– Hi everyone, welcome
to Discovering Natural. Today I am sharing with you
my winter high-maintenances and washday routine for moisture. I start off by doing a hot oil treatment to help infuse moisture into my hair. I’m using the Jamaican mango and lime line because it’s also diluted
with other oils in it and I like it very much. Make sure to click that
button up there to see my full hot oil treatment process, and remember if you’ve never
subscribed, please subscribe. So, to do my hot oil treatment,
I warm up the bottle first and then I apply the oil
to the length of my hair after I have dampened it a little bit. So, once I put it on one section, I work it in smaller sections
to thoroughly coat it. Then I twist up my hair so that
any part that missed the oil will finally catch it. So, once all that is done, I move onto the next
section and go from there. (jazz music) Once I’m done with applying the oil, I cover my hair with a plastic
cap, and I will be sitting under the dryer for at least 20 minutes. After 20 minutes is over, it’s time for me to shampoo my hair. And to shampoo my hair,
I am working in sections, and I start off with first
wetting my hair with water, my scalp especially. And this kind of loosens up the build-up that caught up on my scalp. (jazz music) The shampoo I’m using is called Pura D’or Hair Loss Prevention. I went to Target and I
looked for this shampoo. I couldn’t find it so I ordered it online, and I’m only applying it to my scalp. Now, why am I using this shampoo? Okay, last year I did a lot
of rice water treatments, I did black tea rinses, and those are good and they’re D-I-Y, but a lot of people were asking me about other, commercial
products for hair loss. And I notice that in
the fall-winter season I experience a lot of hair loss, and I find that using this shampoo. I’ve been using it for about a month now, it has really cut down the
hair loss and the shedding that I have on my head. However, I’m going to
give you more information about this in six months’
time, so hold tight. Sometimes when I have a lot
of build-up on my scalp, I would use this shampoo
brush to lift it up and it does a really good job at it. So, after I’m done shampooing my scalp, I now go to the bathroom,
inside the shower, and I wash the length of my hair. Now this is my hair, freshly
washed, everything is cleansed, and it’s now time to deep-condition. For me, deep-condition is
a must during this season. Nearly every week I deep-condition and the way I do it is this. Still working in sections, I put a generous amount
of the deep conditioner on the length of my hair, making sure that it coats
every single strands, people. Every single strands. Especially the ends of your
hair, which tends to be the dryest parts of your hair,
so make sure you slather, don’t be cheap, slather that stuff. So, after that is done,
the next step for me would be to seal in. I know, it’s kind of strange, right? I kind of seal in my deep conditioner, and what I do is I take this
Jamaican black castor oil, the same one, and I take a bit of it, yeah, a good amount of it, actually, so, I take a good amount
of it and I put it to the ends of my hair. By doing this, my ends don’t break and my ends remain stronger. So, when I do this, I
just roll it in there, tighten it up like that, and the next thing is to cover my hair with a plastic cap,
and to use my Hot Head. If I don’t feel like using my Hot Head, I sit under the dryer and I keep this heat on my head for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, this
is the state of my hair. My hair is shiny, it’s
soft, unbelievably soft. But it’s time to moisturize. Before I moisturize the length of my hair, I apply my oil mix to my scalp. Remember all the information
for all the products that I am using is going to be in the description area down below. After putting the oil on my
scalp, I massage my scalp. By massaging my scalp, I am
also hoping to grow my hair because it’s kind of
stimulating my hair follicles. So, I massage, massage, massage. Next is to moisturize
the length of my hair. Oh, but first, let’s do those edges. Always put the edges, you
know, put the edge stuff, and that’s castor oil with
peppermint in that bottle. Right measurements in
the description area. And you can see my ends
are growing in well. I have normally thin ends, but edges, but this is the state of it. So after that is done,
I’m going to moisturize my hair using my leave-in. And that’s a shea moisture
restorative conditioner, if I can get it out, and it’s really thick. And that’s what you want,
especially in the coldest season, you want a thick shea butter, any butters, mango butters, make it thick. Then I take my oil and I seal it in again. You can see I’m using a lot of oils and this has been a lifesaver. This year I have not experienced, I’ve actually experienced growth. And the last step is to stretch my hair, and I stretch my hair
just by twisting it up or threading it, doing African threading, and that’s, I think that’s pretty much it. That’s all I do. (jazz music) So that’s pretty much my wash day. Thank you so much for watching. Remember to subscribe and we’ll see you in the next video. Bye.


  1. I like doing hot oil treatment after seeing your castor oil hot oil treatment I tried it last week. Can I do one every week? Also after your shampoo do you use a conditioner or go right into a deep conditioner

  2. I think that you hit the nail on the head when you kept applying oils. Our hair has to be constantly replenished from the elements. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. God bless you!

  3. Your hair is really flourishing and had grown. That conditioner seems to be going on like butter.

  4. Nice hair routine! I also love to use Jamaican black castor oil, especially in the winter because it locks in moisture sooo well. Thanks for sharing

  5. HEy Sola. Lovely video. My recent hair routine mirrors that of yours and so far the results are good. I think its helping with the chronic hair dryness that I have. Btw can you do a video/tutorial on the difference between moisture and hydration, sharing what each entails. Also can you suggest a few moisturizing deep conditioners plz and is cantu deep treatment mask a moisturizing or protein conditioner? THanks in advance and sorry the lengthy response. Thanks again. 🙂 <3

  6. My hair is dry, breaking, and lacks moisture during the cold season! Thank you for sharing your winter regimen tips. You're a hair saver?? Now it's time for me to do the work??

  7. Your hair is absolutely beautiful and lush. I also deep condition my hair every week, but I use either suave naturals; shea and almond and recently; Tresseme Expert Botanique (with added avocado oil to seal). Would you consider either of these to be deep conditioners, or would you recommend another? I cannot use Shea Moisture products. I have tried several times, using different ones and they all dry my hair out really bad. I want to make sure that I am using the right product as a DC. Thanks

  8. Last night I pre-poo with coconut oil. Today, I will clarify my hair using suave clarifying shampoo. Normally, I use either ABS or Dr. Bonner's Castile soap, but I have a lot of build up. I will DC with a protein treatment, seal with oil and my leave in of choice; Natty Moist. A product made by All Things O' Natural ( and the Natty Butter and stretch with perm rods ( my first time trying, praying hands, lol).

  9. I also incl oil to my DC. that's my fav leave-in BTW, I also like the moisture milk in that line too. TFS your hair has grown so much!

  10. I love to see a great moisturizing wash day routine! Your hair is beautiful and healthy. 10 in 1 is my fave DC… Love it! Thanks for sharing ?

  11. I am so so happy with my hair. I followed your winter routine and my hair feel moisturized and looks absolutely great! I'm not just saying this, I have received so many compliments and questions about what I'm doing different. Thank you so much for making this video????????????

  12. Thank you for sharing. It is so important to switch up my hair regime during the winter and summer months too. I love that shampoo brush!!! &&& HI 5 WE HAVE THE SAME ONE – That means we're awesome!!!!! I love your hair videos, been watching you for over 3 years now and I love how informative your videos are too; I have learnt A LOT over the years thanks to your videos and your Facebook posts. God bless you

  13. great routine…no winter in ghana though…and what do you recommend for someone who is not an oil person…and why moisturize when dripping wet and not when damp?

  14. i read that I can't cowash every week because my hair is not as strong from straightening, but I want to deep condition once a week, how am i supposed to do this if I can't co wash every week? Can anyone help?

  15. have you tried the shea moisture omega 3-6-9 smoothie and gel?. it flaked in my hair (4c) and I was trying to figure out what I can use to get it not to flake . I can't return it or trade. oil dries out my hair. but I do use shea moisture raw Shea leave in .

  16. Your hair is so beautiful and looks really healthy. I truly love the knowledge you share. It has definitely helped me with my hair care 🙂 thank you so much for sharing!

  17. I hit my ends with the oil too! I started massaging my head to. My hair is loving the castor oil. Thank you for helping me sola!

  18. your hair looks amazing! i'm gonna try to seal with castoroil next time! its seemed like it really made a difference!

  19. Really informational, your hair looks really sleek, what is you hair type? Because i think my hair isnt as think as yours

  20. I watch almost all your hair regimen videos but I'm too lazy with my hair and stingy with oils. I see why my hair is always dry and no edges?. I dey here watch your hair grow healthily

  21. Also when you do the hot oil treatment can you rinse it out down your sink/bath drain because I've read online that you should not wash oil down your drainage pipes as it could block it?

  22. This is the BEST winter wash day I've seen. Most of the others are the same as their regular wash days lol. I'm gonna up my hot oil pre poo and the sealing in part of deep conditioning. Thanks for this informative video.

  23. Why do you wet your hair first? I would think if it is dry whatever liquid that is warm, the hair shaft would suck it like a sponge. Or is that incorrect? Great detailed videos, and I LOVE your accent. ?. Thanx for you videos.

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