Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell (Full Presentation)

26 thoughts on “Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell (Full Presentation)

  1. Religion is Bigger than this opinion. Christianity is the Majority Religion in Humanity ! This opinion of this minority anti social atheist guy is the minority ! These anti social arrogant losers can speak like a parrot all day long but you understand what it is – Irrelevant. Humanity is more Spiritual and Religious than ever ! Humanity, Is Relevant !!! Every Human is Unique and Relevant ! This Loser thinks we are All Irrelevant and temporary ! F U !!! Your Arrogant Desperate voice makes me Laugh ! You're Done Bud !!! You opinion is still the minority opinion ! That is Relevant !!!

  2. Decreasing Universe explain Hubble's Law
    Link1: https://medcraveonline.com/OAJMTP/OAJMTP-02-00049.pdf

  3. Love to talk how science has made life easier with luxury. What about aids cancer tornadoes you know things that go on everyday while they're observing doing experiments trying to discredit God. They're not the solution they're the problem and we go through life tryna understand bullshit while they profit smh that's reality fuck the bullshit parallel universe you live in how you love that

  4. I am replying here to make sure you will read my comment. <3 My own
    believes is that we are not far enough to know chemistry, phisics and
    science to be abble to understand all the laws that there are in the
    universe since we don't have access to all that there is in space to
    understand how everything works in every different dimension and galaxy.
    I believe that you can not run a computer using just the CPU cooler and
    lack of the rest of the components. The reaction of the light has not
    been explored due we do not have access to all the different light that
    can be produced due the lack of materials on Earth to filter it and the
    same goes for the sound vibration connectivity with our consciousness,
    because we can manipulate reality. Everything that is a live has
    multiplying cells and every single one of those cells comes from another
    dimension trough the living consciousness. There are also different
    type of consciousness in this universe and each one has a purpose. Take
    the atom with it's positive and negative moments. This world is negative
    and that is why everything has an ending, but there is a consciousness
    (God) that manifest it self and this is the way the universe grows and
    thats how the space vacuum is extending because of the need for more
    space for the consciousness to re-create by manifesting life.

  5. While I generally agree with many things said I very much dislike that kind of "personality cult" Professor Kaku attaches to some well known names of physicists (not even considering that a few centuries ago many fields of science that are separated from physics today were still called physics, because they all were dealing with the physical world).

    As Dalton Magee expresses it in a comment a bit down in the timeline:
    "We really stand on the shoulders of giants …"
    and so I ask (just as an example):
    How much of the Internet did Tim Berners-Lee or CERN as organisation really "invent"?
    And how much of the Internet's success was only possible because of base technologies already there?

    Therefore I much more go with the attitude of Linus Torvalds whom I met in a conference in 1995 where he said:
    "I don't really understand why people give me so much credit for having 'inventing' Linux. I surely couldn't have done it if I couldn't have built on the works of [list of credits he gave to others following]."

  6. We really stand on the shoulders of giants and it's crazy to think the world of tomorrow will be standing because of us.

  7. There are more histories on the planet other than and older than European. Everyone didn't have a Dark Ages.

  8. Why would you expect that…. "because a moving magnetic field creates an electric field, a moving electric field would create a magnetic field" …. I mean, yes that's what heppens…. but why you would expect it just because the first was true???? It is not that obvious

  9. you said you looked for the 5th force and could not find it. maybe the 73% of dark matter is it! since we are all clueless about what dark matter is. let's not be too quick to get rid of the 5th or even a 6th force theory. Then there is dark energy…

  10. Maan, i wish i could make a particle accelerator in my mom's garage ;(
    Freaking money, why does it control everything

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