14 thoughts on “MODEL: Lego technic Snow groomer

  1. @Zblj1987 I've tried rc motors with pf, cause my rc-unit is broken so I can just drive backwords. the overload protection in in ir receiver drop out when is to mush load.
    But i love my Ripsaw truck with xl-motors which can drive xl-speed in snow and can climb with some help from MOC; I have mount the heavy batterybox to some rails, and by using some small wheels I can move it forward or backwards, you'll see when post the video tomorrow

  2. do you know how to make a fast snow groomer/tank? I tried today with the train motor but its so weak, and pf cant handle the rc motors. I was looking for a speed around 10 km/t, to get the vehicle fly a bit on the snow instead of sinking into it.
    (I can use the rechargeable battery to get it lighter)

  3. @Zblj1987 hehe, no not really.
    Something about wheels and bionicle, but there's no wheels from a bionicle set in your model. We can hope he will repeat in english

  4. Hi Zblj1987,

    You should show Lego this and some of your other stuff.
    They do not take many pieces to build them and, they look good and are not too large! Ideal for say, not this Xmas but, a next Xmas morning build!

    Take care and have a great holiday!


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