Mitt Romney: Protect Big Oil, Fire Big Bird

The bird’s the word. Big bird has been caught in a presidential crossfire. Coming out of last night’s debate a lot of people are just thinking about Big Bird’s lack of job security. I’m going to stop the subsidies to PBS, I’m going to stop other things. I like PBS. I love Big Bird He loves Big Bird so much, he wants to fire him. Look at this sad face behind me. Awwww It was one of the few memorable moments of the debate and everybody jumped on it. Turns out lots of people love Big Bird, and Romney’s promise really set them off. “I’m glad to be the way I am. So glad to be the way I am.” The mere mention of cutting funds to Big Bird sent the social media world into high gear. The term Big Bird generated about 17,000 tweets every minute. Can you tell me how to the unemployment line? Organizing a million muppet march against Mitt. Today is brought to you by the letter U for Unemployed. One viewer tweeting, “I worked with Big Bird. I served with Big Bird. You, sir, are no Big Bird.” I love Big Bird. Really? While the idea of cutting government always appeals, when you start talking about programs that people like they start to get really twitchy. There are a lot of people in this country don’t have cable television. They can’t afford it. And, so, you know, many of these families may not have books. So that’s the point that you hear PBS making. Which is, for many kids, particularly young kids from low income families, Sesame Street is where they get their first introduction to things like phonics, and the alphabet, and the numbers, and so forth. Firing Big Bird is not going to close the gaps in the numbers he’s talking about. PBS says what they receive is less that a hundredth of a percentage point of the federal budget. The fact is, Governor Romney’s math just doesn’t add up. The math doesn’t add up? Hmmmm Maybe Mr. Romney needs a little Sesame Street.

100 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: Protect Big Oil, Fire Big Bird

  1. Agreed- we need to slowly ease out of those big subsidies, but PBS can survive w.o the gov. subsidies so I think we should ease out of that one too.

  2. Of all the things he rehearsed he messed with the wrong fucking thing.Even a dunce knows this program has no impact on the federal deficit.You just scared some republicans over to the democrat side you fool.

  3. He is right about gas going up if we stop the subsidies to Oil. The government would just need to hold them responsible when they try to raise it unreasonable amount. I don't know why we even argue about subsides though. As much as I would like to see them end, the only ones that are truly in danger are ones like PBS. There isn't enough big money behind them to have politicians in their pockets to stop them. It's a sad world we live in, that is the only thing I'm sure of nowadays.

  4. Cut out proven educational programming to save a tiny amount of money. Real smart way to invest in the future of your country, Romney.

  5. Your budgets show your priorities. When you prefer to cut funding for things like PBS and things that actually EDUCATE our kids than remove tax subsidies for oil corporations and huge companies then you're sadly misguided. I would hate to see what a Romney America would look like. It's not like he'd stay here anyway. After he and his croonies screw the country over, they'd take their money and go live in the Cayman Islands while we all suffer from their policies.

  6. But he doesn't want to cut unnecessary subsidies to the oil companies. Romney's priorities are only to himself and his fellow cash cows. Nothing else.

  7. How is it that people overlook the fact were in debt. Think of it on a smaller scale, as a family you have a job that pays x ammount of money, the bills like food, water, power, cable, cars, and vacations cost y. If y is more then x then something has to go till there even or y is lower. America spends more then we make, and every penny counts till were out of debt

  8. yep that what going to happen but more likely everyone will go and kill him when he screw american off and sale to china he that type of guy

  9. Too bad Obama is merely a puppet for bankers and corporations and that goes for the rest of the politicians including Romney.

  10. Before Romney was a Governor, he was a businessman.
    Before Obama was the President, or a Senator, he was a community organizer.

    Romney will never be half the politician that Obama will ever be. Romney is the hope and change we need.

  11. Man you're a fucking idiot. It was a name drop during the debate. It was meant to lighten the mood and catch the people's attention and that's exactly what it did. Obviously the fucking moron you are can't grasp the concept that while government programs can be wonderful, is it necessary to keep borrowing billions from China to pay for them?

  12. Is not being able to read or listen responsibly the best you've got?

    Romney cannot shut down PBS. No single person can. Remember, it's backed by 'viewers like you'; private citizens. It would take either the re-introduction of the Fairness Doctrine or a sudden, massive withdrawal of private support to take it off the air.

  13. And the left has done exactly the same with social programs and military reversed, except that the right hasn't been labeling any opposition as racism to defuse criticism rather than having to answer it.

  14. "he promised change" Of course he did and so does almost every other politician on the face of the planet."stupid kids" yet you're supporting Romney who is the puppet of the same people that pull the strings of Obama.

  15. If this economy collapses, along with a weak defense, I think Sesame Street is going to be the last of anyone's concerns. Get your priorities straight people. Not to mention how much cash are the Sesame Street folks racking in on merchandising? Sales for Elmo product alone would probably cover any government subsidies that may or may not be removed. Trillions in debt, the mideast and Europe on the verge of imploding and you people are worried about Sesame Street. The dumbing down of America.

  16. Will Romney fire BigBird? That won’t happen. State funding, gifts and sponsors cover costs for BigBird. What will happen, if we keep recklessly borrowing from the Chinese? Interest costs on $16 Trillion dollars will rise forcing higher taxes and cut services. Inflation will follow. Prices on food, shelter, gasoline, etc. will burden and "bury" the middle class and poor. In '08 Obama promised to cut deficits, but he has done the opposite. Why trust him again? We need change! Romney can bring it.

  17. Funny you should mention "Defense". We spend more on the military than most of the rest of the world *combined*, and the support for PBS amounts to spitting in the ocean into comparison. To say nothing of our unnecessary subsidies to for-profit corporations. We should cut *those* before we mess with things like PBS.

  18. you really think Romney is the solution? look back at his record while governor of Mass, the man made the same sales pitch calling himself the job./economy candidate and he was a total failure, receiving the highest disaproval ratings in his last years as governor. During the debate Romney said he whould lower taxes for the middle class, but back in the GOP race he said he whould lower taxes for everyone(including the 1% who dont need it) and yet he LIED when Obama asked him about the 1%

  19. republicans are also allergic too PBS and non profit organisations like Sesame street…non-profit is not a term in the republican dictionnary

  20. when Romney is defeated on nov 6th someone should play the Sesame Street song when he gives his concession speech…."sunny day, sleep enough, clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet, can you tell me how too get how to get too Sesame street"….goodbye Mittens

  21. Hell, if Big Bird was real I would ring his neck and bleed him dry…same goes for Mickey Mouse kill the little piece of crap or maybe just skin him alive m/ !!

  22. O my god,is this what america is cring about?"dont vote rommney, vote big bird"?realy?grow up its not the end of the world,if he gets elected there just gonna somehow get it on another channel who wouldnt adopt seseme street,now i dont know about you but im sick obama,what good has he done? Sure done bad for te this coutry,god this isnt voting for the hottest celebrity ITS VOTING FOR PRESIDENT GROW UP!!!

  23. Big Bird wouldn't loose his job if federal funding for PBS stopped! Sesame Street alone makes enough money from merchandise sales to fund PBS. If G4 can stay on the air playing reruns of Ninja Warrior, and loosing Olivia Munn, then PBS can make it without tax payers dollars. No matter who is President!

  24. Dear Usa100mph: They said 1/100th of 1 percent, not 1/10th of "America's budget." I'm not sure if they get into fractions and percentages on Sesame Street, but since it probably wasn't must-see-tv at your house, I'm going to guess your math skills come from somewhere else 🙂 A penny saved is indeed a penny earned.

  25. Sesame Street already gets its money from "sponsors like you". . .so what's the big deal?

    Besides, Big Bird should be happy about Romney because his stupid & fake yellow feathered hide is made from oil based materials. In fact the whole show would be impossible without all the materials & products they use which are derived from oil and made with oil based materials.

    No oil companies = No Sesame Street

  26. Put aside the fact that Big Bird isn't going anywhere. If u people are so concerned about your children learning the basics of education why don't you get off your lazy asses and teach them yourselves as opposed to plopping them in front of the dumb box? How many of you have actually contributed donations to PBS? Typical liberal attitude. Gimmie, gimmie, let someone else do the work.

  27. So you're going 2 tell me Sesame Street is a nonprofit org? Well we both know that's not the case so based on your logic we're providing unnecessary subsidies 2 a 4 profit org. This isn't about Sesame Street, It's about Obama appealing 2 a moronic class of voters with "Romney hates Big Bird" ads instead of addressing real issues.PBS is a providing the biggest free commercial in the history of television in order 2 sell a crapload of merchandise 4 the late Jim Henson's estate. Evil capitalist.

  28. This ad just shows how empty the Democrat message is. I'm really glad this ad came out and got as much attention as it did.
    People now have a clearer choice between a political party that wants to fix the economy, and another party that claims that puppets can't work without taxpayers money.
    Big Bird and the Sesame street brand are worth millions and can easily survive without the Government.

  29. See, if Big Bird own some oil fields Romney wouldn't cut PBS programs but because it doesn't it taking up tax dollars and it not benefiting the rich and the wealthy so cut Educational Public Television that help parents across country with there children yeah that smart of him and while he at it cut social security people that work there whole life and earn that goose egg they don't need it (LOL) so you guy think this A-hole give a damn about the working class think again 4yrs more with Obama

  30. When did he say he was 'firing' Big Bird? All I heard was that he liked him and was going to lower his 8 million dollar budget.

    Of course this wouldn't be an issue judging that 200 million dollars are generated by Sesame Street.

  31. The fact that the left is making this whole Big Bird thing one of their main campaign messages shows how desperate they really are. If the government were to cut all funding of CTW as of now, they would still make 122 million annually. Not only that, Romney has confirmed that it is likely he will not cut ALL funding.

  32. You speak like a true democrat. Always thinking that it's aaall about oil and the evil rich.

    Learn some facts before make your weak claims.

  33. What a joke. I agree with Romney, we are an independent country, I heard him saying we won't borrow money from China and such, we are independent and free, all you people have to do is work hard and earn your way! If you've seen the last 4 years you'd have a clue. Just save up for books and such, sheesh

  34. This is downright sad, come on news media. I know most of your viewers are total dumbasses, but you guys can do better than this.

    Let's throw all desire to see one man win the election over the other out the window for a moment, and just listen to this video. It's ridiculous. Gross exaggeration of a single phrase without context, as well the complete distortion of the meaning of a subsidy.

    This kind of titled, obnoxious, and immature journalism makes me outright embarrassed for my country.

  35. So you a fan of GOP that good cause so when your GOP friends allow rich owner to move there company and get more tax brake for sending your job oversea just remember to thank them for put u the unemployment line while you and your friends defend their policy and also it always about the rich and what they want so if you believe it not then I need to come la la land smoke or drink what you are drinking or smoking (LOL)

  36. It was a trick argument. In 1981 the federal government withdrew funding from Sasame Street. PBS and Big Bird are now 2 seperate things. Most of big birds income comes from selling stuffed toys, educational games and licensing. The other issue is this, if Sasame Street is so great, why then are more kids failing school? Why are more college students in need of remedial education before entering college. Is PBS a big failure? OR is our inept government to blame?

  37. Media malpractice. Lol. Who cares about left to right wing. No president will ever help us. It saddens me to see a socialist as our president though. Lol at obama care

  38. It's a public educational channel. If it's gone, lots of poor families won't have it at all even if it is picked up by cable tv channels. It's a very tiny spec of money compared to big problems being ignored.

  39. Tax the richer. Socialist move. Why should a person who goes through medical school to become a doctor have to pay more taxes for the people who are too lazy to work themselves. Poor class is reaping the benefits, middle class is getting crapped on, and the rich are paying too much taxes. Tell me that's not socialist

  40. FEMA has the authority to against our constitutional rights now in case of an emergency. And democrats say my body, I can do whatever I want. Too bad now. Your rights are in jeopardy

  41. PBS is one of the few good TV channels out there and often is the only educational TV many kids get.
    I say like NASA funding it's money well spent since the return is so much more then the cost.

  42. It's not the fucking point, and stop using the poor as a tool to push the idea of more Government spending.
    Way too many people in the US are hooked on taxpayers money, and this has to stop.
    There would be a lot less poverty in the US if the federal Government wasn't seen as some benevolent saviour that is the first point of call for any problem.
    The so called 'poor' in the US need to get off their ass, and get a productive job. Yes, even if that means doing unpaid work experience for a while.

  43. Yes, it is the point. Look at spending between our empire we are building within other countries, compared to what we spend on our poor. Whom either have no work, ( you want them to work for free? Haha!) or just can't work. Yes it sucks, but there are people with mental illness, sickness, age, and handicaps. We don't live in a society that tosses them aside. Yes. There are people who abuse it. That does not mean the poor should work for free, and the unfit are shit out of luck.

  44. so what if he is cancelling seaseme street! they get so MUCH money anyway that they could run it privatley without stealing the governments money! Romney is actually gonna DO not HOPE like Obama did four years ago!

  45. Welfare, Medicare & Medicaid are bigger than the entire defence department. The so called 'unfit' are in 90% of cases just lazy, and are encouraged by the system to stay this way.
    See for yourself: /watch?v=ST8i2QmrXeY (hardly a 'conservative' show)

  46. If Willard Romney wants to cut funding for the CPB, fine. And while we're at it let's eliminate all the other corporate welfare! No more charity for billionaires!

  47. I would vote for Romney but….he's a corporate douche who doesn't give a damn about Americans hiis running mate is an young arrogant douche.

  48. In Portland Illinois Romney run Bane capital again brings another company prosperity and record profits only to harvest it and force American workers to train Asians in their place, than wrap up the companies assets and ships it across the world to china, because it's not enough to make record profits, its more important to be a capitalist than to see Americans prosper. If more Corporations take up this business model than the middle-class will be a dwindling species on the American landscape.

  49. He gave it as an example of Government spending, one of many that's not necessary.
    Not as a major issue that needs to be addressed.

  50. Did you know that the PBS subsidy attributes 1/100th of 1% to our debt? Moreover, less than 12% of PBS is gov funded."PBS is brought to you from viewers like you," remember? Yes the CEO makes too much money if you think that's a problem then why would you consider Romny? You think he's going to tell the CEO's of the nation to be ethical in business matters? .What about the potential TRILLIONS Rom will add with tax cuts and pointless military spending? But who needs educational programs right?

  51. But really who would want big bird to go away didnt most of us grow up with him, you politicans are stealing our money and they are using them for their needs.

  52. Mitt romney is a mormon why dont you research what mormons believe in. they believe that black people are cursed and they want nothing to do with them. Also Mittromney is a loser big head frankein stein looking, no intelligence, no strategy moron. He wants to go back to what President bush did. Well he's not getting my vote. OBAMA FOR 2012 ELECT!!!

  53. Romney wants the exact opposite of Bush. Obama adopted ALL of Bush's policies and didn't change even one.
    Romney has promised to do the exact opposite. He wants to LET the private sector create jobs, instead of hiring more Government staff. He wants to open up local oil drilling operations in the US instead of funding them in Brazil.
    If you want a new job, or if you just want to keep your existing one – Romney would be a much better choice.

  54. He's dumb! I grew up with Pbs! Barney, Dragon Tales, Arthur, clifford the big red dog and so much more and kids now days needs to watch pbs instead of disney channel! I love Disney but Pbs is for little kids

  55. Just because you are poor doesn't mean you are lazy. . .We, in America, live in a society that forces people into poverty. Structural functionalism is what it is called by sociologist.

  56. This is so ridiculous, only this shitty pop journalism would take ONE aspect of the candidate's speech (the cutting funds for PBS) and spend such a preposterous amount of time talking about it

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