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it's okay I'm fine I've done crazy hey what's going on everybody for first we feast I'm Sean Evans and you're watching hot ones it's the show with hot questions and even hotter wings and today I'm joined by Michael Cera you know him is George Michael on the hit show Arrested Development and award-winning roles in films like Juno Superbad Scott Pilgrim vs. the world and many more and you can catch him in the Waverley gallery premiering on Broadway this fall Michael Cera welcome to the show thank you how are you a spicy food I like spicy food I think there was this amazing Thai restaurant in LA called Jitlada and they have like at the back of the menu for like something challenge and you took it on and me and a friend did it my friend Eric Idle standing me we sat and we got mussels you can get anything with this sauce and they bring you like a pink like pepto-bismol milkshake I like bunch of you know cabbage and stuff and you just go bite for bite and it's like okay let's do another it's like this weird ride you take with your friend and we did that well let's go on another ride man can I ask you how you're sitting on this store are you feet both on the middle bar oh yeah they got one foot on the ground and I don't feel like I'm sitting you know I mix it up every once in a while I feel like throwing it off there's this shadow style with it let's straddle the thing that's like the leg of the table and just really actually join you here whatever makes you comfortable Michael do I look more comfortable that's good so want to start by taking it back to the early days when you are a nine-year-old doing commercial auditions by the hundreds in the highly competitive world of child commercial acting did you ever get backstabbed or double-crossed by another fifth grader there were like two kids who were like the kobe bryant's of like the child commercial ring mm-hm and they just booked everything and you'd go to a commercial it would be like dozens of kids and all their moms and you knew their moms too and some of the moms for extra intimidating weird but there was like if you saw like looka there even like well shit why'd I even come I might as well go yeah this is a wash and then in our research we found an old Pillsbury commercial that you did early on you actually got to poke the doughboys belly that was the second job I ever got and after that I'd never booked another commercial it's just those two but I went on hundreds of auditions well Lucca was there Luke who's taken all the work Michael cedar was killing it I think it was like you know it's just like no it's like there's a c-stand with an X and there you do that for like a hundred times because that's very important but you didn't the right place yeah and then but the whole commercial was like a CGI extravaganza like there's this I'm making cookies and the cookie dough comes alive look yeah it's like chasing the other yeah they went for it they like kind of splurged on there and special effects for this commercial all right so this next one is the heartbeat sauce sounds good that's delicious actually so when Arrested Development was reborn in 2013 he took on an expanded role not only as one of the show's stars but then also a fixture in the writing room there's a lot of lore surrounding writers rooms I know that your experience was limited but in that limited experience I wonder do the good ideas just naturally float to the top or is there an art and being the loudest voice in the room or a pillar man good question um yeah I think sometimes it's like a lot of timing if you have a good idea maybe you shouldn't say it right away wait you know until things kind of there's like a lull and then pretend you just came up with it but ya know a lot of times the good stuff floats to the top there is some kind of filter system that just kind of happens naturally and it could be I think kind of a political thing or a personality thing it's but there's like a balance to it you kind of learn your place like a family almost it's delicious that one Dom put it in the bag yeah no kidding we'll give you that one do I get some gifts that's cool you do you get a little swag bag that's awesome oh this is from Thunder Bay Ontario and you're from Ontario I'm from Ontario beautiful rap for the homies yeah they're doing a nice job up there just says pepper sauce it's a little bit can I ask you like um you must be kind of like our virtue of this show like tuned into the world of hot sauce a little bit more than I'd like to be you very nicely curated I have to say thank you even the color scheme like I guess you put some thought into Heather it's almost chum burger who helped put this whole thing together he has sleepless nights every season every season again so when you're a beloved character that's in cult movies like Scott Pilgrim are super bad you end up sometimes having a persona that takes out a life of its own have you seen the way the Internet has made you its own via memes and corners of Reddit do you ever poke around does it scare you are you fascinated by it maybe it scares me I don't think I want to know not that I you know it's kind of nice in a way I'm not just a big internet guy really your friend and super bad co-star Jonah Hill has this larger-than-life online persona in large part because he's like a street style icon right have you ever heard of Jonah Hill day yeah well from Jonah I heard of it I was with Jonah last week then he went to Jonah Hill day that morning I saw I was so proud of him I mean that's so brave it's great though I mean I love that he did that because it's my buddies that put it on okay those guys mm-hmm whites and James shot out failing upwards so when Jonah was on Kimmel he was like I was too shy to go the first year yeah and then the second one it was just ringing off and he had such a great time yeah it sounds like a great thing to do I mean I was inspired by Jonah doing that at first I think it'd be scared but then it's like he had a great time right I mean also I think he like just got himself in the frame of mind of like I'm just gonna go be this girl like it's like kind of a character or something like the person they want you to be or that whatever your are to them and that day just go be that I mean it's like going and shooting something or something it's like just kind of take yourself outside of yourself and have fun with it can we expect to see you in attendance at next year's Jonah Hill day that sounds fun I told Jonah you should go like a like scatter when he goes like don't go the third year go the fourth yeah people be like oh every two years he goes keeping going as if yeah in a way terrorize them so this is this guy this is the son of zombie grant okay I'm gonna invite first ask questions later so they taught us in the Academy that one is just so delicious right away sweet so as you mentioned in your intro you're an upcoming Broadway play called the Waverly gallery yeah and then earlier this year with lobby hero so clearly it's not a one-off experiment for you yeah what draws you back to the stage so I was working on lobby hero with Kenneth Lonergan who wrote it and he also wrote Waverly gallery and then I I think from my agent I heard that they were doing the Waverly gallery with Elaine May so I emailed Kenny right away and said please let me like sweep the floor to be there because I love Elaine May and I found my god to have an opportunity to work with her would be just amazing and something I would be so jealous of whoever got to do it if I wasn't doing it and I would always regret missing that chance what's the biggest difference when you're trying to target your next project when you're reading a movie script versus when you're reading a play script I mean a play it's a big commitment of time and you're stuck like you can't do other things at the same time and choosing a movie you just don't want it to be something that people see and they are embarrassed by I think which can happen but it also is like who you get to where you know who I don't know I mean like the reason I really love acting for a living is that you get to work with people that are amazing that you admire so this next one is the lowest calientes we're calling it the sauce of summer hmm that's really tasty well we have a recurring segment on our show called explain that Graham where you do a deep dive and I guess Instagram put interesting pictures that need more context you do not have an Instagram which really throws a wrench but we have a workaround we've gone to the Gettys and pulled some interesting michael cera photos that just need more context I'll just show you the picture and you tell me the bigger story is that sound good yeah all right laptop please great Thank You beau you're welcome it's a funny job you lift a giant block for the computer on it built the light of the bill has really grown quite a bit first things first looks like you're just minding your business okay that's a story that's a crazy story that was a horrible moment for me really yes so this guy I used to live in Los Feliz in Los Angeles and that was a moment when I was like kind of famous or I had a movie coming out or some reason why someone would like want to photograph me and spend their day doing that so there was this guy like in my neighborhood stalking me this is the only time that has ever happened to me in my life it was a very strange experience he just wouldn't stop he was following me all day I was riding around on my bike and he was enjoying my like fear you know it was just this like thing where you saw this other side of people and I was like I get it like take the photo and go but he like enjoyed putting me in a state of like fear or agitation to get another kind of photo or something I went up to his window I like shook his hand I was like please stop you're really scaring me now like this is getting really weird he was like okay that was what made it really wait he was like yeah I got it man yeah totally I'll leave you alone and then he kept doing it and then I could never and then he would just be always like a little far away in his car I went into a movie theater at a Los Feliz 3 and watched a movie for two hours and came out and he was waiting he had waited and I was like don't follow me home man like I don't want you to come know where I live and like be a splinter in my you know leg for the rest of my life so it was really and at one point I just like got off my bike and sat down on the curb and he like drove by looking for me I was like dude this is like really stressing me out can you stop and then he like saw that and stopped and went away we're David I was like this is weird I didn't mean to dig up any trial I'm glad I could it was years ago you know that hasn't happened me again cuz that enough of a bite to be fair qualifies know us well if you don't you can go in for another one and we'll just so that people don't call me push so super bad celebrated its tenth anniversary last year what I'd like to do here is dig up some of the lore surrounding that film because it means so much to so many people and you can just tell me if it's fact or if it's fiction or if there's a bigger story behind that so that's all good fun all right true or false Evan Goldberg's brother Dave drew all the dick drawing the Stover bad mm-hmm what's true I mean we watched the movie like hundreds of times when it came out we were promoting it and I think the dicks are like at the end of the movie over the credits mm-hmm there's a lot of dick pictures and people that was like perfect emotional nuttin for people never like yes they really wanted to see all those is it true that Christopher mintz-plasse pissed off Jonah Hill during the audition is there everywhere definitely when he left the room Jonah was like no not him what happened he was like irritated by him I think he felt that Chris was like kind of getting the better of him comedic Lee stopping Jonah like like kind of like blocking Jonah's like funny jabs which made it so funny I mean it made Jonah like double down and Jonah getting irritated made him funnier made Jonah funnier and Chris just deflect it like he just hit he is a guy who does not care in real life he's really an admirable guy shrugs everything off he does not care what anybody thinks about him and that was really apparent and in an audition setting that you're like a rock star if you have that quality no did you do an hour-long dance for the super bail DVD I did so that was Evan Goldberg's idea Evans a really fun and funny and weird guy he was I was like right when blu-rays were like starting to happen he was like with the blu-ray we can have a DVD menu that the menu screen can be an hour long and it won't loop it was like so I want you to dance for an hour so that somebody will watch the DVD menu waiting for it to loop and it just like never will until after an hour and I was like great and then so we did that like after a day of shooting we went into this like studio at Sony with a green screen and I danced for an hour non-stop there are a million different references to super bad and hip hop lyrics so I want to bounce too off of you and you can tell me which one you're prouder of okay great so this first one is from Big Sean I'm unusual as shit I'm super bad your girl probably doodle in my dick and then this next one is from Kanye West off forever old money Benjamin Button what nothing now super bad chicks given me McLovin Kanye West said that mm-hmm oh my god I didn't know that that's cool I like the Kanye West one Jonah told me that he met Eminem in mm like recited the first 10 minutes of super bad to him like had it memorized and did our voices and stuff how did Jonah react to that you know like really shocked like I mean when he told me I was like it stunned by that so weird before we go on sure do you think I could just floss I have like a piece of chicken went to it and it's got too much of my attention yeah yeah absolutely absence do we have floss on set we're too thick Thanks sorry man anything no that just don't want to be I like fighting that and it's like still spicy every time I try and wedge it out it's it's a big kick yeah I'll just use here sorry I said I'll be five seconds with it you feel me that's this next one is the bun stirs Black Label it's out of Australia it's come a long way 16 out of 10 heat that's weird that makes them sound kind of stupid they don't understand man 32 say ten out of ten I was annoyed recently at a farmers market because um there was this woman selling soups and some of them were really hot she had a rating system she had like um this ones are two out of five this one's a three out of five this one's a four out of five and you had like ten soups but there was no five out of five I was like then why don't you make the one that's four out of five the five if that's the hottest like what is five shouldn't five be the hottest and shouldn't that exist you have as high numbers and no I didn't I wanted to find her but she's a woman selling soup I'm gonna embarrass her in front of her potential customers walked away and quietly said it to my mom and girlfriend classic stupid movie alright so this next one is the bomb it's pretty hot historically yes they make a big deal of it on the model warning the sauce is extremely hot consume one drop at a time with extreme caution it's hot stays to go into it I like Chipotle no problem I mean a little pain in the mouth it's okay I'm fun I've done crazy shit it's not to get too meta but I do want to talk to you a little bit about the dynamics of a celebrity interview because it's something that we think about all the time at this freak show that you've so gamely decided to join in on I heard you make an interesting point about how sometimes your Hollywood interviews can cause a bit of a kerfuffle simply because you can't match the gigawatt energy of whoever isn't for you or the platform true can you explain that for me well it's like trying to talk normally it tongue hurts oh you're doing like a junket and sometime anything you have like ten people roll through in a day I might just be drooling and not know it that's okay it's the show and um yeah everybody kind of that's like they're 10 minutes and they were like sometimes prepared a bit that you haven't signed off on and you have no interest in participating and you think you're just there as a human being to talk about your movie which is pretty boring granted but sometimes you just don't think they have any taste and now I'm like forced to like go along with it or else I'm like throwing a wrench in your thing and I seem like I'm not fun sometimes if you just don't want to go with their energy you've seen like a confrontational asshole or something but to go with their energy would be worse I think you'd seem like a total dipshit so I kind of lose lose no listen I can act with it as a guy who hosts a show where we have 10 scorching hot chicken wings laid out in front of our guests yeah when of the scorching hot ones concerned Oh this is one really slow build or cuz it's not as hot as the previous one I find yes but we order by the skull bleep oh okay yeah I saw you talking to Padma thought the Scoville unit oh wow there you go and I really enjoyed your thoughts about it or her thoughts which was like it's kind of like an imaginary measurement exactly exactly so in addition to being one of the most famous actors in Hollywood I know that you're very much a film buff a student of the game so what I want to do is give you a series of universal life moments that may be the power of film could help someone through and then you try to recommend a movie like Chris Lawrence's kind of life moment exactly that's challenging them is there a movie that you'd recommend to a kid who's feeling like an outcast I feel so on the spot well the Sandlot comes to mind right away but the lesson in that movie is kind of hard it's like well just find a group of friends that you fit in perfectly with and you'll be happy if you're stuck in a rut of your day-to-day existence you want to expand your mind what film would Michael Cera pull off the shelf a rut of day-to-day existence and something that's like a fantasy thing I guess maybe world on a wire the Fassbender movie just cuz that's like a really fun science fiction movie can you give me a movie that you'd recommend when you're tripping balls and psychedelic mushrooms fantastic planet be fun something animated or like spirited away I just watch that with my niece it's a little scary for kids I think I got it for her for her eighth birthday and we were watching and like halfway through I was kind of like is this too scary but I think she was a little disturbed by it all right Michael Cera all right so this is the last dab we call it the last dab because it's tradition around here to put a little extra on the last wing okay you don't have to if you don't want to I will which should be no problem for you my friends I was with my friends last night mm-hmm and they're a couple and they have a bet one of them whether I'll finish this really yeah one is against me one is for me it almost detects them after the one who's against you what an idiot looking like an idiot yeah underestimation all right and then you bite right on the sauce you bite right on the sauce and that would be the point right but before you do yeah here we are at our hot sauce journey's end and you're so expressive you can say so much without even so much as uttering a word so what we're going to do here is we're going to stimulate our bodies with a bajillion scovilles and then follow the journey of pepper X entirely through facial expressions okay got it you're doing great nice for you I can break I can't lie I love that like how much happens into the space of a second that we don't really realize we'd love to watch like a 10-minute version of all this stuff you just did well that's lupus Prince our put it on the next DVD menu and look at you Michael Cera I don't know who your friend is you said she couldn't keep the board this will get you look at you you King all the way through ten chicken wings up ten chicken wings down bright red red in the face a little bit glowing around the eyes nice honestly think that it's like a reborn Michael Cera okay looking so good I would love to swim right now this camera this camera or this camera let the people know what you have going on in your life right away all right guys I'm gonna do this play on Broadway with Elaine May and we're gonna go until January god bless her she's 86 I think and she's gonna give an amazing amazing historical performance to us and nobody should miss it especially if you love her as much as I do what she should my floss chips yeah is it like you get I yeah yeah you do like cuz like even sometimes on the show like I always make this joke that like that's why it's keeping us going is that Jason but it's true like sometimes I'll go be like I have like a nice little head brush yeah you know yeah but then same with the pepper is that like when you eat a Carolina Reaper yeah it's sort of drug like and yeah but then you go home yeah yeah but then you go home and then you're just in the fetal position basically giving yourself food poisoning and then it's you know it's it's it's it's kind of exhilarating Hey oh hey spice Lords come here I want to let you in on a little secret you already know about the hot ones subscription box every month we send you three of the best damn hot sauces you've ever had in your life but this is the big announcement the moment you've been waiting for the thing that people will not stop tweeting me about if you want the last abra ducks with chocolate pepper X and pepper X the way to do it sign up for a hot one subscription box before August 15th if you already get the subscription box you're good to go throw your feet up the last dab with track of pepper ax and pepper ax it's on its way to your doorstep but if you want to be one of the first people to get it the way to do it sign up for a hot one subscription box you already know the drill heat nice calm heat nice calm to sign up who appreciates his spice Lords I do what the no don't dad me bro ah

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  1. What a champ !!
    Also he is incredibly polite and holds himself very respectfully.
    I'd love to sit a chat with him.

  2. You should bring david so or jp from healthy junk food you will not be disappointed they are horrible with spicy food and it’s hilarious

  3. He looks like if my grandpa were younger but still thought he was old and couldn't have the same capabilities.

  4. He would have been better for the Ted Bundy story then the dude who porked the girl who showed her Bush in those pictures.

  5. Wow I love Cera and didn't know he lived 2 towns over from where I live I didn't even know he was Canadian that's so cool

  6. Cera seems like a person who would fit in jackass, but looks like a highschool kid that does his homework to a T

  7. Spirited Away has been both my daughter's favorite movie since their births (11&10yrs). And I do indeed mean 'birth', I would watch it with them every night to put them to bed when they were born, nothing else would sooth them like that movie; and furthermore, they understood it emotionally before they ever found it scary, literally bursting into tears since they were each 1yr, at the exact moment Chihiro frees Haku from his curse when he remembers he's the river spirit. Funny part is, when they were old enough to realize it was scary because their friends would cry in fear when they'd try to introduce them to it, my oldest says to me one day, "Dad, why would you let us watch things like this and Tekkonkinkreet?", I say, "so you all understand the world earlier in life.", she replies, "well I get that, but now we find it harder to relate to kids our ages?!… But I guess that's why you play house with us too huh, so we still know how to be kids?", I nearly cried… Anime is such a great teaching tool, and it's animated movies you can enjoy as much as they do – winwin!!

  8. I think Michael and Eric Andre are the same person. Look at him put a scruffy beard darker skin and boom Eric appears

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