Mo The Cat Visits His Dog Neighbor Cricket Every Day | Animal Videos For Kids

Mo the cat is obsessed with his next door neighbor. A dog! Named Cricket. Who kinda looks like a mop! If Mo hears Cricket come outside, he runs to be with her. He’s like, “Forget my food, forget my toys! I want to be with Cricket!” They’re lucky they live next door, because these two are crazy about each other. And definitely Best. Animal. Friends. Mo and Cricket have the best dog-cat connection. It all started when Cricket would take walks around the neighborhood. Mo was super curious about his neighbor, who really does look like a mop. So, one day he decided to say “Hi!” Turns out, Cricket was curious about Mo, too! She’d just been a little shy. But was so excited to finally meet him! They’ve been friends ever since. Maybe they like each other a little too much, now. Because whenever Cricket’s out with his family, Mo will just show up! He comes from out of nowhere to say “Hi!” Sometimes, he’ll walk right into Cricket’s house! Cricket really likes it when Mo visits. And doesn’t mind that he just makes himself at home. On the couch, table or even at Cricket’s food bowl. Because when next door neighbor, Mo, comes to play, it means it’s time to get into trouble. They really like causing mayhem in the backyard. Where Cricket doesn’t need a leash to run around. And there are trees for Mo to climb. And interesting tables to hide under. And bushes to scratch their furry backs! Once, they found a giant cage! Wait, how did you get in there, Mo? Cricket, let him out! If they’re feeling lazy, they’ll just hang out inside and have staring contests! Or tell each other their secrets under the couch. This one time, Mo got into a box and would NOT get out. It drove Cricket crazy! “Get outta that box, Mo! Mo! GET OUTTA THE BOX!” But best friends always make up in the end. Mo and Cricket take every chance to be together. If Mo comes by and Cricket’s not home, he’ll wait for her on the porch. Or at their secret meeting spot — the fence! Sometimes Mo will wait for hours. But Cricket always shows up. Because a best friend never leaves a best friend hanging. Especially not these neighbors. Who love each other with their whole furry hearts. You know, that’s what makes them… Best. Animal. Friends.

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