hey what's up dudes it's pat and welcome back to another minecraft video we have amazing news today guys love Cubs once again came to the rescue I told him to create a game that was amazing in roblox and he's like not a problem in somehow has recreated Bubblegum's simulator into Minecraft I don't know how he did it but I'll be got some stuff over here guys he can literally do anything I'll have a link down below to his channel after pet simulator I was like maybe you should try to make another one cuz I was like one of my most fun games I've ever played before you're a fabulous genius man alright so we have these nice pictures over here says coins will spawn around the floor of each area and on the way up to the next area jewels will also spawn and random places throughout buying gum will increase the number of coins you get and increase how high you flow so we're gonna be floating instead of jumping in this version I'm in buying pets we'll give you random buffs that will make it easier slow fall pets come in handy to avoid death luck pets will make the jewels you collect more valuable in order to win you must collect all 11 bubbles and bring them to the top point in the map in order to float up you must be wearing your bubble on your head that's right then you must look straight up the bubble won't last for long so make sure you get to where you are going as fast as you can and when you are ready to begin press this button look at this gelatinous pizza wait there's also a pet daycare oh I looked at this so I guess if you get too many pets and they're like bothering you you throw them in that hole it's so sad it says you keep the effects but the pets gone it's a forever commitment because there's literally a hole to the point I'm pretty sure okay so I'm hitting us over here and they should start the map and dudes if you're new to the channel definitely crush that like button you literally will never see anything else anywhere like this in Minecraft we have the best creators in the entire world so definitely stick around drop a like on this video and subscribe and also ring the bell so you can see more amazing stuff like this one as well but I kind of already started I'm gathering all the coins okay so right now I have the pink bubble level one floating okay so if you hit this over here okay so when you click these it shows you the different bubbles oh and it shows different youtubers blowing now oh wait come here there's a pink bubble haha alright so it has to be set to level two okay there we go look over here there's a pink bubble Lee wait whoa whoa I bet you that's valuable oh yeah I think that looks like diamonds yes I'm gonna get first alright what I think oh I see another one over here so we should probably try to get like new bubbles and stuff oh yeah that's what I'm thinking am i lagging I don't know not move me god my skit oh okay it's fine now oh by the way love cup said this games really hard to run so good luck with your laptop he said that his like sounded like it was gonna blow off but it seems like so cool I'm gonna get up to about a thousand right now and I'm gonna check out the shop and see what I can actually buy awesome okay so I've got 1,000 gold me – lets go to the shop okay so for 500 gold I can get the pink bubble so I'm gonna buy that okay so I've got it right here okay so basically he said you put this on your head right oh my god so if you look up you start floating what happens okay but you have to land okay you know this is the worst bubble effort regen we can't afford the first ped egg cone egg okay so we really need to like improve ourselves okay so I'll put in the paper and I've hired it oh it gives me speed so I can run around more perfect so if you go to this section guys I have unlocked speed one in the first area oh you had a chick – oh yeah I got chick so should I see if I could somehow get up to one of these clouds yeah do it oh wait okay so you look straight up and it makes you float but no we've need a way better once you get up to the clouds oh yeah our problems like so bad I'm getting some good money I want to get better pets we should try to like collect all the pets that we can oh yeah that's what I'm thinking all right so I've already got two thousand a week how much is Dom uncommon egg I don't know those are two thousand but I think I should get some of the other ones first oh I got a goal my pizza all right get a lot of Pizza jack 50 coins okay let me buy a bunch of those I got luck okay so luck is gonna be really helpful Oh slow fall we definitely need that one don't we alright alright great job I'm gonna get some pizza as well okay yeah just once I've got the go and I've got the chicks so I've got luck and I also have speed which is actually gonna be really useful I think speed again Oh jet the blue bubble is 1,000 I can afford it I'm gonna buy it right now oh yeah buy it okay so this will be my new bubble I think I'm gonna buy another pet or I'm gonna see if I can actually land on this now all right here we go oh so close to the first cloud oh you have to go do Oh feeling lucky alright so this will make things more valuable for you so you get way more money okay very nice oh I think I've had idea oh I want to see how far you could jump now alright so I think maybe we could reach a cloud if we climb all the way to like the top of this over here yep I'm gonna be going up in a second are you ready yeah watching okay go it's not that easy wait how much is the next one it's really nice stuff a little bit more money no you have to buy everyone's who complete the game I can't skip one no you can't skip any okay okay on my screen he's like not there so I'm gonna slice to kill myself and see if he comes back alright okay he's back now you get that one and then I am gonna see what's after that wait how much is the next egg it's okay I'm gonna save up for the next egg it's 2000 and it's 2500 for the green bubble which joel is blowing for us now okay maybe that'll be good enough yeah I think so okay I've got 2,500 I'm gonna buy it oh yeah yeah do it over 3,000 okay so I'm gonna put this one on so I've got three of these so far okay so do you think I could reach this clown I think you might be able to here we go Amanda oh where do you go from there there's so much money on it so I can maybe get two maybe I can jump to the other side a to the other one yeah let's try that I'll just kill myself I got a bird oh there oh it's beautiful no it's not it's right here where are you why am I not here screech there boy your pets are here but you know what the birds missing oh oh it's so ugly like my screen doesn't want to look at it all right I'm gonna buy the common egg I'm going for it okay mm egg did I even get anything oh you got the bird – wait is it this one no it's the brown one oh don't worry some reason it's not appearing on your screen I realized in my bird is right here yeah you found him oh he's beautiful what does he do oh that's hungry I needed that so badly I didn't even like check to see what mine did when I got it all right that's not cool at all jab alright so next up for 5,000 sund'ys purple bubble I think this is gonna help me get to the next area alright I'm gonna purchase the green bubble okay I'm gonna go we check there's so many like delicious diamonds on the ground for us to pick off Oh perfect oh wait I've so much money up at 9000 how much is the next peg alright the next penny I didn't even check that one yet oh wait let me flow up here a 15,000 you should save up for it oh I'm going to die I literally died alright but about ten thousand beautiful gold new island up there yeah there's islands and all kinds of stuff for us to collect and we get higher oh yeah we ever do all right so I've got ten thousand which means I really need this bubble okay the one from Sandy I bought it I now have the purple one so I've got four of the bubbles I'm going up to the next I'll base you to the next later okay alright so do you have the purple one yet or no all right so we're gonna it's only five thousand oh it's actually pretty cheap alright so you go up here Oh God oh hi okay so you have to be like perfectly prepared for which one you're gonna land on okay alright like this one oh that's really good way to I know I'm Way too high okay I think this one right here is gonna be the one that I can land on just not the purple but what all right Jen this could happen right now okay I'm coming up right now this could happen I'm coming this could happen let's get open land in the water this is going do you make it help no I'm gonna leave them in the water though oh wait I didn't get new pets let me see what I have so far so I almost afford the next one its 15,000 you should just save up or it no but I need more loft I need luck to from the on common one definitely okay okay that's really I look to from this and I love the ten eggs all right and I have now purchased myself oh but it starts in a hipster what is it oh oh you're so cute I wanna see it oh oh he makes me run all right I've hired him I'm gonna hire another one I really want to get the look so I get more money down here so I can get up to the next level oh I got a white hamster now oh he makes me run as well so he does the same thing all right so let me collect some stuff while that is doing that let me flow actually know if I float oh God the next one is 7,500 weight that's not even bad you can afford no I'm going I'll see you in the next area I'm totally gonna make it okay I think I could land maybe at the one that's up here this one this all the way off come on come on you do it oh wait I could do this in one gulp I want it oh my god I'm gonna panting OH are there bubbles and stuff on the clouds oh yeah there's all kinds of like goodies okay I'm gonna make this so this is one we were meant to get to get to the next level okay and up tomorrow I did snowfall oh my god I need slow for I can't do it oh no oh my god oh my god nice low ball right now oh no there might be a way that we can do what I just thought of Oh all right you're gonna see oh this I got the lucky one that's what I really wanted Oh perfect alright so this is what I'm thinking what we could do is beg our head on purpose before we get to the top and then slowly climb out okay so I'm gonna bang my head right I'm gonna do this perfectly I just need to get some more coins man up it I mean it maybe I could do it with this bubble I'm gonna try alright yet I'm in the second layer now and there is money everywhere and there's a giant rainbow oh no oh this is awesome no oh oh I found the next some gum store up here okay oh it's you we are their pets up there do you or no oh no all the pets are down below but the new gum stores are higher up so the one is some 10,000 up here and it's you that's blowing the bubble oh is it it's a pink bubble oh my gosh I want that why are you calling I'm trying I need the bad bubble oh I can afford it right now oops I accidentally flew very high into the air okay I'm buying the orange bubble I'm going to die very soon oh my god you get so high over here alright so this is gonna bring oh yeah so bring it all the way back down to the bottom layer or I need to get more money for when I go back down because I really want to get the 15,000 over in the rainbow where it's ten thousand from you all right so I have 15,000 go wheel up here look at the rainbow so I can go down I think you get the new path okay yeah do it alright okay is there an easier way down oh thanks let me see the die alright let me grab that me jump up there okay yeah I am now let me know a bit okay so I do have to kill myself every once in a while they spawn in invisible so there we go okay fifteen thousand coins hope it's worth it but so these guys is a rare egg okay what did you get it I don't know where'd he go check it out guys I actually got a peacock this time its lucky so I'm gonna get so much more money now oh this is perfect alright so I still have 2500 left over and I when I grab this stuff now I'm getting like a thousand from the pink bubbles which is perfect money so quickly now so what should be the next challenge Jen okay so you know what I'm thinking alright okay I've no idea next island next bridge straight to the next Island yes alright let's go okay all right I'm going you got it right now right now all right let me just land right here boom and let me get up whee I don't think that's gonna get you to the next Island no problem I'm gonna check alright so let me get all this stuff over here this should get me up to 10k okay okay I'm going up right now okay oh good luck I hope you die it's a lot higher to get up here yeah but you could land like halfway though if you want alright I have now purchased the next one oh it's yellow I thought I was paying for some reason oh wait I'm getting up like really high oh oh do you make it all right what I wanted but I think it's doable I want to land just so that I can get the money from the one that I laid on um – hi – hi please I need to get back there oh I might land please have enough snowfall no okay guys this is what I'm realizing it says I haven't gotten slow fall so I think I need to get that in a matter what so I'm gonna open the common one which is only 500 until I get slow fall then hopefully I'll never die again and I could really collect things easier all right I'm just gonna make okay good luck I have a strategy that is going to work hopefully all right so I'll just hire you I'm gonna end up with like a thousand pets I think are you know these are my family Chad oh we got the pig oh wait oh I finally got slow fall all right there we go so this is exactly what I need so that I will never die now guys oh yeah I got the chicken I mean the pig totally no chicken yeah I can slow fall now and I think I'm gonna make it up to the next area I know exactly what I need to do okay all right so just fly out there my bubble seems to be working now I made it I'm in the next area in the rocket land does it look cool oh yeah it looks amazing look nice man the huge rocket ship oh okay wait but I didn't buy all the bubbles that I need all right the next one up is 50,000 Chad what that is so expensive nice but you know what there's probably like a lot of money I can make up here look oh yeah yeah you gotta get your lock off oh I made it to the rocket area oh wait you did yeah yeah oh okay we're gonna both be in this area together then okay I'm trying to go down I really really wanna get some money all right I'm gonna have to going so high up from my bubble I have the gold bubble right now – all right so have like 7,000 pass with me I need more pets just go down and buy some pets like so many pets not even what to do with that all right so I could jump higher but I really just want to collect money so oh wait there's one man I kind of wish though that like the we're on every level so I don't have to keep going back down no but we have slow fall down okay yeah that's true all right oh maybe if I land on the rocket ship I need to make it over to that alright I need to get somebody right now anybody all right so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna collect all this over here then I think I'm gonna jump down on the clouds whoa I'm like gliding down I know it's perfect isn't it alright so I'll be down there in about an hour I know but it makes you collect so much money on the way down because you just land on every bubble oh yeah you weren't doing that were you know it's like so valuable oh man all right so all I have to do is just plan where my next drop is going to be I'm gonna drop on to this one and then I will jump over to the other side yeah this is so useful because you can get so much more money like this yeah we have so much right now I think you stole some of these I shouldn't have given you this tip like all these ones that I was going to get gem got now alright I have 40 oh I'm gonna get enough so I can get two pets from it you're gonna get 60 yeah I'm gonna get 60 RF 46,000 you can afford the bubble I don't care about the ball oh it's a pass alright wait let me eat my pizza over here oh I already got 60,000 I'm coming okay here we go alright so I will head down over here alright see this isn't that bad would you get something good yes tiger oh and it makes me run quicker ooh okay that's useful I want something better though I like it alright so so rare ones are how much 15 you know I'm just gonna buy a bunch of rare ones okay no because there's some really good things we need from that I know I'm gonna get that next I'm gonna get three or four rare ones right now I got an elephant a Byzantine was it you okay he gives no hunger like level two which is good because I don't want to starve but the cool lookin elephant your the Byzantine guy everyone knows what it's called wait my elephant standing on something look at the Hedgehog oh my god it's adorable it's speed three all right I'm hiring him or I'm gonna buy two more eggs over here give me some walk I need the money oh I hit the peacock it's gotta be long right yes okay so I have Locke level three all right I unlocked every rare ability the only thing I'm missing is on common left – but I already have luck three so I'm on to epoch next the matter why it's probably a lot you're missing everything will you do speed for at least which is good okay good I don't want to throw my pets away I think it would be sad like I mean I like to have them all around me yeah just keep them all to surround my body yes remember we view every single bubble for it to count we can't beat the game unless you buy every single one okay so after my mine so I'm gonna buy this one over here and I'll replace that and the next one after mine is a lizzi's bubble how many more of levels are there after the rocket was this public what level maybe I bought Lizzie's bubble as well so I have some really good bubbles and I've completed by all the bubbles in the rainbow area now all right so let me just grab all this money over here all right this is awesome now and I'm getting so much money at the same time and it's thirty thousand for the really expensive pets right all right yeah I need thirty thousand so I could buy two eggs all right I'm about to hit thirty thousand so I can buy one of the really epic eggs I'm coming down okay let me land on this one okay I've got thirty thousand just about I just need to land on one more egg and then I'm gonna buy the Epis one like you okay you know I'm buying too rare since I completely skip rabbits all right yeah you should at least try to get some of us Texas they're not that expensive okay so right now oh my god the Byzantine out of me no longer starving that's good very good news I am collecting a couple things around here while you buy your pets all right next one let's do it again we can't be near each other when we buy the pet it teleports away anyway so I'm kind of just running around collecting I got a normal elephant oh oh that's good I'm gonna get the epic one now and what I could yeah I really want flip I guess why I like beat the game right yes true all right here we go to be flying it'd be a bird please be a bird it's a bird oh my god you could just fly up I think so wait higher I can fly oh my god you know easy there's gonna be yeah that's the only way to get flying oh all right so that's really good for me okay I need to get that now all right I should probably buy a new bubble suit yeah because remember you can't beat the game unless you collect every single bubble I don't think it was that bad for the one that I have my bubble and then after that you have lizzi's which wasn't that bad either okay so the price for mine is 15 I think hers is 25 that's okay all right but I'm going to the next area jab yeah let me know what's up there all right I'm gonna just collect lots of eggs on the way I'm gonna land on Atlanta every single thing all right bubbles well I mean you're probably not gonna lay it out of anyways oh you're just jumping off two years I'm trying to like perfectly land on everything yeah well I can't perfectly land I can't control myself as well as you I know because I can fly oh man this is just this is water for this point I know this is good I want to see much the bubbles are in the next area yeah there's that much oh I might sneeze I don't know what to do about that oh you can take that one okay a little little tiny bit further here and I have reached little air that's up here and this is where I'm gonna check the price for the next bubbles because we needed by every single one to actually win okay all right forty-two thousand over here okay I made it oh there's so money I didn't mean to job and now I banged my head there's like so much money on the rocket level now I'm can you not take it just save them but it's response no just you just keep going just be there in two seconds it's just for every spawn stuff in two seconds yeah nobody spotted two seconds oh man I'm getting so much this level Jen there's just so much on the ground whenever you even pick up the little sunflowers no the sunflowers are very valuable oh they are yeah they are like way more than I thought awesome okay oh the cloud bubble oh wait it's huge in my hands oh yeah this bubbles really big oh my God look at it alright so I've got that one the one after that one is seven oh the cleaner bubble 75000 I bought it you see it wait wait wait wait alright there it is so I am on to chat I think there's only one more bubble after this one wait is that like the next goal yeah is the winner whoever beats the game is the winner it was seeing every bubble to get to the final area I believe working on the bubbles I need a bunch more we the best bubble in the game is the Tia bubble how much is it 100,000 my gosh so yeah collecting money here is the best spot because there's just so much that you pick up all right so I'm just gonna get my can oh wait are you flying through the sky right now I'm like working my way down right now there's so many on the rocket ship for you to get those oh wait there is I'll go get them okay yeah you can go get them yeah there's like tons on the rocket ship on the ground alright let me get these over here oh man the money is flying in I'm gonna have the hundred thousand for the table she is gonna be so happy when she finds out she's the best bubble with me alright ooh I'm at 80 mm okay the bubbles on the last layer oh but you know what I want to do I still need to get all the pets so I'm gonna by pets once I get 90,000 I'll be able to buy three of all oh yeah good idea wait let me just collect these over here perfect I've got oh wait 97 thousand did you make it way up to the next area yet no because then I'll beat the game kind of okay and I don't watch that while the past looks like I feel like you should have to unlock all the pets of the highest here as well and then you know what fencers kill myself when I be at the bottom oh yeah that's true although I feel like English is what I do that sometimes should I do it do it do it I'm at the bottom I'm at the bottom did it work then everything's broken why did I do this alright and I'm at the bottom in everything's still broken twelve seconds later alright guys I have tons of money for epic eggs and I want to unlock some of the coolest hats right now I got nyan cat look for nyan cat has been added to my team all right so the only thing I'm missing is speed for from the highest here alright yeah that's all missing I want it though okay I got okay I got a normal cat not quite as cool obviously all right so once again this is locked for so I will hire that one did you we aren't the pets though oh I think I have the creeper cat all right excuse me little bubble not working you wait you don't have flight do you know I don't fly I have looked for so I can literally like fly up right now but I really really really want to get oh yes oh my god I'm collecting everything down here I'm gonna be able to get to more of every eggs okay wait this is awesome just collect this over here yeah that's 72 thousand more I just want to get like the best stuff in the whole game you really need to get flight I got another bird so I have flight like two times now I will hire you in a hole somehow wait really yes you can tell watch me after I open this okay no I'm actually okay now oh you're a dragon you got a dragon oh I got it's right another flight I have so many fly animals oh man that is so sick all right you come down if you are one I'm like literally like cleared out this entire area okay I'm gonna go buy one and hope that I get played all right 26000 I've got 33,000 yeah I really really really want to get this last one moment late l okay guys I'm going around and there's so many bubbles in the sky that have like overlapped each other so I'm getting ridiculous amounts of money at this point I have enough to beat the game and to get every path a light one I have 240 mm that is insane yeah I'm getting just so much all right let me go down and let me get some of these final pets I don't have too many pets I probably should throw some away no you can't throw them away all right the family you're right all right here we go and okay I got another dragon I don't think I wanted my team though have a dragon all right let's see how about this one oh I got like a really cool cat on this one missing I just got it I have speed for wait it's just like I want to hire you please all right okay hire it I have achieved every single of the epic ones guys you know what that means I am going to be flying all the way to the top now wait Fred look straight up make me float I promise I'm flying a thing my bubble is broken oh here we go all right no it's just fine no it's not mine this is fine okay guys this is the final one in the game I am buying the disco bubble from Tia so all I have to do is buy this one over here which is ridiculous in size Jen okay can I just teleport to you because I really want to see that area okay okay come to me right now okay all right so look at this bubble is this not beautiful wait I thought you were in the next area no I just bought the Tia bubble I said I was up here I thought you bought the Tia bubble no wait I thought you did oh okay wait you're way behind that oh I was so sure that you said I think you might accidentally said to you when you bought it I said Lizzie oh we're gonna see in the video we'll see you the video wait the next area looks really cool the actual winner is whoever makes it up there I'm like I'm like up there I don't know what you mean because I've literally made love here I'm flying all the way to the top now because I have flight you didn't get flat right I didn't give light we and I think I have law okay so it says click button to check which bubbles you have oh there's destroy win oh man this area is so sick so it shows all the bubbles and that lights them up if you have them this is Jen side she's missing the three best bubbles yes wait and then there's a portal up here okay so it says this is your bubble collection this is so simple it's so big oh thank you that's what she said it says fly around in spectator look at this guys I don't even need to be inspecting it while I do it across this invisible wall actually key mood spec tea tour and you can see look at all this effort that mob comes put in the map it was amazing once again it was so fun like I really love these maps guys I'm gonna keep having and make more because I really really enjoy them but um yeah dudes if you're new to the channel be sure to smash that subscribe button also smash that like button as well it also ringing the bell bat would mean the world to us you won't see anything like this anywhere else and we'll see you next time

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