Comming Soon to Seym_DNA Where are the others? There’s no time… He’s coming. You two go— No. I won’t leave without you! You and Olivia should escape, we don’t have much time! I’ll wait for you. Be careful. Go! Rosa! Please… Keep her safe. I love you, my darling. Now go. Oh, you poor animal. It’s such a shame that you all have to… DIE! You monsters will NEVER get rid of our kind. Previously… Aren’t they a couple? A couple…? Marinette? I have to go. Why?! Why can’t I just love Chat Noir? Why Adrien? Greetings, Marrynette. I am Hawkmoth, and today is your wedding day. You wil marry Adrien Agreste, In exchange for Chat Noir and Lady bug’s miraculouses. Yes, Hawkmoth. What’s wrong Adrien? Something’s not right. Marinette isn’t here. You don’t need Marinette. Unlike that girl, I’m here. It’s just strange… Marinette would never miss out on a party— Of course I wouldn’t, My Adrien. Go— You and Kagami? A couple? Hilarious. Marinette— What in the— This is our wedding venue. Do you like it? Mari, please— Hush, my dariling. Sorry about this. Be patient, my love. The guests will be here soon. Have any of you seen Lila Rossi? No? Disappointing. Where is that witch? Paris is so annoying. It’s not even midnight yet, And they’re already lighting up the fireworks? These aren’t fireworks. You’re invited to my wedding. Be grateful, Kagami. I’m not tossing you into the ocean. But I will do this. I won’t allow improperly dressed guests on my wedding day! WEDDING DAY?! Of course! Why? Do you not like the idea? No! O-Of course not! This is all my fault, Plagg. Of course seeing me with Kagami hurt her feelings… I should’ve come to her right away. I should’ve told her the truth. Well, it’s too late now. But it’s not too late to save Paris. Plagg, Claws Out! CATACLYSM! You were a monster. A threat to Adrien and me. But now? You are NOTHING. Almost useless. Except for one thing… Please! I’ll do anything! I am in need of a ring bearer… Lovely! My bridesmaids are here! Apologies for taking so long— Adrien?! Where is Adrien?! I don’t— I don’t know! LIAR! Was I not invited? Chat Noir. What are you doing here? We broke up. Did YOU free my groom? I can’t stand the sight of you with him. How DARE you?! Everyone run! It was a trick! Chat Noir distracted you so the guests could escape! Destroy him! I made the right decision to break up with you. It’s clear that you care about those girls more than you ever cared for me. You’re wrong. This isn’t you, Marinette. My name is Marrynette, now You are nothing but my ex, Chat. Snap out of it! Where. Is. ADRIEN?! I can’t tell you. I promised. What are you waiting for? Take his Miraculous! Could you SHUT UP? I need my Adrien, and I’m going to get him. Please… M’lady…. STOP CALLING ME THAT! I’m not your lady anymore. TIKKI! No… SPOTS ON! You’re Ladybug?!

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