Previously Mom! Are you okay? What happened? Chat Noir was akumatized! And to think I liked him better than Luka! Mom… Mrs. Cheng? Stay back! You hurt my daughter! He hurt me too… Oh. Yeah. Mom— You will never go near my daughter again! MOM! I should’ve been akumatized! He sacrificed himself instead! He’s not the villain here. Thank you. If you’ll excuse me, I must head to school. Luka— Your parents are very kind, Marinette. They’re the best. How about you? Does a superhero like you have super parents? Chat? Did I say something wrong? No, no… It’s a long story. I’ll take you to school. Ugh! Adrikins won’t believe that Marinette is evil! It’s ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous! I’ll see you later, mon cherie. Chat… Not now. Thank you for the ride. Poor Chat Noir. Dumped by a high school girl. How sad. Claws in. So you’re really dating Chat Noir? What? No! Chat Noir and I are… Just friends. I thought you liked him? I did, but… I just don’t think we’d be a good couple. WAHHHH Mr. Agreste, please go to your seat. Eh?! What’s the meaning of this? Come. Hey lover boy! Are you trying to pick a fight, Chat Noir? Hey! Only I can make puns! This is a catastrophe! I think it’s time for you to go. Where’s that music… Coming from? Luka?! L’amoureux I should’ve known you’d be akumatized! But your music… Remarkable? … Stop… The music tells you how to feel. Listen. I’ll call for you later, mon amour. Luka. How does it feel? to be helpless? I feel like you. It’s a good thing I’m not heartless. If I was, my music would be horrible. But I think having a heart is good, don’t you? Not if you stop others from listening to their own. Oh, poor little Chat Noir. To be defeated by the person he thought would never hurt him. What are you talking about? Come here, sweetheart. S—Sweetheart? Marinette?! Luka. Beautiful, isn’t she? Too bad she’s mine. You call brainwashing someone your lover?! Love always prevails. This isn’t love! Mari? Yes, Luka? I’amourex You’ll always be my Luka. My Mari, Finish him. I’ll take his Miraculous afterwards. Yes. Mari— Anything you’d like to say, Mari? I never loved you, Chat Noir. It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not— How about you, Chat Noir? Any last words? No? Oh well. Now, Mon Cherie. NO!!!

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