Just when I think I’m done with this, there’s another one.. ANOTHER ONE. another one.. ANOTHER ONE.. JJ has now released a diss track, and it is called TWO BIRDS ONE STONE Now, I can guess who one of them is and looking at the tags I can guess who both of them are. Now I got a lot of tweets asking me to react to this sooooo I-i.. ha.. I have to do it. You guys know I love me a good diss track But JJ, the stage is yours. It’s time to fire back I mean Harry went pretty in last time All right, e-enough of that. JJ went in as well so it’s JJ’s turn to go back. Let’s go. JJ, do it! Do da ting Oooh Oooh Oh wait! That’s where he went th- uh.. a day or two ago, JJ disappeared I had no idea where he was. Sorry lets- Let’s continue. If there are any girls out there interested okay, JJ gets excited when you touch his neck Look, I mean look at his face.. LOOK aah he loves that He loves that. He’s like a cat Go JJ! It’s your birthday Oooh Ooh he’s got a little chorus in here OOOHHH Okay-okay Okay, especially this line *reads line* This is all about Weller so far Okay, so he’s called him Popeye I mean Harry does like Spinach, but NO, that’s Weller. Oh shit. Yep. Weller! Oooh I’m sorry to stop it again Look, watch his hat here, okay.. Wa-watch the sticker. Look at the glow move across Look.. OWHH! That’s how it makes me feel… that’s how it makes me feel. Ohh shhhiiit OOHHH *giggles* ohhh shit I think that’s we.. I think that’s Weller done you know? I think Weller has been finished there. Is he gonna go into Harry now? Is that? That… That’s at Harry now. I mean I don’t have any problem with Joe either but.. Fuckin’ ‘ell, JJ Day added.. no let’s go to Most Popular What is the most popular? His most popular …… Has he changed the thumbnail? ALL RIGHT! Okay, no. That must’ve hit him hard then. ALL RIGHT! Onto Harry’s turn! Okay This is the bit that was on his Snapchat Oh my God More… more… MOREEEEHOHOHOHAOOOOOOO *silent “huh”* HAHAHAHAHAHA AAAHHMMYYGODDD Ooooooh Wait… why is there a GT-R? OH! I thought it was Ethan! *reads line* Mad.. maaaad Nissan- Oh my- I don’t know what to say! Imma just let JJ do his ting. I- Imma just let JJ carry on Okay, well, I mean JJ could have said what he was talking about here; when he says *reads line* So JJ has now tweeted this, okay? I’m sorry, but that’s… that’s bad! Oooh Oh this.. I didn’t know this was part of the chorus Man, you know I’ve never snorted coke in my life and I never lost my virginity to a prostitute and my bro don’t have two kids. Harry, you’re a lying c*nt. F*ck yourself, bro Uhhhh, well uh.. ha ha hahaahmmmm Yeah.. hihihiyeaaah JJ, bloody hell But I want to see how the others rea- how Joe and how Harry reply to this I think Joe already has All right, well that’s all for the reaction today. JJ killed it. Well done. Well done. You guys decide who wins realistically at the end of the day Whether Harry won, whether JJ won Whether Deji is awful No, we all agree on that I don’t know, lemme know what you guys think in the comments down below. Thank you guys for watching aaand PEEEAAACEEEE No more diss tracks, please PEACE!

100 thoughts on “MINIMINTER REACTS TO KSI – Two Birds One Stone

  1. Ja sam iz srbije auuu ksi iz afrike omg i am from serbia just so you know im relly good at talking inglish!!!

  2. When u watch the whole 4 minute ad for Simon ❤️ jk it's cause it was the spiderman trailer but also for Simon

  3. Anyone else understand the part where he was talking about brain kids and the popeye in the opposite means that he was banging Weller’s main chick will he was in the other room is not true

  4. Watched this hole saga over again randomly its pretty entertaining this was a good time I think jj and Harry was a tie Harry's disstrack for sheer lines no fucks given and comedy beats all of jjs hoever the rest were not as good as jjs so tie

  5. Who knew then that in one year exactly it would be the biggest internet event in history and be A FUCKING DRAW(yep,still pissed)

  6. Technically KSI should have titled the vid, Three birds one stone, because in the same vid he also screamt out the fact that Ezekiel's a thief.

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