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hi my name is Park temper and I wanted to sign this in my cat litter box and I just want to tell first of all my cat is a top entry little box which is the cat interest to the top climbs down inside does their thing and the advantage to that is that molasses for a fully enclosed design so anything that any mess that your cabin ormally make digging scratching stays inside of the box upon exit of the box the top acts as the litter line so they climb back out anything that’s left up there calls could just fall right back down into the box when you open mod cat anything that’s left on top will just fall back in when what’s where they open the top and 90 degrees comes right back off and then just to put the top back on you just drop it right in place so we look back down and when it closes it locks closed and we did this so that if you have small dogs in the house or little children keep that now every month cat comes with its own scoop it’s contoured to match the comfort of the box it comes with a brush on the side to easily wipe off any of the front of the lid and it’s got a convenient hanger that allows you to hang it from the side of the mod can so easily suppose at any time every mod pack comes with its own reusable line it’s made of tarp material so it’s very resilient to scratching it’s easy to clean and it’s got a band around the top that keeps it snug against the sides it fits exactly unlike the disposable liners so you’ll never see any that ugly protrusions on the sides of the box Marquette has a panel the back of the box to make it easier to lift for occasional cleaning in addition to all these features we’ve talked about we’ve designed a mod cat litter box to look great in any environment we hope you like it as much as we do me

13 thoughts on “Modkat Litter Box

  1. Do you have a video of a 14 or 15 year old cat that is about 18 lbs using this thing? I'm sure it doesn't work for them. My cats would likely never use it. It looks awesome though.

  2. That looks really well designed. A lot better than my current top entry litterbox. I want to upgrade, but I just can't justify the price 🙁

  3. Love the top entry idea if there was ever a way to combine the rotating litter boxes that do not need a scoop, you would be onto a fantastic winner. Just giving my opinion.

  4. My cat is currently using an open cat litter tray. She spends a long time covering her poo and flicks cat litter EVERYWHERE. I'm hoping this box will give me a break from having to constantly vacuum.

  5. I have 2 cats and have had 2 Modkat Original litter boxes for 5 years. Virtually no tracking and the easiest litter box to clean.

    2 complaints.

    The liner shown in the video is the blue liner which was discontinued and replaced with an inferior grey liner. The blue liner was much more sturdy and stayed securely in place. The grey liners are thinner and my cats can pull down the sides. I've washed and used the same blue liner since I got it 5 years ago. The grey liners barely last the 3 months Modkat says they should. The edges fray, it doesn't fit well and won't remain in place.

    The liners are expensive and currently on sale for 20% off but, even ordering two 3-packs you get hit with the $10 shipping charge because total ($47.99) is less than the $49 required for free shipping!!!

    Modkat reduced the price along with the quality of both the litter box and the liners for the almighty buck.

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