Michael Jordan was poisoned by Utah Fans — Dan “Big Cat” Katz from Barstool Sports | Chalk Media

16 thoughts on “Michael Jordan was poisoned by Utah Fans — Dan “Big Cat” Katz from Barstool Sports | Chalk Media

  1. Happy Holiday's Chalk Nation! We have a good one for you with this Fish Bowl. Big Cat doesn't hold anything back. Help us make this video go viral. Share this video and leave a comment with #ChalkMedia and we will randomly pick THREE people to get a care package filled with gear of your favorite sports team. Let's do this!

  2. When you gamble it is a slippery slope, I don't gamble unless I am in Vegas, I haven't seen a crap table that I am able to walk by and ignore.

  3. He does know exactly what you are saying, when you hide words from a child they automatically pick them out to make note of, that's what I did. In the second grade I wrote down every swear word that I could think of, when I thought no one was paying attention to me my teacher was standing over my shoulder. My teacher gave the list of cuss words to my mother, she was pissed, when my dad came home she gave the list to him, I thought I wad in trouble. My dad actually thought it was funny, he discussed it with me and I told him ok.

  4. I'm watching this from Russia and I had a laugh when you mentioned the Russian mafia in Brighton Beach. BTW, in today's Russia nearly all the gambling is done online (with a bettor sending the money to a bookie prior to making a bet), so one's kneecaps are probably safe if you gamble here. That being said, the fact that many Russian bookies advertise on porn sites and bettors' accounts on the bookies' websites can get banned at any moment for virtually no reason tells you that betting here is not the most sensible thing to do (as if gambling and common sense go hand in hand)

  5. When you get a chance watch the "frontline," PBS special on Carroll Rosenbloom, the late owner of the Rams. He was initially the owner of the Baltimore Colts back in the 50's when they were winning championships.

  6. Bio dome global warming really bro? Good lord. Every generation thinks the world will come to an end in their lifetime.

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