42 thoughts on “Monkey Adopts A Puppy, Defends It From Stray Dogs

  1. This actually isn’t that shocking, remember monkeys and gorillas share a lot of the same DNA as us, so just how we would help a puppy like this, the monkey does the same thing

  2. There is much retardation the comments it’s not like that dog looks deathly thin Jesus fuck you guys are idiots

  3. Idiots…they gave the monkey grapes to feed the dog which are poisonous to dogs…even in small amounts grapes and raisins are super toxic to dogs

  4. This is dangerous, that monkey has the potential to rip that puppy to bits whenever it wants, also that puppy doesn't look happy meaning it's just been abducted, the monkey may been nice to the dog but in reality it's very dangerous, the monkey needs to be trancked, and all you fucking idiots in this section who think this is acceptable are stupid retards

  5. On one hand, it was a wonderful thing for the monkey to do, however, a puppy has to learn to be a dog, not to swing from trees. If it had been a mother closer to what a puppy must learn to do to grow up normal and healthy, it would have been much better.

  6. Animals are far better than us.If claim our self to be the most intelligent and kind but we are killing our own people.

  7. this is adorable. but they put food out for them but refuse to help the starving and untouchable people because it is against their religion. makes no sense to me.

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