and fish for large and small mouth bass out tge congerry river….bet u cant do it ?

  2. Awesome video as always dude watching From the uk what’s baitcaster setups do you use for light lure fishing? Hope to here from you soon

  3. If i send in a photo could you guys put it up for me i cant make it to the grand opening of googan hq im in ontario. So justt wondering if i could send it to you jon?

  4. Hey john I want to invite you to my pond I have here in Oklahoma it’s full of huge bass and huge catfish we pulled out several 8 pound bass and a 21 pound cat on a jig let me know if your interested it will be a good time and you’ll probs get some dope ass content ? never stop bro?

  5. I wish I could go those fishing kits especially since I don’t got much and I’ve started fishing as a hobby recently ahhh

  6. Jon, any possibility of seeing some Saltwater fishing trips soon? We’re out rooster fishing in Mexico this summer.

  7. Been watching some of your old video's nice to see you went to school in my hometown of Nelsonville Ohio and fished the Hocking River some nice fish in that river my biggest to date is a 56.5# flathead catfish and a 38# carp if you ever comeback look me up I live 2.5 miles from Hocking College

  8. Dude i live in azle. Right outside of Fortworth! Your fuckin awsome!Come to Red Hot And blue BBQ of of hulen street i manage there. On me brotha!

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