This is your Miami-Dade Minute… Today we’re working in partnership with Miami-Dade Police Department and our
Parks Department in collaboration to give our dogs here at the shelter a fun
day of activities and enrichment. Because it’s their special day, they wanted them
to feel special, them be the VIP and get the presidential treatment. Every dog
loves to jump in a car and go for a ride so some of our police friends are
going to be actually taking our shelter dogs along with our Hope Express
Mobile Adoption Unit over to Tropical Park so that they can have a fun-filled
day of activities and just a good time. A lot of people believe that, you know,
adopting a dog is all that it takes but really we you know we want to encourage
people to not only adopt a dog but it’s really important to keep dogs healthy at
home by providing activities and stimulation, taking them out on walks
providing them those toys that they need to help them keep active and stay
healthy, mentally and physically. From the Commissioner’s office to the Mayor’s
office to the Police Department the Animal Services, the entire Miami-Dade
County our goal is for all of these animals to get a loving home and that’s all we

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