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[Applause] more fool hey there little guy it's just a harmless little spider look it's okay he's just curious I think he likes you you know what you could even morph into a spider yourself [Applause] Oh spider on your nose oh wow what are you going to do more fool [Applause] ready when you are mortal what on earth was that where did that big spider come from I think I heard it laughing that's crazy we are the lunch bandits yeah give us your lunch but I don't have any lunch your lunch money will have to do then [Applause] that doesn't look good safe and mournful give me back my sandwich no way giant spider time to get out of here yarn [Applause] Wow what hero you've saved everybody and my sandwich hmm and you're knocking scary after all well hello Mila and Morphin what are you two up to today we're playing with mortals favorite mister action is real great except for the bad guys of course like Professor evil oh wow how about we set him to life so he can really help the people in the city put it on the ground more for the fessor evil my enemy hand over that device oh all right well that was easy Oh time to help the city fall we have to get that light ray back Mooresville quickly anymore into a superhero too this calls for action don't worry ma'am I've got this leave this woman alone I'll take that boys that definitely calls for some action there you go honest citizen but those are the bad guys line never pays Peter fries [Applause] Oh why are you holding professor evil are you his henchman no this is Professor evil professor evil is a toy just like unions to be mr. action this is Professor Rasheed and he shouldn't be a toy Hey thank you for your explanation tiny blueberry girl but how can I fight professor evil now I must become a toy again myself no one can stop me now oh no what's the holdup you've caught us already yeah yeah I'll be there in a minute Wow look at all these pretty dresses being the princess must be so great I wish I was a princess I wish I lived in your time this is gonna be fun by milla I think you will make a great I hope so come on marvel those bandits we are not bandits we are sheriffs yes princess Lila and your father left us in charge while he is on his travels so we can take all the money we want well I'm the princess now so I have to help my people floral morph into Sir father's suit of armor it is me sir father give me back my taxi Oh sir you are back of course okay marvel now let's give office money back to the people that's not to be you sir father it's princess Lila hello Sheriff's I have returned from my travels me sir father yeah you can't trick us twice give me that beard sky it's not coming off pour order you to have committed the greatest of crimes and all the land pulling on the Kings beard I shall have you thrown into the dungeon laughs marvel I didn't know that being a princess was such hard work I wonder how Lila's doing in our time but Stein now that we have run away from the King we can never be sheriff's again yes your we are no longer the sheriff's from now on we will be and our children and the children's children and our children's children's children ha ha ha and their children's children's children don't worry madam I'll have your car fixed in no time wait a second I left my tools at the garage I'm always so forgetful am i but don't worry I'll tell you they're good wait you forgot to tell me can i play with your mister action action figure – mournful neither more fool come take a look at this new magic pet Wow what's its magic power daddy I'll show you Shelley P put everything on this counter into your shell oops no Shelley peed that's more full put everything back again sure that's hard work I think Shelley Peters a great magic pet daddy huh but where did it go oh no I think jelly Pete took MorphOS mister action figures don't worry mortal we'll get it back morph into a search dog hey Mila and Marvel have you seen my electric screwdriver it was right here oh no Shelly Pete must have taken it farmer Shelly beets trail marvel who stole my hammer it sounds like Shelly kid has been here – ah Mila Norville I seem to have misplaced my wrench have you seen it we're on the case professor Racine mechanic job can you help me sure first I would need an electric screwdriver oh hello there ah an electric screwdriver just what I needed thank you now I need a wrench you have a wrench as well great now I only need a hammer you wouldn't happen to you have all done I wouldn't have been able to fix the bus without your help you are the best magic pet have there you are Shelley peas and you'll have the mister action action figure did you take those other things from people without asking as well that's not good Shelley peed you should never take things from people without asking first great now let's give back everything else YouTube there is the rinche thank you now we can get your other leg fixed car robot wonder where that hammer is it couldn't have just walked away so you guys had my hammer kids these days no always taking whatever they bought your bed thank you you know Shelly peed if you would be my magic pet from now on you can hold all my tools for me so I won't forget them anymore yes Shelly peed you can take that hammer I think you and Shelly people be a great team mechanic ciao yeah there's no better magic pet for a forgetful mechanic like myself come to think of it I feel like I forgot something else as well mm-hmm what was it it's always the same as mechanics we just need you in the middle of nope do you want to come trick-or-treat with Phoebe I'm sorry guys but my mom never lets me trick-or-treat come on dear Oh oh well too bad let's go mortal I'm sorry Phoebe but you're a witch and you know what happens to witches when the Sun sets on Halloween always become evil Yeah right you even believes that old story Phoebe couldn't come with us [Applause] well more phul that was a really great costume we need to find out what's going on more full morph into a giant spider and follow the candy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what happened here after them more phone Phoebe are you okay I'm more than okay I haven't taken my sleeping potion and now Halloween's night has made me candy monster that will scare us more for more into a giant scary skeleton maybe a zombie would scare it more full oh I know what would scare a big pile of unhealthy candy more full more into a giant frightening wings it's too healthy for my poor candy monster can you get some sleep huh how could that be hey Phoebe do you want to help us deliver this candy to the other children did you collect more candy than you could eat yourselves last night oh well I think it's very nice that you want to share it with the rest of the children Thank You Mila [Applause] well it's a good thing we went my car roof it's chilly outside today are we drinking no the car is growing I can't reach the steering wheel anymore more into a plane [Applause] you have to put it into oh it's like we're not done yet you're going to be just fine Phoebe drink some tea and keep warm your cold will be over in a couple of days good chatting for the water oh no my truck quickly mournful morph into a giant tow truck Oh Thank You immortal you ever saved my ice cream time you what are you doing here and why is that car so big I'm afraid you did that Phoebe every time you sneeze you used your magic Oh No but no worries nothing bad happened let's go back to normal warble more than to a rocket wait a minute I think everybody could use a treat after this adventure and I have a lot of ice cream would you get it for me

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