Modern Pest Services – Pest Problems Bigger than a BUG

Modern Pest Services is the company
people have turned to for years all over Maine New England whenever they’ve got a problem with
insects, but what do you do have the problem is bigger than a BUG? Fortunately, Modern Pest has got you
covered there too with their wildlife control team. Joining
us right now is Colton Tlumac. He’s general manager the Wildlife Division
for Modern Pest Control. It’s a pleasure to meet you Colton. Pleasure to meet you! So, here’s the story. Animal in the house. Panic ensues. What do I do? The best thing is to call a professional. They’re so many different things that can happen
or have been happening you don’t even know about and your best off
looking for someone to deal with that problem to diagnostics exactly what’s going on.
What are the common nuisance animals that Modern Pest can handle? The general species that
were taken care of our bats, squirrels, both red and gray, flying
squirrels and birds. We also do trapping services for groundhogs and raccoons. When I start
hearing noises maybe even seeing an animal it’s time to
act? Absolutely! You know just because you just heard doesn’t mean
that hasn’t been going on you know is potential there is the first
time it that animals there, but there’s no reason why it could have
been going on for months and you just never heard it! Response time is key here and that’s
where company the size of Modern Pest comes in handy. We actually cover all of Maine, New
Hampshire and Massachusetts. We have Wildlife Service Professionals
in all three states in quite a range. Colton, when I recognize
there’s a problem the reaction oftentimes is to call the
police or maybe the animal control officer, but nine times out and that’s not going to be any good. They’re gonna ask you to call an animal damage control agent something that all of our wildlife service professionals are, they’re all
licensed to this type of work and we’re the ones
that can come out and diagnose and offer you a solution to your problem. With regard to that
diagnosis how do you know about that? Basically, interview the client. We’re
asking them what time they’re hearing it, what they’re hearing. Those
things really important to us to start deciphering what type animal might
be there. We’ll do a walk around the exterior. A lot of times we can tell just
from experience what what we’re looking for there.
Whether it’s an obvious chew hole, whether it’s type a
construction that allows animals entry or to actually go up into an attic look for places in the attic where the
insulation been torn up chew marks, damage to wires those sorts of things droppings are
obviously key for us to determine exactly what what species is
there. You gathered sufficient information,
you’ve been able to diagnose the problem, now what? Now we actually have to offer a
solution to alleviate the the issue at hand.
Whether that’s trapping or exclusion we have to make
sure that we can get the animals out the house, get it sealed off so that they can’t get back in and be able to let the client know your houses is animal free. Certainly these are nuisance animals. Do people have concerns about what happens to them after they’ve been removed from the home?
Yes! A lot of our clients want to know what is going to happen
what’s the fate of that animal once we do trap it. We use Have A Heart
traps so everything’s caught in a live trap and we do trans locate those animals
whenever possible. Some states are different, but whenever
possible we’re taking those away. The animals are unharmed, they’re let go in the wild. Excellent! So people can rest
easy that they don’t have a problem anymore and that animals gotta chance. Right! We are not destroying the animal once we leave your property. We are taking it to different locations and
then let it go! Colton, now that the animal has been
removed the immediate concern is dealt with but what about the damage that’s been
left behind? Right, the the aftermath of that problem is
what did they do in the attic? Did they damage the installation? Did they chew wires? That’s something that we take care of as well! We’ll go in and clean out the soiled
insulation, clean down the surfaces and sanitize and deodorize and then we
actually offer the service to blow insulation back in using a TAP
insulation. It’s an installation with outstanding
values that we can apply and control the R value
that we put back into the attic. The problem has been dealt with, the
animal is gone, but they got in here once what’s going to
keep them from coming back? All of our exclusion or comes with a one
year guarantee and that is something that you can
actually extend beyond. It is what separates us from another company or another person
doing the same type of work! Colton, what we’ve learned is that Modern
Pest Services is providing peace of mind. We provide a
professional Wildlife Service and solution for homeowners and
businesses to help them minimize property damage
and health risk!

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