MOJ MOJ SQUISHY BOX Moj Moj Crunch SPARKLE Series FULL BOX Opening Unicorn + Mermaid Squishies Found

it's squishy time Sparkle style Mo's most crunch Sparkle series is here hey guys welcome back to young wild me a place to have fun and be yourself today is all about the squishies we have got the Mo's mode crunch Sparkle series right here these are brand-new and we're gonna be unboxing this full case today so if you love twitches hit that thumbs up button and if you are channel click the red button to subscribe and don't forget that bell that way you'll get alerts when videos like this are out now I want to start out by giving a huge thank you to mga they are the ones that sent us this full case to unbox for you guys Tuesday now let's start this video with a little challenge here let's get this video to 2,000 likes in the first day no guys I need your help for this you guys are totally awesome I know you can do it just hit that thumbs up button remember we've got to get to 2,000 lights in the first day plus guys to make it extra fun make sure to comment down below hashtag ywm notifications like there's 30 seconds on the clock hit the thumbs up button and comment below for your chance for a shout out in our next video okay guys so are you ready let's do this I'm gonna grab one of these I want to give you a look at this packaging guys I love it you know I'm all about the sparkles and this one delivers guys it's like holographic and super sparkly it looks so pretty when you move it around now we already open up a full box of the crunch series guys but these aren't all sparkly and super super cute guys check this out this is one of the squishies that you can collect inside here so guys we've got this full case let me know in the comments down below do you think we're gonna complete the set today that would be super super awsome ok guys let's get to it we have got so much too open so we'll pop are a little cube open it so acute here we go and we've got this one right here this has our squishy and then look guys there's another wine bag and what's really cool about these is they come with a little scene so let's check it out we got this one right here guys it looks like a little airport there's some luggage that pops up over here we can pop our little scene right into our cube and our squishies got a little hangout so let's see which foo is she is chilling at the airport ooh guys this one it looks really really cool look at that cloud we got a unicorn for our first line this is so awesome guys I love unicorns let me know in the comments if you do too and then check out all of these sparkles inside here I'm gonna like give it a big squeeze here so you can see how much is in here it's so so pretty guys I love this one there's a little guide inside here too so let's take a peek at that so it's got this cute little claw machine seen here and then if we flip it over we can see all of the new Mo's most squishy in the sparkle crunch series look guys there's glitter dust ones and then over here guys we've got sparkle scrunchies let's see if we can find ours there starry bright and then look guys there's diamond crunch down over here there starlet's oh so cute and look guys ours is a starlet and then guys finally we have got the bling a bunch look there's an ultra rare hippo in this one that one is so awesome guys now there's over 30 to collect I've got three more right here from the first row ready to go let's open these up and see what we're gonna get let's get all of the scenes out first we'll get them all it set up for our school issues so this one's super cute guys it's a little classroom with a chalkboard it says kitty puppy bunny moze moze oh my gosh could you say that three times fast kitty pop me bunny emotionally capable any more my tongue is sore let's pop this up there's a little book stack here oh my gosh Moe's in the wild advanced crunch and squishy 101 guys let me know in the comments if you want to go to a squishy school like that that would be so awesome and then guys look we've got a pet turtle in this one let's see what's in these this looks like a new one and this is pretty awesome guys it's a bunch of clouds with rainbow this one even pops up and then look guys we have a shooting star let's see what's in here and then we'll get them all set up looks like more clouds these seeds are looking super cute I love the little pop-ups in them but guys let's get to the squishies first we'll see which quiz she's going to school sparkles in here so it looks like this little bunny is ready for squishy school oh my gosh and this one is so cool guys look it looks like there's like little Orbeez beads inside here these water beads are so cool and then I love these hearts and glasses on our bunny and look she's even got a little fluffy bunny tail and a heart on the back super super cute okay it's time for school little bunny let's see who is going on the clouds hopping over a rainbow oh this little cutie so this one's got like some sort of gel in it and of course you can see there's just tons of like confetti stuff in here it's so cool and finally a one more over here check this one out guys it looks like a little of beer I wonder if this is like a little panda bear it's so cute I love the heart eyes okay I checked off a few more we've got this one in the starry brides and then look guys our second one was a rare over here which is super cool now we just have got to find that bunny oh there it is okay this is crazy it looks orange in the picture but it's Pete and that one's rare too so let's give this one a little check there we go not bad so far but we've still got so many more in here I'm gonna have another robe we'll get those unbox and guys let me know in the comments right down below how many Squishy's do you think are in a full box of the most most cringe okay we've got some more blue and yellow cubes to open up let's do some magic to get the wrappers off and get those scenes set up we got two new scenes this time we got this cute a little donut shop and then it looked down over here we have an under the sea one with some buried treasure no let's get to these squishies okay let's see who's in this blue one oh my gosh guys well look at this one this looks so cool I love the yellow on it it looks like a little tiger here so it's so cute our squishy tiger and look guys there's more water beads inside this one okay wonder who's gonna be in here let's see who I see spots is this a puppy it is look at this squishy little puppy here let's see we got a little flower on the side and look it's got like a wiggly tail okay here's another purple purple is my favorite color what's yours oh my gosh guys and it's a purple raccoon look at this this is so cute and look I love that striped tail plus it's got a little heart and laughs and lots of purple confetti in here can't wait to see which squishy is next oh and this one looks pretty and it's got a giant heart on the back and look at that bushy tail what is this thing oh my gosh I think it's like a fancy kitty it even has like a little bow in the front here and look at its rosy little cheeks and this one has water beads in it too it looks so pretty with like all the sparkles it just looks super shimmery okay let's take a peek at our checklist see if we can find some of the ones we open up I wonder if any of them are rare how our fancy looking Kitty one is right over here in the glue give it a little check our tire squishy was a diamond crunch one found them there right over here next to each other so we've got one more diamond crunch and one more star less time to grab some more let's get eight this time I had to double stack these from room and I think that's what we're gonna have to do with the Skua she's back over here that we already on a bus I'm gonna need to close up there cubes and start stacking we're gonna run out of room let's get all of these wrappers off guys and get to the good stuff okay it's time to get in all of these what's really cool guys is these actually stack you can see they've got like a little pegs here which makes them really really stable when you're stacking them let's get to our squishy first guys the four days hold cool this one's brown and it's kinda like these really really cool sparkles it actually looks more golden than brown and there's even like a little bumble bee on it and it looks like maybe this is like a little bear and it even has a squealy tail too now let's see what their home looks like who looks like they get to live in a sweet spot at the doughnut shop okay time to see who's in here whoa here we go we got this cute purple one it looks like another little bear it looks like there's like purple flower confetti in this one who looks like they get to jump over the rainbows these two squishies were common let's see what we find in these cubes oh this is cool we got a blue one and look guys it's got like a little marks up here this kind of reminds me of like football laces or something it looks like a little blue bear with some stars inside squish squish let's see where our Blue Bear gets to live Oh guys this is cool we got another newest scene this is really pretty it's got all of these flowers back here and a white picket fence and look a little bunny pops up guys let me know in the comments down below what is your favorite flower these sunflowers are pretty cute and there's even a bumble bee up here too and look we get little flower pots okay it's time to see what squishies in here and then i'll get their homestead of Saatchi lots and lots of purple and look at the whiskers on this one so I wonder what this one is is this like a little mouse we'll find out where our squishy lives oh my gosh look they get to live with the flowers too alright I've got both of those checked off there from the sparkle scrunchies those were comments let's see which squish these are and these oh my gosh this one is so cool guys it's an owl and it's even got a bowtie – look at these wings this is so cute and this one has tons and tons of silver it sparkles it looks like there's hearts and stars in this one okay we got another yellow one and oh my gosh this one is a giraffe it is so cute and so squishy so let's take a peek at the checklist see who these guys are and then we'll get their home set up – I found our owl right up here in the sparkle scrunchies and look here's a giraffe this one is a rare and they're in the starry bright okay guys we've got these last two here before we grab some more from our cave so I see lots and lots of pink hearts and check this out guys this one's got really cool wings I love how there are two different colors and you can see there's just lots and lots of confetti in here and there even are like a little sparkles on its cheek okay let's see which little toy she's in our blue one Oh guys this is cool oh my gosh it looks like it has bat wings and it's like a dark like silver almost a gray what's super sparkly so what in the world is as its face kinda looks like a kitty it's just like a kitty with a bat disguise on I don't know guys let me know what you think in the comments down below let's get their little student set up and find out where these little cuties are on the checklist these all looks so cute and their little cube homes it's like a little squishy habitat you can see how to talk to these back over here too so I think they're all looking super cute so far now I found those last two on our checklist and guys so far no duplicates we're halfway through and no doubles so that's pretty pretty cool guys let me know which one of these Squishy's is your favorite so far there are so many cute sparkling ones I know it's gonna be hard to choose but comment down below with your top pick I'm gonna grab eight more from back here all of our squishy homes are ready to go now we just have to get all of these squishies unboxed we're gonna start on this guy and let's see who goes in the bottom oh this cutie right here it's another one that looks pretty golden and look it's got a big bushy tail is this a little squirrel okay let's see who goes up top oh look at this one I love like all of these yellow sparkles in here we're gonna put them right up here with the flower now this one's going to squishy school oh it's a cute little bunny and his kasi shell on its forehead here and guys oh my gosh this is a mermaid bunny and look at the fin and the scale this one is so cute okay this next one's off to the airport ooh look at those wings oh my gosh guys it's another new record this one is so pretty hey it's time to see which one gets to live in the donut shop it's this little cutie right over here and look at that little curlicue up here and it's little squiggly tail let's see it which squishes in here oh my gosh look at this one it's so fancy it's got a top hat on and I love how its ears are white on one side and black on the other and it has a bow tie – this one is so ho cute okay we've got two more in here guys and then we get to get the final eight out oh my gosh this puppy is totally cute look it's got a little tongue sticking out it's got a heart on its ear and the confetti in here is pink and orange and it's got like those water beans in the hair – squishy are we gonna get oh my gosh guys look at this one this is so cute it's got a rainbow on the side and a cloud and it's kind of rainbow across its whole face here oh my gosh this bunny is adorable and guys it's got the perfect little home this one has the little clouds and the rainbows I've got all our squishies checked off from that last round and guys no duplicates and look we even got a rare one that was this cute little bunny right here we are totally running out of room here I think we're gonna have to triple stack I actually skipped the triple stack on these and we went right for four so we've got like this awesome little squishy community and then guys these have got some more room to stack up over here because we still have all of these squishies right here to unbox I think right now would be a really good time for a little more magic to get these squishies open here's all of our squishy home and now guys let's see which squishes get to go inside these here's our first quiz sheet this one gets to go in the clouds and the rainbows and this one looks like such a sweetie it's got its tongue sticking out over here and a little heart knows and tons and tons of star confetti inside looks like it's got a pretty big tail too okay let's see which squishes in here oh my gosh guys I'll hug this one look at the colors on it it's got like green little cheeks that has all of these cheetah spots on the bag and its tail even as spots too and it's got more water beans inside it I can't wait to see what squishes in here oh look at this one it's a little bear it kind of reminds we have a polar bear cuz the colors and guys guess what no would duplicate so far only five more to go oh this one looks like a yellow sunshine it's a little puppy guys and I think this kind of looks like a Corgi this next one also gets to go under the sea like our little Tori look guys this one's a fox but I think this was the ultra rare one we're gonna check out the collector's guide in just a minute we're gonna finish opening up all that squishies first let's see oh my gosh guys we got another how old this one has a bowtie it's so cute I love all of the blue like sparkly stuff in here and look guys this one has water beads too but they look like teeny tiny this one is so cute okay it's that final two we've got a bunny oh so sweet and oh my gosh there's snowflakes on it this kind of reminds me of Princess Elsa is she had a squishy bunny I think this would be it let me know what you guys think okay it is our final squishy from our full box let's see you guys if we're gonna complete the collection oh my gosh guys we got another mermaid it's like a mermaid kitty look at this it is so cute so I marked all of those off the checklist this time we got an ultra rare one that was that Fox and then guys that cute little puppy was rare so you can see we are so close to completing the entire collection but they're still four we're missing even though we got no duplicates there's still extras so we still need this cute little unicorn right over there and then guys there's this elephant up top that one's a rare we're looking for it then there's an ultra rare hippo down over here that we still need plus this cute little panda bear guys so hopefully guys I can find those soon and complete the whole collection all of these were so so cute now we've got a little bit more stacking to do here's one final look at all of the Mo's most crunched Sparkle series squishes that we opened up today guys now that you've seen them all let me know which one you like best now I hope you guys all had a ton of fun unboxing with me today if you did make sure to hit that thumbs up button in a second here I'm gonna have a link to our channel just click that Yong wall B icon to subscribe and hit that Bell too then I'll post a fun video up here and a few more this way remember guys always have fun and just be yourself we're out peace love and toys

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  2. I’m so sad cause when I buy the moj moj with my mom I go home and open it and then it was popping and my mom wanted her money I feel bad ?☹️

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