(upbeat electronic music) (bowl clinks) (upbeat music) ♪ Flintblocks, meet the Flintblocks ♪ ♪ The best building game in history ♪ ♪ They dig down to bed rock,
crafting for their inventory ♪ (dramatic music) – Zoinks! It’s, it’s-!! – Ruh-roh. – Hang on, Scoob. – Calm down gang, it’s just
a local police officer. Nothing to worry about. – Alright, like nothing
to worry about man. – You were right to be on high alert – High. (Scooby laughs)
(audience laughs) – You need to get out of here, now. I suggest you get in that
goofy ass van of yours and drive until you’re as
far out of Raccoon City as that tank of gas will take you. – We’re not leaving until we solve this city’s zombie mystery. – There’s no mystery. These are real zombies. (teeth chattering) – Real zombies? Are you sure? Did you even try to pull their masks off? – Lady, if you don’t
believe me, look behind you. One of these things just ate the skin right off your friend’s face. – Gee, they sure did Velma! (upbeat electronic music) – Now that Sonic is a big movie star, do you think they’ll give
him a rad Hollywood makeover? – Careful what you wish for kid. Don’t forget what they
did to the Mario Brothers. – Don’t be a downer, Knuckles. It’s gonna be amazing. He’s blue, he’s fast,
what’s there to mess up? – [Tails] Look, he’s back! (shoes screeching) – [Sonic] I’m back. (Tails sobbing) – [Sonic] Wait, Tails, it’s me. What’s wrong? – Your eyes, they’re not even touching! Oh, God! (retching) (light scraping) – See for yourself. (dramatic music) – No, it can’t be. They said they were gonna do it right. No, no! (upbeat music) – [Announcer] And now, back to
Assassin’s Creed, Red Scare. (people laughing) – (sighs) I told you, sir. The target was sent to Basil Tower. – [Man] That’s correct, the green tower. – I am on the green tower. – [Man] Which green tower, agent? – [Agent] It’s like an ice
cream cone with the swirls. – [Man] What color are the swirls? – Yellow, maybe gold. I don’t know. – [Man] Wrong tower, agent. Target is in the tower that
looks like a gingerbread house. Do you copy? (sharp whooshing) – God damn it. ♪ Teenage shut-in keyboard warriors ♪ ♪ Teenage shut-in keyboard warriors ♪ ♪ Teenage shut-in keyboard warriors ♪ ♪ We comment on your
videos, Netgear power ♪ (upbeat electronic music) – Quick, someone worked
really hard to create a video we totally don’t have to watch. – (laughs) What a loser. – Let’s shit on ’em. (keyboards clacking) ♪ Teenage shut-in keyboard warriors ♪ ♪ We comment on your
videos, Netgear power ♪ (crowd cheering) – Touchdown, Houston. Boy, I tell ya, Al, I
love these big tight ends. You just heave the ball up
there and boom, touchdown! – And now, back to the action. (whistle blowing) (crowd cheering) (electronic beeping) (calm music) – [Announcer] To continue
watching EA Sports’ presentation of NFL football, call now. For just 5.99 a quarter, you can enjoy the football game you already paid for. Callers in the next five
minutes are eligible for a special offer on our season pass for the low price of three
installments of $1,995.95. Call now, operators are standing by. (static crackles) (calm music) (static crackles)

100 thoughts on “MINECRAFT and SONIC as OLD SCHOOL CARTOONS | Animation

  1. Lol i can just imagine how long scooby and the gang will survive in racoon city……..

    Probably not as long as a regular person to be honest

  2. EA Sports: if you lose play on Sport game match then you need pay $5.99 to win sport match and Famous & most favorites Rosters DLCs will be $1.99 each to unlocked Rosters players to play.

  3. I never tought I would cringe This hard… At least the art and eff9rt is good, so is the voice acting, bur the fact that this is made for children and it has adults jokes is incredibly bad

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