ADRIEN! Where did that… … Come from? Adrien. What are you still doing here? What do you mean? Do you really want me to change my mind? It’s your first day of school, is it not? Right! Your bodyguard is waiting in the car. Thank you, Father. I was foolish not to let him go. After all, It’ll be much easier to carry out my plan with him away at school. Please… Help… Thank you, young man. Please be careful, sir Wow, Dupain-Cheng. Arrived early for once? New year, new you? Stop laughing. Shut up, Sabrina. It’s clear SOMEONE hasn’t grown at all. What did you just say? I said, Clearly YOU haven’t changed. Your insults get boring. Get back here you— Sorry I’m late— I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to— Watch where you’re going. Adri— Quiet. Yo dude. Are you okay? I’m fine. It’s unfortunate, though. I ruined that girl’s day. Who is she, anyway? That was Marinette. By the way, I’m Nino. I’m Adrien. I know. We all do. Nice to meet you, then. Where do you wanna eat bro? You go on ahead. I’ll catch up. She still seems angry… … Marinette? How do you know my name? I asked a friend. I… … Wanted to talk to you about earlier. I really am sorry. If there’s anything I can do to make it up to you— Mistakes cannot be fixed through favours. What’s done is done. And if you expect me to forget, Don’t Adrien Agreste?! That’ me. Sorry I overheard your conversation. it’s fine. I couldn’t help her at all, anyway. Why? Do you like her? No, no! It’s not like that. I just needed to apologize for something. I can see your future… What? What future? You’ll see… That guy has some nerve. As if an ice cream or bracelet could fix everything. I smell anger. You’d be a delicious meal… … Served cold. So… Cold… Now… Why don’t we find some appetizers? You know, I’ve always dreamed of seeing a real life — What are you looking at— Marinette! You need to see this. So some old lady captured Marinette? And turned her into an ice cube. That’s some villain. That’s not just a villain. That’s a super-villain. This is all my fault… Adrien! You’re following him? This is how every superhero story stats! Adrien! Miss? It’s not safe out here, You should go back inside— Don’t be silly! Hurry, lets find some radioactive spiders to bite you! Miss, I don’t think that’s how it works— Sorry, guys. You won’t have much luck finding one today. Aw, man! He beat us to it. It’s okay. I’m not the spider-man type, anyway. But thank you for the trouble. It’d be best for you to help out our classmates. Alright. A jewelry box? How odd… A fliying cat?! Hi. The name’s Plagg. And I’m your— omg did i free you. do I ger three wishes now. No. Adrien. I’m your kwami. … Kwami? Creatures that gives you superpowers. Your is the power of destruction. And you have to save Paris! I’ll make this quick: Inside an object is an akuma. Destroy it. And don’t ever tell anyone your identity. Okay… Plagg, Claws Out! Sweet! That’s right… Give in. Soon you’ll be well-cooked. I don’t think humans would be very good ice cream. Why, a cat! You seem quite the snack… What in the — You’re in for a treat. The akuma must be in here… You’re quite the fighter… Cataclysm! What happened? You were a bit excited earlier. But don’t worry. Mar— Plagg said I can’t reveal my identity… Miss. Are you alright? it’s a bit… … Chilly. You’re a student, right? I’ll take you back to school. … … Thank you. You’re amazing… Of course. Thank you, again. But if I may ask… Who are you? Hmm… I feel like I’ve seen you before. I’m… … Chat Noir. Thank you, Chat Noir. It’s no problem, really— Marinette! Are you alright?

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