hey what's going on guys it's pat and welcome back to another mod shoe keys and today we are gonna take a look at the too much tnt mod this mod adds in a lot of different TNT and some are just really big explosions while others have some unique abilities as well I'm not gonna be going over all the different recipes honestly there is just too much TNT I would suggest using not enough items if you're using this mod because yeah you're not gonna remember all these anyway and I'll take up a lot of video when we could just be blowing stuff up just as an example I'll show you guys normal TNT you know it makes a tiny little explosion but there is some pretty epic stuff here so yeah that is normal TNT this right here is TNT times 5 so it basically makes like five times the size explosion and if you don't have a good computer it's probably gonna struggle on some of the bigger ones and here we go BAM pretty big size but they get really big this green one times 20 and I've even had some issues with the really large ones on but we'll see what happens alright here we go times 20 TNT wait for it BAM now that is a big explosion I mean you could have a lot of fun with this just be careful if it's like your normal minecraft world you may want to back it up in case you have an accident this one right here is TNT times 100 and if you don't have a decent PC this one may crash your minecraft but I'm here we go this one is sick and I'd better get a good view of this times 100 it's like having a hundred pieces of TNT right there and it's sometimes it takes a second and that goes Oh God there we go now that is an explosion and I believe I actually found a mineshaft yeah dead mine shaft like right down there on the one after this is times 500 and it crashes my minecraft like 80% of the time but I can show you guys what it looks like after it blows up alright guys this is what happened after I blew up the times 500 TNT it like really destroyed my world over here as you could tell this is just one piece of TNT that did this and everything is destroyed and yes sorry I can't show in video it lags pretty damn bad anyway and it sometimes crashes my craft as well and there's an even worse TNT meteor TNT which I'll show you guys next so guys this is the aftermath of the meteor TNT and yeah this is like the biggest explosion ever and it really wrecked some havoc around here and these are the only two tees I couldn't show you guys the actual explosion for all the other ones should work in video this is just one of those that really can crash you if you don't have a very good computer and mine is good and it still crashed me a bunch of times but yeah this is what the explosion looks like there's actually like a dungeon right here that is pretty weird and I'm so just tempted to I can't not look I have a problem like I have to no diamond horse armor music desk and a bunch of other stuffs oh yeah I just can't not look it it'll drive me crazy alright guys the next one is called the flat bomb TNT and this one like flattens out in area maybe we can kind of flatten this out see if you can hear alright and most of these zombie too bad you should be able to run the other tnt's some of them are pretty big but should be able to handle this and kind of flatten it out a bit here so if there's like a hill in the way you could probably just like blow it up with that um this one's really cool the mining flat bomb so you get far underground and you really want to like spread out for some mining this one is the one for that so what I'm gonna do is like dig underground really click here and blow it up and we can have like our own mind set up and I'm pretty sure there's torches that goes with this one too so here we go I'm right in my face DMT in my face and bam that's pretty cool isn't it so now you have this like area where you can mine I could even see like iron and coal I thought this was like one of the coolest ones so the next one we're gonna look at is the compact TNT and this one is definitely a lot of fun I'm gonna put it in the forest it's really gonna destroy this for us badly but here we go blow it up I love mods like this there's so much fun to mess around with and here we go and it turns into regular TNT which all ignites as well that's why it's so cool and the explosion is growing TNT jumping all over the place and you end up with a really big crater too I'm now we're actually on to some like weirder ones like this one makes you a house like you can make a house out of TNT whoo nib so we blow it up it's actually not you know very dangerous this one and bam got myself a house gotta cool it is made of cobblestone there really isn't too much to it but I kind of like the idea that they put something unique like this in there's a crafting table in it and I believe there are a couple more houses so I'm gonna put these away and we've got the brick house and the wood house so through the wood house first and then we'll do the brick one so let's get a little room right here and we will blow it up not that I'm really blowing anything up I'm like creating I'm a creator and this one is a little bit better it's like an upgrade let me find the door getting lost here and yeah this one um there's actually a furnace in it there's nothing in the furnace don't worry check it for you and a bed as well and the best one of course is the brick house so make it right here and yeah I think this is it for the like creating a building explosives Oh chicken are you alright yes fine don't worry that he got like hit in the wall right there so yeah this is the best one it has like a nice floor made of wool on the bed something got messed up there but normally works and there's a furnace and this one even has a chest in it too so pretty cool so the next one is fire TNT you could probably imagine what this does and I love the animation some of them are really cool so we're about to start a fire right now BAM fire all over the place I think that is so cool I'm not sure why you'd want to do it maybe to kill some mobs or something um let's try to comment down with some snow yeah there is snow TNT as well like I mentioned there's a lot of unique versions of TNT like they did a lot with this mod snow so if you want your house in like a snowy type area you gotta could add some snow to her if you just want like snow for some snow golems that'd be perfect and this one is the ocean Tod and it like literally creates an ocean sort of it's like a lake here we go and it looks so cool there's like water coming out of it probably should back up a little bit though and there we go there's even squids look at them they're swimming through it and it looks like it connected to everything else but um yeah the water is like flowing down I've noticed this sort of an issue like the water will just stop in one spot and start flowing down but it definitely is very cool I'm the next one is Hellfire probably shouldn't be near the water for that one and this one is interesting I haven't seen anything like this before all right so Hellfire kind of makes it in the nether and that is awesome right there ready for a cool explosion and here we go come on it's big it's time it's freaking me out actually and there we go there's gas around and a lot of fire and as you can tell some of these take a few seconds to actually like generate probably because they're so cool and there's like lava there – I'm so the next one this one's important vaporized what it does it gets rid of lava and water so probably gonna want to try it like you know next to the water so it actually does something so we'll put it right there and we will blow up vaporize this water fell right in the water it should work doesn't actually destroy blocks and there we go got rid of a lot of the water right there so yeah if you want to get rid of an ocean you definitely could do that alright so we are onto the end or bomb this one is interesting – it doesn't like teleport you but it knocks you back like a million feet so I'm gonna stand right here right in front of it creative mode it works – and here we go whoa how sick was that so yeah it knocked me really far away now I'm falling to my doom so if you were in survival that probably would be a problem I'd imagine alright now we're on to the nucular TNT so this one right here I think this is the one that puts like this like nuclear waste on the ground I'm not 100% sure till we do it though I'm pretty sure it kills trees though and here we go I'm so impatient I just want to blow up and yeah that would knock me back – and all this stuff on the ground is nuclear waste and I'm pretty sure it hurt the trees yeah it doesn't look so good over here big explosion knock me back and nuclear waste everywhere and if you're in survival if you step on this it hurts you like this sheep right here do you mind testing this for us let this hurt you take it well yeah it's dangerous Oh God get off it it's dangerous okay it's too late now the Sheep has died rest in peace alright guys so the next TNT is freeze TNT and what it does it like freezes everything around it like this tree will become an ice tree in one second we will test it here we go and yeah this tree should completely freeze into ice BAM pretty cool I like it as a cool look to it the tree is obviously very unhappy but um you can definitely turn things into ice and this one is the floating TNT it like Rises into the air and then explodes like I'm trying to find like a good spot to use this where it would really help us like I don't know why you would actually use it but um it is interesting so I put down like at the bottom of this very very small mountain actually maybe down here to be better you know put it in here and it's gonna rise into the air and explode look at it going up I hope the pig survives it might not I'm pretty sure it's a decent-sized explosion yeah it was a nice explosion pretty big right it really destroyed the land I'm the next one is chemical TNT there is just so many kinds of TNT here and this one I'm not sure what it does I can't remember but yeah it does that cool like explosion down into the ground you ought to get down deep that is gonna work like chemicals some have destroying the land alright Saranda erupting TNT I feel like it like a rub some more TNT or something like that yeah there we go TNT flying into the air and coming down and exploding the pig is watching and then he died so yeah that is very awesome right there I'm the next one is cubic TNT this one it kind of just makes like a cubed area like a small cube area so I'll explode it right right there and you'll see what I mean this one not too spectacular like some of the other ones but it does something useful I guess so yeah it made a square for you so if you wanted to build a base underground it might be really useful but other than that I'm not really sure why you'd use it the next one is multiplied t on what this one does it like multiplies the blocks it blows up it like doubles them but it doesn't work with any good block so don't put like diamonds around it cuz you're not gonna get double blocks back so you're gonna see I'm gonna get like a lot of dirt compared to how much blew up like right there yeah there's a lot of dirt and stone right there like double the amount any good ORS just won't work like you can't like cheat and get extra like that then you can just like keep blowing stuff up over and over again on this one goosed TNT what it does it actually sinks down into the ground and then blows up down there obviously it's gonna be hard to tell where it blew up so just to show you guys an example I'm gonna put one at the top of the jungle tree and then we'll actually be able to see the explosion cuz I don't want to dig all the way under the ground trying to find where it exploded alright now we could find this it's probably just a little bit deeper here alright where are you there we go so yeah I made this hole right here here mobs so yeah if you wanna make a hole underneath the ground from above the ground you now are able to do that so the next TNT to look at is drilling TNT and what it does is it drills a hole down basically to bedrock it's like a one hole down you'll see what I mean in a second oh I was wrong that was the wrong one that one does a big hole dig don't fall in what are you doing what are you doing why you committing suicide don't do that what why would you do that you didn't have to you jumped like five times right there um I gotta confuse with this one digging TNT does the one hole I know they look really similar that's why so yeah that's the good one this is the mediocre one want to get down to the ground like once well don't go in there he's looking in it's too dangerous don't go in your friend you saw what happened to him he got stuck in the hole the same could happen to you I won't allow it see you listen to me but yeah this one is much bigger and cooler all the animals are like getting tricked by it they want to go in alright so this one is the timer TNT and it like takes a while to blow up I'll show you guys right here um so it's gonna switch back right now it's in green that means you have a long time it's kind of like a streetlight you know when it's green you have plenty of time just go then it turns to yellow you have less time I'm pretty sure that's what it's based off of it has to be and now that it's turning red it's gonna blow up soon so you might want to get away not a big explosion but I like the idea of it like that would actually be useful and like survival cuz you'd have time to like run away not to kill yourself alright so we are on to reaction to yet it's pretty cool-looking I like that all the TN t–'s look like completely different it is a blue color to it got like some kind of weird colors coming off it and here we go giant explosion that was pretty sick oh my god it's never-ending it is never-ending now that is a big explosion see the cool thing is some of these T's don't go in like one shot like the times 501 so you can get a big explosion like this without it like you know destroying your Minecraft cuz it does it like a little bit at a time and another dungeon these are driving me crazy why are there so many of these around what's in here guys just checking I was curious don't mean to bother you and your little home here what's the next one anyway I'm animal TNT this one's kind of cool it actually isn't just animals it probably should be called mob TNT what it does it creates like all the mobs in Minecraft and like one cluster so we'll put it down right here I wouldn't call them animals but you know you can if you want and it's about to explode BAM lots of animals and stuff there's mushrooms it's pretty weird isn't it which is zombie pigmen if you really want to fight you like that TNT alright so the next one is sand firework so what its gonna do is make fireworks for you but it's out of sand get ready for it here comes the sand I think it's cool though and now there is sand all over your world I would actually hate that and survive I'll be like oh my god I got to clean this up now look terrible okay so this one the floating island TNT what it does it copies the ground like let's say um this stuff over here what is going on are you alright saved your life big I thought you were a sheep for some reason oh that's gonna copy the ground and put it into the air the thing is you can't put like diamonds there you know so you get extra diamonds it just doesn't work that way it doesn't work with any good blocks I like the block though and it still looks like TNT cuz the top it looks pretty awesome here we go we're gonna blow it up and this gram should be in the air wait for it get a good view come on this is another where the was it's kind of hard to generate and some stuff fell but she gives at the top here imagine they'll be trees yes there we go so yeah here's all the sand and everything you can't bring like diamonds and stuff up that's one of the downfalls of it but it's very cool you can have like a house up in the air so the next one is gravity TNT and what it does it grabs like everything towards it the gravity grabs it and I am even getting pulled in I'm trying to get far enough away so it doesn't happen to me and they're all gonna get thrown into the air it is so awesome oh here we go blow and there they come high into the air and crashing down obviously easily killing everything but how cool is that Oh more moose shrimps oh it's raining the chicken is the chicken is trying to float its way down safely that is so nice I've never seen anything like that before that's pretty awesome umm but yeah you can kill a lot of mobs with that and just make them rain from the sky alright the next one another like sky thing this one is TNT fireworks and here we go TNT should rain down and it happens for a while too like there's lots of explosions and what I noticed is after a bit like one or two will still keep flying down like it is right now they come down for like a minute it's very cool yeah big explosion the land here I've totally annihilated this world for this review any more TNT check-in I heard another there's another one see they keep coming down alright so we are on to Easter TNT actually just called Easter Egg I thought it was Easter too I thought everything was TNT but um this one right here basically it's gonna make a lot of different stuff you'll see in a second I'm sorry guys that are close to this and yeah there are pumpkins and melons it's not done either it keeps going more of them blowing up I don't even want to move it's freaking me out so yeah if you have really want pumpkins and melons you can get so many I've never seen so many pumpkins and melons in my life like he doesn't even wanna load here but ya can't kind of weird right um there is one or kind of TNT called custom TNT basically you can go into the config file and customize it to how big of an explosion and stuff like that I didn't actually do anything with it but um you can make something really cool you can even make a giant massive explosion if your computer can handle it and definitely have some fun with that they actually also added in some dynamite and it's pretty much the same as TNT but I believe it's a little bit weaker that is normal dynamite times 5 and these don't crash your Minecraft as easily I've noticed times 20 this one times 100 throw right in the middle there we go and 500 should work this has worked for me every time tried it big explosion come on Doug crash me I'm actually nervous now there we go yeah that is that is a nice explosion right there and we're gonna try the meteor one which is like the ultimate D&D in this mod and you can actually see like a meteor come down see it in one second come on meteor there it is and there we go a massive crater they like knock me back and there's like fire in it too I'm this one is flat dynamite flatten it out of it here try to get down to actually see it didn't really flatten it out that much let me try it again throw a couple yeah this is one of the last mods you're ever gonna work with and here comes the mining one again let me just toss it like in there like that and yeah like flattens it out for you it's pretty cool so they actually didn't make dynamite for every single kind of TNT yet but I figured I should just show you guys them all anyway on this one it's compact dynamite nice explosion there and then those should blow as well and I feel like the dynamite will work a lot better if your PC isn't that good I mean they seem to you know not lag me too badly this one's fire dynamite turn everything into flames snow dynamite snow in the ocean dynamite ocean right there vaporize let's get rid of it there we go I'm sorry squids here is Hellfire once again there's a ghast for us and let's see what is left and or dynamite just throw me back if you can there we go and the last wall chemical dynamite I really like that one the fax just looks so cool it made a really big hole down there so yeah guys that is about all there is to show with this mod there are tons of kinds of explosives to mess around with if you want to check it out the download is in the description and if you enjoyed the review I'd really appreciate it if you left a like and subscribed it really does help me out thanks for watching guys I will see you next time

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