MIREADY presents: Pet Preparedness

hi I'm Cooper and I'm a preparedness extraordinary well I should say my humans are the extraordinary z' meet Noah and Kara they're my humans they talked to me about disasters emergencies and having a plan for me I know they want to protect me just like I protect them one day my humans have an idea to build a pet preparedness kit to better understand what we need to do in a disaster and how we can be more prepared let's ask Noah and Kira to explain what's in the kit hi friends no one ki are here to talk about a preparedness our pets are part of our family and it's important for you to have a plan and I kit for them in the event of an emergency you build this kit for Cooper because everything he would need if we had to leave in a hurry to build your pet preparedness kit you need to start with a large tote a three-day supply of pet food and water remember check expiration dates or place food as expires don't forget a food bowl keep a three-day supply of any medicines your pet mania first-aid kit is always handy in case of a minor injury to your pet collar with tags and an extra dish a toy block tree or a blanket it's always important for them to feel safe even in a stressful situation have trash bags disinfectant wipes and proper items to clean up after your bag a picture of you with your pet in case you get separated this will all of having proper name tags and contact information to make sure you or me read it in a timely manner and don't forget the kennel – most pets their kennel is a safe song so it's important to keep things with them that will help with the transition so now you have the kit but what is your plan it's important to think about where where you will take your pet see can you and your pets stay with family well a local hotel allow you to bring a pet if they have to be left behind you know all the steps you need to make sure they are safe and secure these are things to think about before a disaster make sure to talk to your family about your plan for more information about building a kit for your pet and family visit www.michigan.gov/mstep

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