we are back the end of the episode of you guys a troll us basically you decide what Mark said and see ya has remade the entire house so I know this is like two episodes in a row but I hope you guys don't buy it you guys love this series and so do we so we figure why not do it again today ate that right here okay so I got a new thing from key and Bob waits a year and he said that he would be willing to give us one lucky block per thousand likes this video skips so from now on guys if you want to stop it up a lot of lucky blocks basically just like the video okay they can key in for helping us sell out I appreciate so at least if we get 5,000 likes we opened five lucky blocks the next episode is stuff like that so help us out guys I know you want to troll us and everything but please help us out you get to troll that's not my farm is completely destroyed again yeah tomatoes guys and look CS house completely fine my farm completely destroyed no no this house was actually totally almost gone upstairs really yeah wow you've been working and speaking of you've been working so yeah I know you want to do like a house tour in a second and do you want to do it like really epic epically epic okay I like I'm talking to you through a window did I sound like it was coming from outside of a window no come on I tried my best yeah okay well any no I have an idea I have an idea we're gonna do an MTV Cribs style okay so when I when I count out the three we're gonna put also like epic MTV trip you you ready you see me up here you gotta be quiet for this okay okay but yes I see you you look very fantastic in that way don't ruin it again why are you always would buy epic moments here what's up what do you want to hear for what just want to stand in a window yeah yeah yeah can I do the thing now also we got a new barn yeah you look scary see I can I do the MTV Cribs thing I've been excited okay okay beat you what yo what's up guys welcome back see another episode of MTV Cribs today we're gonna totally check out the totally trendy youtuber called see and he can house today so let's go hey stop laughing don't do it you're ruining the epic moment stop okay okay yo MTV I feel a knock on the door I finna do that I did talk like that sometimes where they try to be really hip you know thank you for letting me into here I know you're famous and busy and everything so I appreciate your time that's this jumping going off for too long okay I'm gonna stop it now anyways yeah what do you got to show us you've changed everything basically look at the kitchen wait the kids it is the only thing that looks the same oh you had these bad things and they're also alleged you're so creative with this stuff – yeah thank you so this is the kitchen why is thick what is that doing on the floor look I'm stepping on the bacon right now – yeah this is not said it's hairy sure I don't know T wait did you figure out how to do it it's because there's no drawers in this one oh that's better than the floor but now you got my way what's that meme number 15 Burger King foot lettuce you got my mic crater you got my crater foot bacon anyway kid see this the same she added some barstools now we I am the epic living room look at this this looks amazing it almost looks like what we got downstairs actually wait did you bottle it after our living room kind of kind of ok well that's cool this looks sweet and that Oh what is this I was supposed to say why do we have this look at how far away we sit from each other what is what are you trying to tell me – yeah also my plate is facing my plate is face in the complete opposite direction you chose the farthest away point for me this looks amazing don't ya thank you so much for not wanting to eat with me oh we got a jukebox yeah wait wait try to press play on it it's got to play a really awesome song just punch it wow that's good two bucks oh you also added a fireplace beautiful ok going up the stairs oh you added these stats – wait hold on you also added two plus two equals fish okay dot a dot thing a basketball that's a very tiny person basketball court is I almost can't reach it okay wait here it's completely dark over there do you have any torches you can put down no I don't know what the crap are you doing that creepers can spawn in here really they can take its falling everywhere – yeah wait do everything I don't have any coal or anything Jesus we gotta get that anyway a basketball little sitting area right here put notes a billiard table whatever it's called pool – I don't know and this but oh that's like another creation station and close a lot of it oh this looks awesome – yeah and do you know what I also did what go in here oh no what is this what bathroom but I've gotta be in the top so I wasn't done and there's a little shower here see ya you are so good at building stuff holy crap wait what's out here all painting what is that of me did you paint me yeah I look really good thank you for yeah and we got the hot tub with the view I hope a big bird doesn't come and pick me up here they'll be terrifying or if we got like a sunbathing place oh I'm stuck to you and you should we tell you need to install some benefits because you need to childproof the place okay also I've got to mess it off that looks awesome though everybody was saying how you're really good at building if the comments last episode and they were also saying nice stuff about me they always say traitor why aren't you just as good as tear and building and I'm like I don't know I guess it's hey damn what what is this look what I found it a draw how did you put that on there you need to press shift see ya no way yes yes way yes yes yeah that's how you do it so that's the house Hall right there did I just blow your mind you're so good wait that thing is floating I'm gonna put it on the chair look there you go anyway do you want to know what month ahead it's a day I really want to tell you can you stop caring about all your pots and pans for just one second did you take my bacon I I gave it back to you so the birthday added which was highly requested the month they added which was highly requested is inventory pets here okay okay so what these things do is you can put them in your inventory and they will give you special abilities like if you have a spider pet in your inventory you can climb on walls what yes which one do you want all right say if we want the spider pet all we need is 6 coal markets and one raw fish diamond and gold ingot okay hey hello wait why are you standing on the fireplace they're not saying anything to you you're creeping me out I'm burning hot what's that a joke that was the worst joke I've ever heard oh yeah by the way too yeah there was a lot of comments in yesterday's video saying how we should make a bunker because you know when like the tornado hits and everything like that like underneath the house we should have a say fine Oh Billy bucks is going wait what is he doing there in midair maybe messed it up when we logged I also made another Billy bucks um okay we got some coal here that's good see ya yeah do you also want to have a spider pit so you can climb on walls I really want to show you these things oh we're gonna need a fishing pole we're gonna need a fishing pole maybe we could get lucky with these lucky blocks though go – yeah hey wait what do you think I am wait why is it just daddy still is she okay can you walk honey I don't think it can walk hey I don't think you could carry her look I think I'd take her head off I guess it oh I could build her I may have destroyed your daughter – yeah I knew you would do it look I've gotta put up and where do you want her where do you want me to put on where do you want me to put our daughter yeah minecraft is so funny dude wait downstairs yeah okay okay okay I'm coming downstairs with her I think I got her body oh that looks creepy why is he just exactly like you it's not even baby – yeah it's just – yeah look it was baby tear before but now it's not anymore maybe it's because means teenage – you look will you give her an X no M what why would you do that I'm not sure I think that's kind of creepy anyway now you have a statue of yourself I want one too I'm gonna open up the next one maybe I'm gonna get a baby crater they'll be so cute they'll be adorable okay okay right here buddy wait I just get music disc crap – I need that ball you can open up the next one say yeah hit it you literally just got ahead okay I'll take this one we got a bunch of kitties you can hear it's a jungle cat it's just a torch I think do you want to open up the last lucky block Gary there you go you can open it oh sorry cat did you just punch a cat who gold nevermind oh string we needed dancing it you're so lucky when it comes to lucky blocks I don't know how you do it but it's amazing that was all the lucky blacks we had for today though yeah holy crap I have a lot of cats do what the crap is going on here come in here cats coming near kitties oh gosh here our house is gonna be overrun with cats hey what's wrong are you gonna build this again Hey at some point but right now I'm kind of just like I don't really care because it always just gets destroyed anyway I kind of am right now because the seven savage twat decided to add in and mud that destroys everything I make do you think I want to make it then no okay no I do not okay wait what go away cat how do you make a fishing rod oh I made one okay um the reason why I want to make this see is because I want us to get a spider pit it's gotta help us out in love we're gonna be able to climb on walls we're gonna be able to way to jump higher I think what this is just like feel like she takes up bacon go away Felix always steals our food yeah look at these cats do you only wanna pick it out of your inside and they're following me they follow me cats your mom does not want you inside oh wow that's creepy did you just put a scarecrow in our backyard yeah do you think a scarecrow is gonna help but tornado see it I am pretty sure that it was scared tornado away I don't think that's how it works also look at how many cats I got out here while fishing they know they're about to get food or something yeah we got a lot of those running around how did I make the I need to figure out the recipe for the spider pit again I'm gonna go out on an adventure I found out that I don't need fish if I want to make the thing I can just get like beef like raw beef or raw pork chop yeah only problem is where do I find one dude also I got all these cats following pshh yeah I haven't really if I press right click on the mic and make them sit but I figured they might as well just go with me on an adventure so I'm not entirely lonely you know you never want to go on an adventure with me all you want to do is make the house pretty oh gosh I hear thunder I really hope it's not another storm like you guys don't understand we are getting storms every single minute in this world almost it's actually kind of a nod to true that you weren't you're such a big fan of it before though cuz you were like ha ha hilarious recruiter get sucked up by it today I found a bunch of pigs – yeah oh it takes up with you home can we use a pig ok there we go we got the wrong pork chop I believe that hey I think I think the what is that is that just like a giant crap go away sir what are you looking at I'm currently in a fight with the giant crab um but I think the spider pet also needs raw pork chop in order to actually eat so whenever you walk around with an inventory pets yeah what you gotta do in order for it to work is make sure you also have what it eats in your inventory else it's gonna stop and die and we don't want that's happened ok yeah but I'm gonna give you some raw pork shop maybe we said all my I thought you guys were friendly just made a dinosaur I'm sorry maybe we should make like a pig farm or something what do you think yeah why not what the crap is that did you say I hate adventuring in this mud peg because they're scary monsters everywhere and you know what this savage savage Squad has been nice with the bots for so long that I'm Billy you gotta add something soon that's gonna make us there he hated even more actually this is one of my favorite things to play though it's really fun hey that house looks so awesome but also so weird from the outside your house yeah it looks really cool I've never seen a house like it before – yeah looks really weird no it's really good it's it's a good weird not a bad weird nobody said it was a bad weird okay so I think I could make this now yeah I got it we just need one more time in but I think we are out of diamonds right now look see yeah I got a spider pit right here your height look it's yours you can have it and then I'll give you this you need to feed it every once in a while I think you'll take care of that itself no I think so yeah raw meat is what it needs okay so if you have can you climb up walls now I think your ankle – I hope so also I think about the tornado was happening – yeah that's no I think it is Oh No look you're climbing on the ceilings here yeah so now what you can do is you can climb walls you can jump higher and you can also hang onto walls so if you're on a wall you can press shift and then you're just gonna stay there I guess that is cool that is awesome right and there's so many more pets that we're gonna need like I want all the pants dude yes I want a the pig pit I want the chicken pit I want the squid pit oh you have the squid pad minam this grip pad makes it so we can actually stay on the water favor what are you talking about oh oh look we got another kid here here we go oh look at all those cats outside don't stay out of the tornado coming here here we go okay I'm just gonna make them all sit I guess you guys are now ours and you will love us forever but I just love how the Thunder came when you said tonight sound like a mad scientist yeah awesome there but you know what say yeah we should totally make one of those safe bunkers I'm just not sure where we oh my goodness I just had an idea for the safe Parker promised me I could do it inside the house no matter what wait what no it's just gonna be a little tiny thing in the house the safe Parker is not gonna be in the house okay wait yeah yeah do you agree with the terms of condition I'm not gonna tell you what I'm doing it's a surprise – yeah yeah has that ever been an issue miss we over water huh yeah no what's the correct answer because look at this are you ready yeah where are you okay I've got to make the safe house right out here okay you okay with that come here okay so it's gotta be right here in the corner right here okay like that now I put a trapdoor so we just go down oh sorry did me to punch you super hands so we hit so we could go down whatever we want to okay we go down in the water no I'm gonna make something down here that's gonna be a safe house okay just trust me – yeah I can do that's your water it's an underwater safe house isn't that awesome yeah we'll have fun with that hey thanks hey you don't want to help oh yeah have fun with that loser so it's gotta go all the way down on the water but then it's also gotta go underground does that make sense yeah so I've got to bring it under water and then it's got to continue underground don't don't do and we're gonna be completely safe I just – just remove the water see it it's this your first time playing Minecraft No so what you do we like I just have a whole zo filled with water right I just play I I just place a block everywhere where the water is and it goes away this is how it works easy done did it Don yeah got it so now we have to start off the safe house right here this is gonna be so cool it's gotta be cozy we need like your fireplace out here we need like marshmallows we need a TV we need everything and what are you having to save house maybe some beans that we can eat and what else we don't know how long it's gonna last yeah a bunch of food some TV I really want a TV down there ok say you gotta happen okay Kiwi I did did I say weird I didn't say tea we okay no I think not okay I would never say tea we okay I've already made a big safe house now do you see it come check it out come here come here I'm coming you're gonna love it it's already so cozy come on is it supposed to be kind of creepy us it's supposed to mean toasty I don't know should it be kind of creepy down here oh don't go yet don't go down yet never completed the stair here nope but I'm coming up now okay I am here come go with me welcome to the same I'll see ya it's completely safe and sanitary I mean I just talk like a big hole and I figure we could make it prettier and but if we just go like this I want a cool safe house okay I don't want one of those new safe houses when is the big and cool I want the coolest one okay okay wait what was the material you use like a lot of fab marble up there and a lot of wood right I know I can never remember what it's called it's this it's that one up there oh yeah also that one yeah but we gotta get a lot of that just from being down here I think what why are you wait where are you oh I forgot you can climb I was like looking all over the room for you and you interested a caller creepin don't you also have one a spider pit yeah no I actually gave the only ones you would see it because I'm a good boyfriend okay so what are you gonna get I'm gonna get myself and even cooler pit I knew you would do that no we're both gonna have the same pits but right now honestly – yeah in the next episode we have to go like grind a lot of stuff because we are kinda like we don't have that many things right now you know so this is the beginning of our old crap a tornado is happening house okay this is where we're gonna be safe I don't know what's going on up there but I'm right now I'm really happy we got a safe place to be yeah maybe you should go up and check see I'm kind of scared for it actually it might be completely destroyed go check on it just to make sure okay it looks like the house is fine I need to repair that farm yeah anyway seven seven square we hope you enjoyed this episode of you troll us let us know how to come in which mod you want to add next ittle bit sorry pets was one of the most requested ones so I'm happy we added a buddy I feel like the next what they adds here will not be as nice oh you're up in the roof again I'm sorry we hope you enjoyed guys thank you so much watching me more fan adopted a supper to speed right now check us like this game gonna get featured you got anything you want to say Savage Queen am I agree she's hungry talk to you guys if you guys want to watch a video on my channel from yesterday click right here and if you want to subscribe to me click right here if you want to see our video from yesterday click on this box right here and if you haven't subscribed to our channel click right here bye guys love you

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