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there it is the most awesome roller coaster ever yeah blue awesome turns and you go is really hard the only problem is you gotta be this tall to ride it professor who can help us with that this will change you into a grown-up but are you sure you want to do this Milla absolutely well then here it goes Milla is that you oh no oh oh wow you look so similar anyways you're tall enough enjoy the ride how was it it was awesome and now that I'm grown up I can do anything I've learned growing up careful who wants to ride the dolphin thank you I'm sorry miss but you are way too big to ride this dolphin let's pretend to be a teacher marvel I'm sorry miss but you're not allowed inside I'm Mila Zonk ah I heard you in town nice to meet you but Mila isn't here and I have to get back to class now goodbye being an adult is starting to become very boring this is a children's playground miss I'm going to have to find you oh I'm sorry but I cannot pay this I don't have any money then I suggest you get a job I don't want to be a grown-up anymore are you sure you want to be a little kid again I've never been so sure in my life [Applause] milla milla have you heard Hey what they're building another rollercoaster this time it's gonna be even bigger that's nice don't you want to become big again to ride it no way being a grown-up was not as much fun as I thought I'm going to enjoy being the little kid for as long as I can Oh No tree my poor little sheep went missing Marshall and I can help you find them Norville let's go hey sheep it's time to go home blabbermouth misses you very much what will morph into a flying tractor we're going on there you are they're way too loud over there hey bar geeks what's this why is there a ball ruining my perfect lawn oh no you don't this is my ball now can we please have our ball back mr. van der booth no you can't maybe now you won't play so loudly [Applause] how will we ever get our ball back now serve you right you cheeky monkey oh are you all right I think I know how we can get the ball more flow more into a dangerous now let's dig a tunnel to the neighbors I'm stuck sorry mr. Vander booth we will be more careful when we're playing yeah thank you I guess let's make sure the ball stays in are you mortal more into a big monster into a racecar I have a real racecar hmm I have a racecar – where is it right here I am a race guy there's that tree blocking a road mortal war into a kangaroo my car could just drop oh great we can cars can't just jump over death well mine can because it could grow my unicorn into a baggage my robot racecar her super booster rocket my unicorn mates car has a magic coin hey where's their employ let's go back marvel hey guys what didn't do you keep on more fulness way too fast for us hmm you know what why don't you guys join me inside more fold the rocketship we can share the forest is full of all sorts of different animals no no no there are no Tigers in the forest they live in the jungle but there are bees and ants living there and little bunnies very big bunny now mournful there are no kangaroos in the forest they live on the plains of Australia WoW is that a fox yes Sarah that's a very beautiful little fox no no no there are no monkeys in the forest you will never see any monkeys here oh these naughty monkeys escaped from the zoo when I told them it was time for their bath how will I ever find them here in this forest worried zookeeper Kenneth I think we can help a parrot ah that's the first one a dog and the second one a crocodile and that's the third I'm sure you have to take a bath but uh how about some ice cream when you're clean monkeys in this forest how about that I think animal could be in the forest when Warfel is around [Laughter] you we need to build a brand new house here but first we need to get rid of the old one more into a wrecking ball okay Marvel ready when you are okay robot dumptruck who clean up the mess with this amazing invention that we got from Professor Rasheed building new buildings is easier than ever now we are the construction zapper bag [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] marvel the wall oh let's jump ourselves some statues [Applause] you guys are headed to the police station [Applause] barbecue normal more into a dragon to now try to cheese it away whoa well I have mad that too now oh that's funny are you sure it's a magic pen yeah of course it's magic power is that it over there it's debated now we are the body buggers with this special magic pen we will be unstoppable [Laughter] [Applause] it's so cute but what does he do the bandits are gone no my magic pets superpower is that it if the bunny is scared he draws like a balloon I think it's starting to like me Oh No if the bunny is not scared we will fall scared bunny yawn I'm not going to scare the bunnies time it's my friend you are asleep earth bunny bunny are you there you are I'll take care of you – bye-bye I'm training for the bull riding competition but I only have this Kyle okay mournful this is the game farmer Bob is going to hold on as tightly as possible and you try to be whatever you [Applause] Wow Oh No are you ok farmer Bob oh I'm great water rush this was the best rodeo training I could ever imagine thanks a lot more fun something strange is happening for the last few days my chickens have been disappearing one by one every night that's strange that must be the chicken thief let's go it's a UFO we wanted the Fox but aliens lawful more into a rocket [Applause] readings Earthlings can I offer you some freshly baked pancakes they are quite tasty no those chickens but but you can't make pancakes without egg cos there are no egg beasts in space I am so sorry earthling Bob it wasn't my intention to steal your egg beasts I mean chickens all this good if you promise you won't take my chickens anymore you can cut once a week then I will give you aids I promise earthling Bob and in return I will give you some space pancakes

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