Microsoft HoloLens Review, mind blowing Augmented Reality!

this is an absolute GameChanger I've just been on the train for 3 hours and I could not take it off it is incredible so this is it the microsoft hololens I've attached it to my laptop and I'm going to move the camera behind me so you can see everything that I'm seeing when I try this on it's got an adjustable strap at the back I don't need the leads to run this but this is purely so I can project the images onto my laptop so I can demonstrate to you how this works ok let's get rid of so the first thing I want to show you is how I interact with the hololens from a business perspective so here I'm going to open Excel and this is directly connected to office 365 it's a bit difficult to talk and do this at the same time so here I can access all of my work documents and I can make this pretty much any size I want to and I can push it farther away or keep it nice and close and I can then view all of my documents files photos and access the web so here you've got Microsoft edge and this is my blog so I've got scroll tools where I can scroll down and read anything that I want through on a web browser and then you've got these really cool aspects like Holograms which are just so clear and so surreal here I've got a word document again this is using a very clever hololens technology where it maps every object in your room so you can pinpoint and place Holograms anywhere here you'll see a really cool satellite and there's a man doing weights here the drone is real by the way the mandate weights is not real if I forget where things are I've got this cool labeling system where I can label pretty much anything so there I've got cam here I've got a YouTube video open on a multiple Microsoft edge browser and if I click play you should see my holiday snaps or holiday video now to put it into perspective I've got a 60-inch TV in this room and this is probably about a hundred inches so you can see that you would have thought that at one point we won't need TVs and monitors anymore because I can have as many monitors as many TVs as I want not taking up any space or electricity and what I want to try and get across here is that how clear this is it's it's so weird that it's right in front of me it's almost hard to explain that it feels real it feels like I'm actually looking at a monitor now this next step is so amazing kind of hard to put into words again if I look at something and then click it will actually map the room so hopefully you can see this is using all these different colors and shapes to match every item in the room and lay over it I mean it's just awesome so I can click and get different shapes I can click anywhere in the room and you can see now I'm actually looking at the video of how this looks on the screen and it doesn't do it justice because through the hololens you don't get the black edges that you're seeing it's perfectly perfectly accurate over all of the different parts of this lounge it's just unbelievable it's so trippy to look at what experience now this one just blows my mind you can zoom into a number of galaxies in our universe and not see I've gone into our solar system now again when I click to look at more detail our Sun is probably the best visual of ever seen of our Sun including the TV and I'm hoping that this video will do it justice and you can see the solar flares erupting or shooting out of the sides now my favorite planet like most people's is Saturn and I had this on yesterday on the train and it's just so surreal having this 3d planet standing right in front of me and again the quality is just amazing now check out this 3d shark hologram I'm going to try to keep it in my field of view but look at that amazing so now I've made the shark larger actually quite scary to have in my front room so I'm going to try and keep this in my field of view and also try and keep relatively still but here's to give you an idea of the quality Wow incredible are the possibilities for AR are endless so I've decided to write a blog about them which you can click on here I touch on all the areas where AR can help now and in the future I discovered I discussed topics such as volumetrically captured videoconferencing AR straight dating ir personal shopping imagine for one second Donatella Versace in your house as your personal shopping assistant unbelievable and also I touch on some privacy areas such as what if we use AR to recognize emotions or friends the technology exists now we'll be able to tell your friends are lying or if they're unhappy or sad so I touch on a bit more I go into a bit more detail than I did in the video in the blog so please take your time to read it please also subscribe to my channel I'm going to put more interesting stuff out like this which I hope you'll find a very interesting and the final thing I want to say about AR and then the reason why I love AR is that it keeps us in the real world there's so many other technologies at the moment that take us out of the real world they are keeps us in the real world but it enhances it at the same time thanks for listening

22 thoughts on “Microsoft HoloLens Review, mind blowing Augmented Reality!

  1. Imagine a cinema with several hololenses where everyone could see the same holograms coming out of the screen into the room. Including 4D chairs. I believe the future can be so cool ?

  2. the holograms look a little choppy in the video, does it look like that in the headset or was that just from the holograms being put into video.

  3. Of course they would make it so only major company's and businesses can get it …. And it is $ 3,500.00 What a disgrace and funny world this is. The real gist and ideology is we won't see this until 2025 What a joke.

  4. Microsoft is a stupid company, this is only for companies not a consumer product. That's why they are loosing the technological edge. Someone will come up with a better product for consumers and they will be history. This should be the next generation of smart phones and virtual reality. Stupid company.

  5. This is the Best review of the product I've seen!! Cheers!

    How did you record the video? Does it have a record option too?

  6. Cool how Microsoft is doing progress, but then how is it their Windows OS is so shitty!!? They should prioritize, or get a new team on the OS design.

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