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hey hey hey you guys whoo let's get started I have a client pick up real fast I can't wait to see didi give us a second here hey girlfriend what are you okay with what I did no I I did a full groom to Bart I took off like everything's eaten up all over I did very minimal knee movement okay I could see like boom like it was discipline yeah so I was just like I don't want to touch it Yeah right so I recall you minute it'll go but it'll go on video like next week maybe or something like that we have anything new but you can see where I just really hands off yeah I like just going around stuff you can't tell what I knew now I'm really gentle as possible to call it some thingy nothing here I mean but even just moving at one time I was like or you could just see that oh oh this is why I don't want to do this so the blow dryer you know it was really strong so it would blow her leg like it would be like you know so I didn't want that's why I said hey let's skip it today because we've never skipped a blow dryer ever so just do that even thank you I'll get her out she's excited here mama no babies come on you can't tell both smoothies do before they run away they both pull their back you hurt himself just like okay thank you okay guys we're waiting on our mouse or client did you guys read the what's up man what's up you guys how you doing did you guys read the description of the video yeah and how many of you guys read the description kind of say yeah I did say yeah I did you could do the hands up thing like zero if you guys read the description no David said zero look it all done here okay there's 62 viewers how many likes do we have out there they make sure we smash to like fine if you don't know how to find a smash like button turn off your super check click the X you can always come back don't worry just turn your your device sideways or what not click the X smash the like button hit share send it to your Facebook say hey you guys watch it with me and then come back then you hit super chat and then you come back it's all real easy we just don't realize what's right in front of our eyeballs okay let me keep I'm just gonna kind of scan here happy Wednesday it was a literal first for me oh wait what's Kali Tuchman oh yeah Kali told me she got some heat oh gosh right okay I'm scanning click X hit like and click check Thank You Kaelyn read the description that's what I'm talking about alright so if you're watching the video and you're happy raise your hand if you're watching the video and you are in bed raise your hands no I'm just kidding alright so where are you guys at what state what country what time is it and what are you doing go you can write it down there I sound like a god what are you talking about mics on me I sound like a god like I guess it's like whoa I have I have that can you hear me now I don't understand man every time I turn around you started you changed something you have two mics on that's what you you know how like a god sounds like Oh like raw Germany it's almost 7:00 p.m. UK watching while in bed awesome Los Angeles California what's up LA Indiana sitting at my desk with my mini schnauzer Oh so we're about to groom a mini schnauzer if she brings cookie cookie when I was inventing the dog up stand and I used the dog up stand for like over a year before we started generating it right I believe in what I use and so I wouldn't want to sell you something I don't use right or that I feel like is a waste of money or time so if I'm like needing something and I invent it I think I've been telling you you need this thing so I use a dog UPS and the small dog up stand and at the time and we it was not a moving saddle and honestly I don't even think I need a moody moving saddle it's pretty cool that it moves okay here it is here's a saddle it moves like oh sorry not time so tighten it it'll move like a you know kind of do a pivot and so that's cool and everything but you don't see me always pivoted I mean the first original dog up stand didn't have that so when I was grooming cookie if she brings cookie I don't know she's gonna bring cookie or not cookie used to be on the dog up stand banner here but I put her in front now so she was the first dog up stand model if you want to say and she's a real dark cocoa color schnauzer and you've seen me groom her it would take almost two hours to groom her not because she was aggressive but because she would win for wine talk and run around on the table so much so there's a few things I did different with her I don't know that she's bringing cookie I'm just talking about her because she has three schnauzers read the description other videos I'm gonna try my best so I gotta give you guys some low downs each time I do a video now and then I still have to go back to the over thousand videos I have and really kind of clean up the description boxes I mean it's been it's been I'm busy I don't have time for this kind of stuff but it's part of business right you got to invest a little bit of time if you do a little bit of self in every day then you can finish up cleaning up stuff and cookie wood I decided hey every time cookie would come in we would try something new and so one time I said okay when you guys arrive she knows there are a different breed man they are really nosey they want to find rats in the backyard they want to dig up stuff and that's what they were bred to do they were bred to kind of look for stuff and I think they were bred to like go read I'm not like the expert on these on these things but I do know a little bit about everything you know how you feel like I know a little bit about that so she now sirs will dig up my worms and bugs I think they were bred to like dig up something dig up something go look go do your research so that's what they like to do right so she cookie would run the fence and just be wild okay and she has three schnauzers so cookies a little different so when they would arrive they're all hi mate and highlight not hi main is high-energy like oh my gosh and so cookie would come in just whining like whining the whole time barking she wouldn't nip she wouldn't be aggressive she was just a racehorse on the table if they could do that whole brisk walk thing it would be a whole lot better but it's just probably not gonna happen if you knew my clients you would know like oh yeah you know it's not gonna happen it is what it is so when I who did you bring mom you want me to go out there gear do you think good you can even put it right outside or I can go around with the back to the dumpster or work you wouldn't want to walk back there we'll take it for you okay no problem yes eyebrows okay everything else leaves eyebrows yeah everything else summer cutting nails down to the nuts skin okay got it same as Lilly right yeah okay great I am trying not to cause any excitement for cookie because okay I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna I'll be outside okay okie dokie okay good so what are the things that we used to do with cookies I would go out and get her out of the car and for that some reason that really worked I don't know why I don't know why but it really works so mom and dad dad has passed away mom and dad would wait outside in the car and read a book have a smoke of cigarettes a lot and it's like a lot that's their routine so I invented the dog ups and really a pervert cuz she after using the dog up stands her grooms went from two hours to 1 hour like down to 45 minutes if I worked quickly it was amazing so they've been she's been going through you know just um we go through life life happens doesn't it and you never know what's gonna happen and if you read the description you'll see me say you never know what life is gonna bring so take advantage of it and don't take it for granted I mean that made no sense but live your life don't take it for granted okay so we're gonna do it's been a minute she cancelled a mobile and so her dogs are overdue and there's little tangles happening here I can feel them you can't see them but you could see them if you used if you used a comb you can see that this is this is tangled up here and we are gonna do a seven or ten all over that's what we did on her other dog or other schnauzer last week if you guys saw that raise your hand say I saw that girl so now model walked her in today so I looked iris are you sure we're good so we'll see how she does right I'm gonna make sure what we did on Lily so let me look at the car go fast yeah we did at it all over seven chin shaved down we always Dremel the nails because of the parents age it helps not just it helps their skin and leave some eyebrow okay so ten all over seven chin that's what we did so I'm gonna do a ten all over here we go I'm using my and it's five-speed please pick them up with me at my favorite groomer calm we order straight from andis and I'm using a ten blade I'm using either an ultra head or ceramic cuz I'm gonna go through about six ten plays walleye groove and you want to have your sanitary coolant or whatever you want to call it disinfectant and I guess I'm not gonna do a before picture we took all this off on all the dogs okay great let's do this you see when I put that dog up stand another boy those grooms changed they just all change those amazing so I'm gonna do what I need to do while she's just kind of sitting here and you can do what you like to do in your group salon but it hurt the pet parent is telling me she just said it and reiterated everything off except for the eyebrows she really needs a low maintenance situation because of her scenario her home life right now you're trying to get on track and then we see them about every three months we do short hair cutting you can kind of come in about every three months you know that right that's funny I was talking about cookie guess who came in cookie some dogs that are moving around a lot you want to move quickly you don't want to be sitting here messing around so get to work fini [Applause] this is just a rough and I'm going to get all this hair off because I'm not going to want it afterwards we want to shave her down right so get all this hair off now and then we're going to go through it again then we're time anyway he's got a lot of little tiny knots underneath her hair here I can feel when as they tuck underneath you still really helps me all this out back here [Applause] [Applause] I liked it by piano if the dog is cooperating I like to get it right in the trash you know I mean it's just you know I used to bartend and like I didn't understand why people would like open a beer bottle and just throw it on the ground so they could spend like three hours cleaning it up after the end of the night I'm really wanting to keep kind of keep outsid as I can if possible [Applause] why make it harder for yourself to clean I used to work with people that would groom and just throw it all over the floor and then you have to do double work to clean it later why can't you just kind of keep it keep it up as you go it's already here the trash is already here you don't I mean just a little tiny effort to get it cut it in the trash to eliminate just having to clean up right now aren't you that kind of same way are you the same way thank you so much for some donations that's the reason why I am here should you are supporting me if you love watching my show and you want to come on more that's what keeps us away thank you so much thank you Callie she likes my scripts and our video awesome I'm gonna start trying to do that and I don't know if I didn't make it I'm not a hundred percent man I've got so much work you guys have no idea there's so much work I'm doing for one person and it's really hard you know I work you're really really late I work longer than anyone else that helps with my favorite groomer so it's a lot if there's a lot going on behind the scene can I just get a crew huh get a crew or people three of people one person doing editing one person taking phone calls one person grooming one person you know you need answering text messages one person answering Facebook one person answering Instagram one person answering one person packaging that's where I'm done like me and Anna but for me I'm definitely doing like 17 jobs it's a lot of work you guys have no idea keep going to Tim blades as we chitchat okay so your donations anyway go one way thank you so much so she's sitting down I'm going to come quickly down her back she doesn't need a stand at this point I will need her to stand in a minute but I'm going down you know through this like this she's going up down up down up down I'm gonna get this stand in there it doesn't need to lift her up or anything it just needs to help her understand that I need her stand up and there there is an object in a way and if she goes to sit it's in the way she's gonna be reminded as safe hood up so I can keep moving right so I can use both my hands to keep moving we use one hand to stretch the skin and move it around move your product click over there accord grab first girl and I mean use both hands long doing you nearly lose a lot either holding the dog up the whole time do you have some grooming you really lose a lot of time I bet you never realized how much time we waste until you start watching our videos right I'm all about like that every minute counts you could be going from in completely different if you just nip it the time that you're spending doing what you're doing wait if you're wasting any time so the client that just left I didn't show her because she's not feeling really well the pet client her name is Sadie she's an amazing dog she recently had ACL surgery on her left leg this is a client that just left and notice how she keeps sitting down right okay I'm on to my third 10-blade okay it's that these things are gonna get hot and it's up to you to have enough to go around like the time wise okay now she's sitting I'm doing her chest so this will be all good and dandy here see where we're at here I need a crew who wants to be in the crew how do you want to do the crew thanks Callie okay remember 10 all over seven ten DeeDee okay here we go ten down we'll come back afterwards the hair is pretty dirty I can feel it and we were a past-due so we're about a month past you I think maybe maybe maybe three weeks and I mean so once we get her bathed the hair even though as short as it is will be clean look at that she hasn't son yeah this America this is Schnauzer proof okay running around the grass digging up stuff and then when you got a team of challengers at your house they work together you guys who not Snyder's out there that they know you know what I'm talking about use the emoji if you know what I'm talking about using my favorite boomerang emoji go this is the only dog I'm going to Groo live for you right now so we're soon as we're done we're out of here make sure you say what you want to say ask what you want to ask support us right now don't wait till tomorrow support us today okay we see here and I have taken the trash out today that hair is full isn't it [Applause] okay I know right so we're gonna come and do a seven sever the ten ten have here how's your head kyo are you out there Sheila are you out there funny sermon are you out there my favorite people are you out there Melissa PE are you out there Ruby supervan are you out there superfan huge contributors love us the powwow in for us and save the day when you they need donations put those are super fans keep your fans I have their home address program in my phone so that if I'm on the road and I want to send them something I send them something huh moose tepee is there we move let's scroll down here you remember Barbie babes yeah welcome remember remember me czar paint on a member fee with YouTube part of that goes to YouTube part of it goes to us supports the channel shows YouTube that you love our channel and you're here supporting it that's what shows YouTube YouTube created that for creators like us I love the superfans Arturo are you out there I'm having fun with this out there thinking I feel like I'm at a concert radda here here in the ears I want to be careful of that flap in there though from the secret flap in there you can almost put a little dime in there and sit it there right you can almost put a little dime in there you say [Applause] I know it you got to give me this year though no heart stickers you got it we're making stickers for you what time I wake up and then you guys buy them I'm going to be upset you hear that if he does he has to sit there and make it it takes about an hour then we got a print on pay with the printing then we got to wait for him to get mail to us and by the way things mailed in the United States and excuse me things made in the United States take a lot longer to receive you would only know that if you're making something in the United States is why one day it's all gonna come back to our to the house one day it's they're all gonna come back home and remember the war stories when everything was made in the United States the bullets and everything what things have changed but I feel like it's gonna hit a reverse here real soon and then we're gonna actually find out how much how many people we don't have that have that knowledge still they're all gone we have a lot of real wake and it's happening I think what do you guys do degree answer the price are you out there who Thank You Angela bright okay didi you had it room here okay here it is Angela Brice I am loving our hand so I have one I have one here the salon two at home they're all open and ready for use I've been using them I'm really impressed to love the smell and thank you so much for making me feel so special and I was gonna reach out but I'm sorry I didn't but I thought about you all day Friday she said she was gonna come visit me but since I know she needs a new lung and she could only come down for the day I felt really sorry for her and I told her are you sure you want to come or can you wait a couple months and David and I will make a trip to you you know it's not about I just if she were to get an option to have along and she had to drive hours to get enough we can't do that ma'am can't do it I want you the loan comes first Angela McGee are you out there I have a serious relationship with you guys Diane are you out there Donna are you out there I could just say Angela and there's about 50 Angela's in my life right now you know why cuz I'm surrounded by angels I truly believe that you guys are all my angels and don't think I haven't forgotten all you haters out there don't worry I have a special place in my heart for you costume knocks in there so I'm taking care of those real quick first I'll go back to this call here still over my 10 I think I'm on the fourth ten blade right now [Applause] [Applause] where's the dog upset when you need it okay now we're gonna come back over here come up to the face we're gonna get that scum and blade out we're gonna do all the face and the chin and the mustache and all that at the seven blade she's doing pretty good right she's a good dog man okay I think they want pink ones I know they want pink ones Donna okay I know you don't like it so I better go quick right watch your ear come in watch that ear can you guys see here that's cute over this is per request of the pet parent if you are not the pet parent you can withhold your judgment up some ear cookie this is new isn't it this is she said start everybody over it's getting out of hand I got the seven right now I'm just going to hit it with reverse a little bit come in reverse it goes straight into the clipper real easy she's not liking that at all hoof up up up up should we've never done this before that's why kind of tap it up rubbing her head kind of tapping it softly give her some lovin right here here a little support okay all right now let's come in with our 10 blade go back okay get a nice cool 10 blade half in it okay see all these are pretty warm that's one then we got a 40 this one's cool okay you want to come over here to the camera come over here to the camera come here come here there you go there cookie I'm gonna go and take this down listen you're all that out of them out there we're gonna come back to it I know you don't love it right here look at all this look at all that in your mouth I know you don't love it would you want all this in your mouth or out of your mouth in your mouth or out of your mouth want to suck on your own hair or no you see well you're missing all your front teeth cuz they've been pulled you're so welcome dreamweaver thank you for your support okay I'm holding the muzzle pretty tight here may not look like it but I want her to be safe with her tongue you know remember we're gonna come back later so it doesn't have to be perfect just go ahead and get what you can out of here I know don't lick yeah don't let cuz people really want to see me mess up and we can't you can't do that okay let's see here let's get our shape or brush we talk about it a lot bring this forward here no I'm not I used to be and I used to still not good at it I'm not really good but she knows her eyebrows but there's not huh nay I don't think so but I'm fast now at them just get it done get it over with it is what it is some curl up some don't you know what I mean no not the best I'm not the pro I'm very humble and I'm not over here trying to be something I'm not okay maybe so but I'll let God tell me so did it steady steady steady I can hear it now you call those eyebrows stop steady can I see cookie cookie come your cookie yeah don't move don't move let me take those eyelashes yeah there you go okay all right now let's work over here go over here well Kathleen Durr are you out there Kathleen Dirt we are gonna get that washer and dryer are we boy Kathleen sent me some money order I was like what is she doing I wrote her I said you know you don't have to do this what are you doing she said dee dee I don't have kids of my own and what I want to do is invest in you and that really tore my heart up man sometimes your family is not blood you feel me sometimes your family is someone you never knew you're gonna meet and then when they when they're in your life you are so blessed so thank you so much for you guys being out there so here I need to come in more this is a hard angle man so you can kind of breathe you can kind of come in this way and do this to turn your turn your curves around and if you're learning from me be sure to share that give credit where credit's due you know what I mean that thought don't do it I can see what you're wanting to do here and then you come up with like I come up flare it up I'm sorry you're gonna come up and flare it up you know and then take a look at everything from the upside and there's some groomers out there that really know how to shoot I browse really well more power to you just when I was looking at YouTube for eyebrow help that was not out there still isn't probably I was like that's not gonna work on how one guy using a guard I was like I'm not gonna I can't do that I don't know what he's doing this was like I don't know seven years ago now this one lady worked for me unfortunately she nicked a lot of dogs so she doesn't work for me anymore costing me a lot of money and she was a contractor and this was years ago now I learned a lesson I thought I learned my lesson I still have something else I'm going through right now but with people so she did eyebrows so good though and I tried to learn from her and I just did not desert dedicate the time to learn from her and I should have managed her eyebrows her on point she did this something some she shaved it the whole bottom of the eye she shaved the whole bottom of the eye and then shaved the inside they're like but scissors or a 40 and I just could not get it man it was I could not get it to where I felt comfortable with sharp scissors up in their eyeball you don't saying like it was I was like oh gosh this is this is really close to their eye and I just felt uncomfortable so it wasn't something I could do but she really knew how to do eyebrows I give her that I don't know she's still grooming I have I have seen she's still out there I don't know she's still grooming she used to do some training and stuff like that was my big dog she might still be doing that so here we're gonna come she's watching everything so here you can take your uh she's got a lotta boogers – look at this look at that you is so thick it just flew right off okay okay here you can take your thinning shears if you want to you know I don't use those very often you get to a point where you learn how to use scissors and you could do what you need to do a scissor you want to use things here's more power to you but you don't have to okay you will feel a little safer but if your thinning shears are dragging hair and not cutting grill all the way then they're then they're not sharp so that's painful eye view I have people use things shears on my head and I'm like girl you need to sharpen those because they're pulling my hair it does hurt so make sure they're sharp and I would say if you're using them on six seven dogs a day you probably need to sharpen those are probably in like a few months or six months but if you're doing just one dog you probably sharpen them once a year you know I mean so right now I'm coming down down this way she's a little top-heavy meaning like it just has to be a little bit more even so come in here and do your ten blade and you'll you'll all make that you'll figure it out you're me you're like oh it is heavy up this so that means there's more Brown us to work with so you want to clean that up fix it up you don't want to shave too much at one time right you want to play with it this is being an artist people okay let's go to the bath we're gonna like I have this thing like don't spend too much time on it move on and come back to it don't sit there and do it for an hour move on come back it'll still be there if you're still if it's there it in a tab it'll still be there thanks Kaylin I appreciate ya that's true anybody wants to tell their love and support for YouTube and my favorite groomer you can become a member just close the super chat button and it's it says join now and that's how you become a member it's like a monthly thing and then you read the description of all the videos and you can find out more information about how to support us and what we do and where we do it and stuff like that and what a little bit I'm starting now about the animals that we grow [Applause] got some so mad at mad at past Trish Lai thank you so much [Applause] who says mislead would you would you be interested in trying to do eyebrows at home and then did you have the most time with your animal right you could try a couple this and that and see if you can get the eyebrow exactly where you want it and then just keep it there yourself so when you take your pet in for grooming you say I have I have what is it call expert I have created B I have what is it you would tell your groomer I have become an expert at doing my adult eyebrows do not touch them and so your eyebrows are done by you and you really spent some time working the eyebrow to where you just loved it you know you might make some mistakes on the way you know but you get to see your pet every day so you can kind of do a little this and that and then see how it works out the next day how it lays out and then you get old okay that's too long still and that's too long it takes lowly take little by little off and shape those eyebrows and I mean and then you say you tell your groomer I'd love to train you how to do it's $50 for the class you know ting it's $50 you go to the groomer be like look girl I figured out how to do eyebrows and I I didn't take a before picture to be like these are your eyebrows and look it took me six months to become an expert on my dog's eyebrows and now I'm gonna I'm gonna do a ten fifty dollar class I would totally take the class I'd like yeah man bring your dog up here we'll do it together and I'll pay you fifty bucks an hour fact I'll give you a free groom right girl all of a sudden you start having these worldwide eyebrow classes for fifty bucks a pop there you go there's your retirement and a reason to travel you know see you in Australia [Applause] that's I don't understand like if you got some people that hate what you do why are you here there's so much to be happy happening you could create so much for yourself why are you wasting your time with me unless you could want to come work with me then quit hating and just get on my team already quit that you like you know what that's the truth man why can't I just go work with her what's the problem what is the problem maybe you have to think of it like you like it so much you need it you have those Wilko some of your hatred man because I didn't start nothin ain't already started I'm just one of the first ones if not the first one doing live grooming on YouTube you don't I mean you don't like it there's a thousand as millions of groomers out there I can look that up there may be 1 million out there right I wonder what the stats are on that how many groomers are there in the entire world you've always gotta have something to say about something that to me tells me they do not have enough to do I don't have time to mess around man I got stuff I got stuff I'm working on don't forget we need to come back and dribble these Tay okay I know you don't want to get look at you just getting away with it kind of yeah stay cookie stay I need to look first before I can get in there so I'm just bear with me here I know it okay okay this is not even the dream apart girlfriend right no no no I will change it up if this doesn't work I'm going to change it up okay so let me get in there one last time here we still have to come back in journal anyway see you thank you sit down if you like sit down if you like sit down if you like sit down if you like second of you are sitting down left and right sweetie now I just don't know what to think Wow Thank You Melissa P that's a lot of groomers right don't look at me like that no no I can feel your written you bucking up hey don't let me just take a good look but don't act like you're trying to look at something to smell something I know what you're trying to do it fool me so smart man you see your change of subject she starts smelling the air nothing happened I know you're trying to change the subject and everything okay we're gonna go rinse up we'll be right back I guess I'll take you I guess I'll take you guys back in here with me what do you guys see in here all right we're in forward Texas be sure to shout it out if you guys post a picture on your Instagram or your Facebook or something like that let me know about it by putting the pound sign my favorite drummer right next to the picture and stuff like that soon we're it's really cool to see you guys I could pick you up out of there you only save you you want me to save you do you have okay don't get too excited now where you gonna go now they're demanding love jumping up and down down on the ear here stop foolin CD down on the ears here shampoo condition up itself will do the cut so green for us okay mmm so delicious gone shake one more time if you want are you gonna shake now are you gonna shake I feel it coming get some out of the cigarette smell so we try our best but Oh deal with comes it so I'll put this on here real strong I don't know that I could say if I was a full-time smoker because I smoke a very long time ago in the military it was like a common thing to do everybody smokes a cigarette ever I spoke to the bar brawl and I realize I was like I can't do this math affecting my body and so I can't say I think I know the answer if the smoke definitely affects our animals and I believe it surely does but and I honestly can't say whether the pet parent as a full-time worker can't even smell it you know I mean on the dog I can't tell you I don't know because I have another cigarette in 20 years 30 years so we're in there I can't believe tell you exactly I'm not gonna lie but many years but I think that the pet parent can definitely smell house clean she smells when she goes home oh I know that's true what are you doing are you moving around and stuff what am i doing over there don't you love the novel you got to get it on our rest on yeah this is the best this imagine about holding it tight the whole time which I'm not okay I keep on going I don't have to stop and rest my hand I was gonna say it's all about the novel little do they know this is the best novel you guys make sure you pay for it for us [Applause] is it inside oh you'll find out soon soon enough you'll find out soon enough there's your hole do you wanna just wait inside joke so my super fans just keep an eye we're going to talk about a nozzle here pretty soon I'm gonna get that nozzle Cadence's do it can we get a heart tag you celebrate with our dogs oh yes yes it's really inexpensive to you guys it's my favorite under leashes and collars new members eating and what I would do is I would go order it the size you want and then say in the notes at the checkout the note section say dee dee call me so we can talk about the the comfortably right we can talk about the design because it comes in a bunch of designs and I really wanted you to pick out the one that I like would be your favorite okay I'll be right back you got a new member thanks for becoming a member be senator notifications and be active in the community Pope forgot we had a blow-dryer you guys quit now these liars just quit just quit look at this mess this is ridiculousness okay oh my gosh [Applause] wires I don't know my mind is somewhere else right now okay yeah I gotta blow-dry you a little bit okay you got a nice short haircut but you're still a little wet Louise a light back out there okay get your goggles on make sure you have a facemask if you're doing the lawn right now and you don't have a face mask get a face mask all right you guys need a dryer call me let's drivers awesome it's worth it they don't even have that dryer anymore they have one very much like him but that dryer it took me like six years to buy I mean it's a $400 dryer but you can see it's very strong it will it's a high velocity and it is awesome it is gonna help me get my job done faster okay here we go this is the wrap-up you guys man time just flies doesn't this is ready if you want to go run outside and do your thing I'm still have 15 minutes till finish though he's sort of side by side it's at 8% okay let's go get our doggy Angie's writing me something right now I know it I know it alright we're wrapping it up this is the wrap-up hey cookie cookie cookie cookie we're not done yet okay okay you still have to do this okay we stopped to wrap it up okay and then you got excited on okay so we need to we need to read rip okay we regroup okay can you guys see everything here we go Thanks so excited cuz I'm trying to draw this huggy does it stop now now hold on now hold on man that's up up up up up hey rod got a burp rebirthing well I know you don't like it [Applause] I like that good this way you keep turning around okay I have an idea come here hey cuz that's that if they want to do what they want to do work with them so I work with me DeeDee okay she wants to face that way let's let's let her face that way so now I used to be able to stay sideways for me and we talked about that sometimes you have that opportunity it's looking right at your face and you can fight it or you can go with the flow now that's the edge of the table that's not good Dean are you out there I know Dean doesn't ride me but her daughter does hey are you out there [Applause] you're on are you out there movements are doing there man all these people on my mind janeshia are you out there no they're about there janeshia is out there she's always out there she just works a lot how are you like Puerto Rico are you out there Germany are you out there only 79 lights you guys are fired man you know the totally you will drop the feed right might pissed some people off put y'all the superfans know it's so easy to hit the like button that means hey but by the way that potentially could mean that that that's how many haters are out there like let's not discount it here maybe we have a whole Facebook hater page just all watching my show all increasing the ratings yeah let's do this together it's really it's really crazy is like you know you know it takes a lot out of somebody right to just hate something but they're so addicted they can't not watch you know what I'm saying because you guys that don't like what I do all of you guys help me grow Oh it all goes around in one big circle and I really appreciate you thank you for sharing my video amongst your own community and talking about it it really helps me it helps me grow and I have learned how to deal with that kind of person so thank you for that without you we wouldn't be here of doing what we do I wouldn't trust my back with you but I do know that if it wasn't for you guys I would not be here clewd some of those sharing out there any kind of sharing good sharing and bad that's the end of the day you know God's watching us all and he's gonna be the one you talk to you at the end not me not the dog not cooking some little minor stuff here you don't have to answer to me later and you have to answer to God I know you don't want me to touch that arm let's do this I'm gonna trick you a little bit and hold up your other on did I get it yes I did are you dragging your tail let me see you gotta stand up can't get the towel here's a trick watch this you hold your arm up and lift the tail with your fingers you will be able to get it like that go up here come in for some random flirty stuff today come back down let me see here don't look at me like that don't do it little Matt in between your toe there okay it doesn't matter if you know the dog for years if there's pain involved and there's a Matt they will bite your ass and you'll be like oh I know you're just letting me know but that gum wish there was a warning sign and there's not [Applause] and you want to sit but I know you're going to stand yep it's okay very good okay oh you're really put into work home here huh whoo seven play now okay get your Shaffer brush which all it does is move the hair around for you here come in you know she's kind of making this harder here right okay here we go don't don't you see okay let me see this one good girl oh don't do that look up let me see between your toes don't get upset okay let me see this one between your toes okay good girl I like it yeah it's really quiet out there smash you like bond we got like ten minutes left smash the like button hit the share now what's helps the channel that you love bro so that's what we always mention it don't get upset coming between the toes here watch my forehead watch my forehead I'm talking to myself at this point okay let's look at the eyebrows one last time here oh we got to do this front in the face too don't we oh this way you can flip those curve shears over every which way you just gotta get used to holding them and how it feels until you feel comfortable you know in okay I'm going to get my ten blade it's thicker than the other one so kind of look at everything together you see over here I mean I'm gonna go this is my way you can do your own thing and if you're better at it great good for you it's on you man this is a great place to use I always talk about this I shouldn't have a straight tear shears right here it's a great place to use your strength they come in clean this out lightly with the 10 because we're really gonna come back with a seven there anyway so get your seven blade [Applause] now 7-blade here you did the tents I'll go reverse there if you need to blend a little bit bring it down bring it down right there it's real dark I mean this having saliva buildup so if I just click that in just edge it up it's the reverse all right and look easy it's not easy practice makes perfect you don't know what you're going to get training it's like girl you're just doing kisses come on we got this you can you look up up up up up up good girl I'm down like there we sit I know you don't like it I know let me just try to get in there again one more time and just look good okay now that we got this nice and even thank you so much Barbie just love you too now let's look at all this much of meth oh Jeff oh okay you know see here I'm not doing this up thing I can really see you then kind of what we're looking at you know get them up there oh it's not for everybody see I see a little thickness here just pull it off the eye a little bit and then on the back a little bit there so there's not like a shadow yeah got whoopee sticking out here oh yeah come on some little bit of definitely just some difference in shading so that thickness is a little off there cuz she didn't like that seven blade all up in her face right you can do the thinning shears here if you have them I have them I don't like I said I don't really use them you can't why not or don't be sure state and a half's okay yeah take a look at them ears okay let's get you guys over here so I kind of always having some core difficulties it's always always always okay so here this is the perfect time for me to show you hey you don't need to have the hemostats every time she wants to smell okay may I have your permission okay just a tad bit of ear powder here not a lot and just what's in the ear canal let me see it wants to be feisty let's get the muzzle that feel funky yeah I know you don't like it so some people are like just not painful to pull your hair nope I believe it is it just every dog's gonna react differently okay today hmm let me just use my hair let me just do this let me just do this I know you don't like it dummy just get a little bit here I know let me just use my fingertips you know sometimes it's dangerous to try to get that hemostat don't worry about it just use your fingertips you need just a little bit of powder though to get a grip know that you can't skip it three months from now it'll be worse let me see are you holding my hand okay okay can you smell it smell now what really I know this is your stuff okay all right let's do the outside huh we need to get done girl for real this is taking too long come on let's get on this side don't look at me like that don't look at me like that okay let me work cut the tip that that's at the bat I know you don't want me to do it okay I like it one more time just one more time okay I know I know good girl who put that in there let's take that off powder it's on my website you steady as you are scare sells cotton ball okay smell ya don't get me on don't like the cotton ball just me out let's now do it ear cleaner just a basic ear cleaner right can't come here and get that in there clean there here just kind of scoop it a little bit dirty you know I'm cleaning your ear you know it what do you know does I know right schnauzers really love to smell everything some dogs really do you just look at what they're trying to do they're trying to tell you like can I get can you just show me what you're doing just please just tell me what you're gonna do before you do it please I mean it's my body isn't it that's how I am when it comes to getting a shot or drawing blood I'm like I'm gonna sit here I'm gonna look away but please walk me through you taking my blood and you come up at my arm just please tell me you're there and just say when you go we're all just different unique individuals including pets okay David you want to go closer out I'm about like two minutes I'm gonna walk her out of there okay I don't need your help David I can do it okay so let's sweep this off no it's okay I don't need you to do it I got it David so am i right I'm doing multiple things – all right hey you put your foot on there don't do that oh my goodness man Sophie Walter we're ready to go go he's gonna make my dog hyper over here it's a near-total make Marty make sure you got that mask on substance new substance where do you think all this stuff is going we're getting this Dustin's in okay better resign fast and that suckers going okay so we're going to go she is better for the nail grinding and she did for the nail turn what do you think I thought that bet that don't know nope dangerous [Applause] okay two different types of uh nail grinders so I just used I'm glad I had a spare I've learned over the years it's good to have two of everything right so let's double check one more thing hair on your face as your hair keeps moving and fix anything you need to fix before she leaves come in this way very good can you get your clone out so dremel nails ears clean bottle up we'll go all through all these steps in your head that's live on my arm that's the live on my arm for you steady steady as you are I'll do this we'll do this one and then we're going to meet you let's see if you'll being stabilized arena steady very good I'll remove this one she is the original dog up stand model dog without that dog up stand we would not be here today will be a totally different ballgame okay this is why we don't do harnesses they're so hard to figure out every one is made differently but it's here it's on and we are out of here so let me go double check here yeah hold on here and we'll fix some stuff up here okay all right Dave I will be right back if it's two minutes hey guys don't forget to hit the like button subscribe and go subscribe to our gaming channel up their menu gaming I got a video coming for you guys that I've been working on its brownies first day at the beach it's gonna be on there David and Dede vlogs so be sure don't miss it if you're not into gaming and don't want to miss that video just go subscribe and you're gonna look out for brownies first day at the beach with bait sake we went to South Padre Island it's been a while since I said I was gonna upload that video but I've been working on it yeah I hope you're doing good on your chemo gosh Santa's camera yeah thanks guys for the donations I'm hoping we can do something you guys we would set up a conference but every time we set something up like that nobody shows up or like just people don't do it the very first aggressive dog grooming that we did live with in Virginia and we hmm we set it up and I think there's only like five people that showed up because you know beauty air things you have to have a price so you're gonna have to pay for the session and I guess nobody wants to actually like hey I guess I don't know it's just people don't stick to their word like if DD does like a live aggressive dog grooming course or like aggressive like live grooming conference where she's grooming an aggressive dog in front of you guys live uncut how many of you guys would actually show up I'm sure right now I like about a thousand of you guys would say would show up but then when it really comes down to that day how many of you guys will show up maybe like 5 10 maybe Dede David please read this chat later we were like so extremely busy right now we've got a big problem that Dede my talk to you guys later about once it's settled but we got a lot on our hands right now the more people you get the cheaper would be of yep let's say well I don't know because now the more people that we give like let's say we get like 200 people that we can rent out a conference room with the max amount of people of like 300 just in case you know people bring extra people but then let's say now we get like a thousand people now we have to go around place that's max amount of people without in that room is like a thousand so it's gonna be way more expensive so I guess the smaller the smaller it is the cheaper would be but the bigger it is the more expensive to rent a place out would be because you just can't rent out like you can't just be like hey let's meet up all that Taco Bell and like 500 people go they're gonna be like oh we can't have that much people in this building we're only allowed forty something people in this building you know what I mean God brought us together to work for this I wish it was like that like let's go while the conference oh baby bet I'm sweating up a storm okay we're gonna wrap it up I am so sorry she said tell them DeeDee tell them DeeDee that you have a client that wouldn't let you go so I said okay I will cuz I told her I'm live in there still man so mom is she's gonna have knee surgery and it's a full knee replacement so she was trying to tell me a little bit about and I was telling her oh what were you gonna say Davis thank you cuz I know you're busy so she's gonna have a full knee replacement July 29th and I've had lots of clients you guys as we get older I've had a handful of female and female clients and male friends that have gotten a knee surgery knee replacement and it's really you tolling and to see us go through that all I can say out there is what I have seen is one we all need to lose some weight including myself and that will help us as we try to get through life walking physically walking moving around if you need to start on a bicycle get a bicycle get a bicycle in your living room because I feel like the way we are going you know and this pet parent I don't see her she wears very baggy clothes but I don't I'm not seeing like an overweight situation I just see as time goes by our body starts to wear on us and if we even have a little bit of that you know chicken fried steak weight on us which I love chicken fried steaks if we have a little bit of that weight on us as we get older then we are likely gonna have a knee problem and I have had you know Cynthia Deborah her Deborah's going in for a second knee surgery I think it's on another knee that two years ago she had knee surgery I mean and then Roger a good friend of mine I mean I've seen a lot of knee surgeries and Roger was again like we're not talking about like three four hundred pounds we're talking about just like average you know what is average you know so for me a verage is anywhere like if I'm around you know say 150 then somebody who is 180 200 220 225 I think maybe that's where it starts to and you sit on that wait you sit between 200 you know average 200 pounds you sit on that weight for 15 years your body starts to deteriorate in your knees is what I have seen and I'm not a doctor and I'm not here to tell you what to do but if I could have told a client or two that has had knee surgery hey girl try to get some of this weight off beforehand and it'll help you in your recovery because it's really hard on the clients I seen go through and I have gone to the hospital for my clients if you're a groomer and you love your clients if they're in knee surgery go to the hospital do what you feel like you would want done to you you know like not that many people make those drastic changes in their schedules to go and just show up somewhere then you have an opportunity to show up at so Debra wasn't feeling good I showed up at the hospital for her when she had her knee surgery Roger wasn't wasn't doing good and I didn't show up at the hospital for him because I had no idea what day he had it done but I did bring him some stuff he needed late one night he needed water he needed some pills he needed all this I did I stop what I'm doing and I went and running around for him just people that you love you know that's what it is is loving your community loving the people you are surrounded by and what they're going through we all have our own lives and we all have stress in it and we all have things going on but what you can invest in people that love you you know they have Roger taught me how to dance salsa for a year he just took me under his wing and showed me every move and he let me like go to training with him and pay him 20 bucks to just be in his $100 hour class he was a great friend and is a great friend so love those people you know be there for them and if you think you might have to end up having knee surgery start working on your weight now talk to your doctor you know I don't want to see you go through some of these things and I hope that I kind of push it off myself as I did you stop eating that chicken fried steak girl you know alright I know this is really personal one last personal thing is that wrapping it up today if I feel like telling you and I don't know why I just have it on my heart to tell you that if you have done someone wrong if you have done something wrong and you know you've done it wrong go make it right and I think that you should take the opportunity right now that DeeDee saying like hey if you've done something wrong behaving in the wrong way you didn't do something right you did something really wrong go make it right because you have the opportunity to make it right before the circle comes around because what circle does come around life does make a full circle and by the time it does catch up to you and whatever whatever comes up your way you know you want to be able to make it right before that circle catches up to you do you know what I mean so if you've done someone wrong go make it right and it could have been a long time ago but go make it right even if you don't want to be friends with that person still go make it right if you did something wrong go make it right all right I just have to say that because someone did something something wrong to me lately and I just want you to know God's watching and don't don't do something wrong don't be wrong don't be wrong person go make it right you have the opportunity to make it right go make it right okay Jennifer great job losing some weight and thank you all for being here thanks for sharing my life my story my work thanks for watching me groom cookie how did I start talking about cookie and mom brings cookie in because I didn't know she has three schnauzers and I wasn't sure which one she was bringing today and it was cookie so we have we have made some strides I didn't go get her in the car that was something I was doing for a long time as going out to the car getting her out of the car walking her around and then her and I coming in going straight to the table and getting to work and that seemed to really calm her down today mom walked her in and I was like are you sure about this and she goes well we've got to start at some point and I was like okay and we went straight back like you know in the very beginning of this video if you just got here I didn't turn around and look at the pet parrot I kept that I kept her back because I wanted to disconnect the pet from the parent cuz cookie is very like needy like yeah you know like all that stuff so you really want to just disconnect them which is why I would go get through her from the car and that really worked okay if you haven't read the description and understand what the client might be going through go read that and then now to find out the clients gonna have knee surgery I have a very soft heart for her our next groom is next week with her third schnauzer and then after that we're gonna do a pickup and delivery for her so cuz we know she's not gonna be able to do that ride and load the dogs and all that stuff so we just discussed that do some things different for clients that need it it really will impact people's lives and I I know you know they won't forget it they may not be able to do much for you but they won't forget what you did for them okay just always try your best and do the right thing just God will pay you back to fold just do the right thing okay try to be better you know what I mean so I offered her that I gave her a idea of what we could do and she said yes TD that sounds great so we'll pick up all three dogs and we'll do a mobile groom in a sense of bringing them to the salon instead of right in front of her house cuz there's a lot of stuff going on so this will work out really well I think I want to see how she does I said don't worry about that stuff yet get through your rehabilitation first you haven't even started the surgery get through the surgery get through the rehabilitation and then let's worry about the next step somewhat is something I gotta tell you guys this just wait just wait around for it it'll come up I'm going to tell you about it I'm just gonna let some things unfold first all right we love you guys and thank you so much for being here be sure you shot with my favorite groomer my favorite girl calm and pick up the dog up sandwich helped cookie her entire grooming career with me get the dog ups and that dog up stand calm be sure to comment below if you have a schnauzer that loves snipping things out in your backyard just comment down below and don't be afraid of what people have to say and do not take it personal just brush it off Callie I know some people might have been you are like what I can't believe you're attacking me like that just brush them off like this because a lot of times you may not see them again but be aware of those types of people and always know about your surroundings okay know what you're doing out there in the internet world be careful love you guys thanks for being here thanks for your donations we will talk to you soon by

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