Midnight Grooming – The Story Behind the Corduroy

I've been told and I've met over the years many many many different groomers that have groomed everywhere and they say this is a top of hill grooms in the country this mountain is unlike any mountain the amount of maintenance that it requires for the lifts to spend to the general public to get up and the maintenance required is amazing so much corduroy 80 mile an hour corduroy I've totally food for every night you can't leave ridges you can't leave holes you can't leave Windrose no need to get mow I get what I got the morning a.m. shift starts at 12:30 and goes till opening the other shift starts at 4:30 when they close a little lift and go till we come in it takes a lot of getting used to it's a lot easier when you're a lot younger than I am actually yeah I'm 12:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. get off at 8:30 you right there at the mountain when it opens at 9:00 cool to go hits you and runs but you did ski your own corduroy there's so much more to it than people thanks it took years to become a good groomer and you never quit learning 27 years I've still words we're up there in all sorts of weather that's probably one of my funnest parts of the job is being up there when it's 50 60 70 miles an hour and you're expected to go up there to do it to do your job to leave the corridor or to dig out the lift ski patrols got to be there in the morning so we get to go up there and clear it out all night that's one of the most amazing things a winch cat is a specialized snow cap that's used when the terrain steepness requires the assistance both going uphill and downhill of the winch we use various kinds of winch cat anchors some of the anchors are natural other winch cat anchors are drilled into the rocks here with five winches a night it's a pretty stout winch program and in the lower 48 there's really nothing like it there's definitely a pride and that the cadre that you leave being a skier you even if you can't ski the next day you know how it's gonna ski in yeah it's a lot of pride it's a great feeling to know that that looks that good you did it you know and everybody's gonna love skeet it that day yeah it gets in your blood room and uh I don't know what I'd do if I didn't girl I'd go crazy

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  1. They've come a LONG way. My first winter in JH was 1976-77, and the "grooming" was a joke. Not unusual to find a two foot high curb between tractor runs. Most of the mountain went untouched anyway. It was awesome. Not that some good roy isn't a treat, but I'm glad I was there when I was. Left in '86. 25 million vertical in the bag.

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