Migrating Birds Hitting Buildings

These are research specimens of migratory
birds from the Field Museum in Chicago these are just one tray of specimens out
of more than 70,000 birds that have died hitting buildings in Chicago over the
past four decades a lot of these birds died because they were attracted by
artificial light emanating from buildings in Chicago many birds migrate
at night and for reasons that we still don’t totally understand the artificial
light coming from buildings actually disorients migratory birds and attracts
them and leads them to collide with buildings they fly under the cover of
darkness and we don’t see the migration “two south, one West two more south.” one of the
only ways that we can actually watch migratory birds flying at night is with
the use of a thermal imaging camera this allows us to see nocturnal migration in
action but we can’t tell which species are involved only through listening to
nocturnal flight calls can we actually identify these nocturnal migrants to
species and begin to learn about who is migrating when. migratory birds when
they’re flying many of them make these very faint subtle high-frequency
calls so what we think is happening is that Birds when they’re attracted to
light that they become disoriented and they’re flying around and they they we
think they’re actually calling more and making more nocturnal flight calls while
they’re flying and that this may in fact attract more members of the same species
to the light our study is a good example of the impact of artificial light on
migratory birds we show that the more light there is that the more birds
collide with certain buildings and so by continuing to try to turn lights off at
night when they’re not needed during bird migration will help to reduce the
impact of light pollution on bird mortality.

One thought on “Migrating Birds Hitting Buildings

  1. I sincerely hope something can be done to help prevent this awful thing. I adore birds and have a ton of pain in my heart for having shot birds with bb-guns when I was growing up due to my mindless father handing me and my brother each a bb-gun and telling us to go out and shoot them because he wanted us out of his way so that we wouldn't be a bother to him while he fussed over the cars that he worshipped! (Nothing more horrible than having flashbacks of seeing God's wonderful creation hanging upside down in a tree branch with its beak blown through the back of its head and bleeding and flapping it's wings because some misguided screwed up little kids were put on that horrible path of "fun" by a worthless asshole fool of a man that had no love for creatures that were only guilty of singing their hearts out because they loved the gift of life that The Lord Jesus gave them!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Parents: PLEASE(!!!!!!!!) don't give your kids these vile "toys" called bb-guns/pellet guns! Have them learn to play a musical instrument of learn how to draw and study birds or take up stamp collecting ….. or a million other constructive hobbies or advocations! I'm 64 and I finally woke up decades ago and came to my senses and stopped that sick madness, yet, these horrible flashbacks and memories to this day still wreck my peace of mind!!!!!
    P.S. I'm NOT against guns or the 2nd Amendment; just TOTAL responsibility for home protection and whatnot, but I'm 100% against using God's innocent animals for nothing more than targets!!! Animals are sentient beings and feel pain as you do and have a right to be free, safe, and happy. At least give it some thought, thanks!!
    P.P.S. Do the researchers in the video consider that maybe those birds are attracted to the bugs the lights attract? Just a thought.

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