Millie Bobby Brown Shows Us 22 Things That Are Stranger Than Stranger Things | Teen Vogue

watermelons are berries hi Teen Vogue it's Millie what we brown him the world is smelling some strange things and I'm about to show you some what sir cats can sleep but they can only dream when they're laying down just like a fingerprint everybody has their own unique tongue print researchers successfully made a live cat into a telephone this is one of the most popular things in the world right now and I really wish home in today this is underwear for house getting so weird you guys moths don't have stomachs and honeybees how is that this is that's amazing people whisper into microphones and make money this seems to soothe people it's called ASMR ah it's a type of volcanic lava I thought this was dog food this what's called a naked mole rat it's the ugliest thing I ever seen in my life what it is does it look weird there are scorpions in these lollipops people have they enjoy it boy stirs can change their gender because they can this isn't just any beanie this is a bearded beanie fashion right this isn't real animal it just doesn't look right does it spaghetti hat I would wear this so this is a iRobot I have one of these oh that's not real these are water bears and I like it I'd like to meet one face-kini it protects you from UV rays Wow people have pooped rat spots and it actually saves lives that's crazy I've got it

41 thoughts on “Millie Bobby Brown Shows Us 22 Things That Are Stranger Than Stranger Things | Teen Vogue

  1. That funny looking animal was a platypus and that water bear is called a tardigrade. Boom 20 strange facts I didn't know

  2. if you didn't know who that is it'll be a stranger showing strange things that are stranger than stranger things

  3. All the guys sayin ? u better be 14 I swear I’m 14 so I can do that but all y’all 20 year old people who are guys needddda chillllll

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