Molly Fish Beginner Care Guide

welcome back y’all and today we’re
getting to know the moly fish with the wide variety of colors and types of
mollies available it is no wonder that the Molly fish is such a popular species
amongst fish keepers these fish have an average lifespan of about five years and
typically get to be of a large size around four inches now Molly’s are very
very social fish so it’s usually recommended that you get at least four
preferably more for your tank because of their large size though a minimum tank
size of 20 gallons is typically recommended however a bigger tank of 30
gallons are larger would be more suitable for them as these guys tend to
be pretty big swimmers mollies are a tropical fish and will typically require
a heater as they need their water to be kept at stable temperatures between 78
and 82 degrees Fahrenheit now these fish do prefer harder water and they need to
be kept at a pH range between 7.5 and 8.5 so many hobbyists with softer water
will tend to keep things like crushed coral in the tank to help buffer the
water now because mollies do tend to create a little bit more ways than some
other fish species it is recommended that you keep them in a highly filtered
tank now when you are setting up a tank for your mollies you will want to decide
first if you want to set up a brackish or freshwater tank for them as it is
very common for mollies to be bred and kept in brackish waters if you are
wanting to keep mollies in a purely freshwater tank it might be a good idea
to look for a breeder that specifically breeds mollies only in freshwater as
many of the mollies that you will find in popular pet stores were bred in
brackish water they may not do well immediately switching over to freshwater
now the Molly fish is a live bearer and when you are getting mollies for your
tank it’s also important to know that male
do tend to be aggressive when it comes to breeding so they might harass your
females so you will want to have at least three females per male in your
tank now male mollies do tend to be more streamlined in shape with larger fins
and tend to have a more pointed anal fin while female mollies will typically have
bulkier bodies shorter fins anymore fan-shaped anal fin now one other thing
to love about mollies is that they will feed on algae now wall mollies will
naturally feed on algae they are also considered omnivores and they will be
typically fed a varied diet of high quality flake food vegetables such as
blanched zucchini or cucumber bloodworms baby brine shrimp and Daphnia so anyway
guys that’s all I really have to be all today as always thank you so much for
watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next video

6 thoughts on “Molly Fish Beginner Care Guide

  1. Love mollies but the wild ones here in florida are really agressive and they have very high fins but really cool too keep.i seen them here in tds 56 n p.h 6.8 in our local rivers .awesome video thank u for all the great info.

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