Previously. I’m perfectly fine on my own! Good day, Dupain-Cheng. Okay. But I’m here if you need me. Marinette! What happened this time? Did Adrien do anything to you? No, we just talked. Marinette. I changed my mind. Come with me. Mari— Adrien! What? Where are you even taking me? Do you ever stop asking questions? Luka and I were still talking! Who cares? I do! Ok look, I’m sorry. I just— … I don’t really know why I’m angry when you’re with him. So? Never mind. You know, Nino told me something yesterday. We used to play video games together? Yeah. So… Do you want to come to my house and play? Is he regaining his memory? Uh… It’s okay if you don’t want to. No! I mean, no as in yes I’ll go. No to your question if I don’t want to go— Marinette. Let’s go then. Father. Who’s this? Your girlfriend is the one who got you into an accident— No, Father. Marinette’s just a friend. He’ll never forget that… Let’s go. I win! No fair! I demand a rematch! I win again! You cheated. NO!!!! You’re a really good gamer, Marinette. You too! No, I lost every time. You were really close to winning though! I’m just really lucky. It’s nice that you’re going back to how you used to be. Uh, do you want to eat? But not here. My father’s too boring. Sure, I guess. Nino! Dude! I’m surprised to see you and Marinette together. Didn’t you say she’s good at playing video games? I invited her over to see if it was true. And what about Lila? Nino! Don’t say bad words. Sorry, Adrien. It’s okay. So where are you guys going after? Anyone up to watching a movie? I’m in! I’ll go too! I’ll go… Marinette? Why are you crying? That was such a good movie! That was fun! Right, Nino? Oh, right! Hey Adrien! You and Marinette are getting really close~ I’m just surprised that you guys are fun to hang out with. Are you kidding? We always hung out together! Well, I’ve got to go. I’m glad you’re okay now. Nino! What? Kiss her goodnight! Why would I do that? Remember? Oh, right. Now it’s your turn, Adrien! We’ll go now. Alya… Sorry about that. You don’t have to— A—Adrien? Good night, Marinette. What is it now, Chloe? Did Adrien tell you where he was yesterday? No. Wasn’t he at home? He was with Marinette Dupain-Cheng! He’d tell his girlfriend where he was, wouldn’t he? Liar! He must’ve sent a text or… Lila? What’s going on here? It’s Chloe! She’s bullying me! What?! That’s a lie! Sorry about this, Chloe. Adrien?! You’re on her side?! Let’s just go, Lila. ADRIEN! Why would you do that?! I’m your girlfriend! Do you trust Chloe more than you trust me? Stop lying, Lila. I’m not lying! This isn’t going anywhere. I’m sorry, Lila. But I’m breaking up with you. NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! UGH!!!

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