MessYourself! DROP A KITTEN OR DROP YOUR PHONE Would You Rather

hello everyone how is everyone doing it is mash yourself there today we are back with would you rather so I'm really happy and proud about the past would you are the videos if you haven't watched it go watch them you guys have shown amazing support in them if this video reaches 15,000 likes I'm gonna continue this as a series would you rather be a nudist no please not again not again oh for goodness sake give me back my clothes Oh would you rather be a never-nude a never-nude that means I have to always wear clothes at all times no no no oh goodness say okay this is a pretty tricky question okay because if you're nudists you can't be naked all the time that means you can have to go to school naked be around your parents naked I don't make it all the time but then again if I'm a never-nude that means what I'm gonna have to take a shower with the clothes if you guys leave a like in the next ten seconds I'll go take a shower with all my clothes on okay no I'm not to take a shower of my clothes on on I oh you good I'm gonna have to go with be a never-nude okay what 55% of people want to be naked disgusting perverts what you either be a rock star rock star ravage its beam gun that's the garb and I shut up shitless Rockstar not bloody that rock star shit shit let's go back off okay we don't listen to that shit Oh would you rather be a movie star I'm just pretending to be a movie style never actually be a movie star that's kind of sad because I should be in movies let's be honest now okay no seriousness is a pretty tricky question okay in rockstar all we've gotta do is play instruments and yeah you're famous but then in movie stars you gotta you know actually work learn scripts and stuff do auditions you know it's kind of kind of a lot of hard work to do both of them I don't think I have the time or the patience to do this shit I think I would prefer to be a movie star okay yep sixty-eight percent agree okay because I like acting okay measure so it's sort of like me acting trying to be funny you know I like I like it okay I make videos I should be a movie star it makes sense would you rather be a famous country singer would you rather be a famous blues guitarist it's a bloody collar not bloody music okay to be totally honest I don't really know any famous blues guitarists I know like one famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus okay what a legend don't break my heart okay be a famous country singer what country music only 42% of people prefer country music I don't give a shit about no blues guitarists would you rather be able to kill anyone by writing their name in a notebook ah or anyone needing a mama dog boy do you boil your water bomb mmm hmm or the marina piccola hahahaha don't even know ha Oh would you rather be able to heal anyone of any injury slash illness or revive the dead via a kiss oh my god wait and revive the dead via a kiss okay alright so I've seen Death Note okay that anime where some guy can write anyone's name in a notebook and kill them instantly okay and although that would be fun I'm pretty sure I'll get caught just like I mean um spoilers so I'm gonna be a good guy and heal anyone I'm pretty sure I'll get captured and used you know to heal some evil people or some shade you know because that's all power is too powerful okay but you know what let's assume that I'll use it for good and just heal sick people okay yeah 75% of people agree and 25% of people are evil bastards who are just bloody weeaboos would you father be in the Fallout universe would you rather be in the Skyrim universe now this is a really tricky question because I absolutely love fallout okay I did series on fallout three and a bit on fallout 4 ok go watch that ok that just shows how much of a fallout fan I am but I think I'm enough to go with Skyrim ok because it could be fun living in the medieval times and I don't really want to live in a fallout kind of world where it's post-apocalyptic that's like 66% of people agree that's a hard one though I'll give it that would you rather meet the Pope no Brandon I'm the Pope who is this guy Oh would you rather be the Pope this is a pretty pointless question ok because I wouldn't care if I met the Pope then again I wouldn't want to be the pop ok praying all day so I'm gonna say meet the pub ok yes only one percent of people agree would you bother be a pokemon trainer would you bother be a zombie slayer this is a bit of a stupid question also ok I don't have time to be a zombie slayer ok I'm a lazy piece of shit so I'm either say be a pokemon trainer okay yeah 57% agree ok people want safe lives ok we don't want to get eaten by no zombies blah if you were given the responsibility would you rather inform a room of first grade students that their favorite pet has died tragically Timmy I'm afraid your dog just died explain to a room of first grade students how sex works in graphic detail ok first you take a bloody dingdong and then you take your buddy oh okay so this question basically says do you want to make some kids cry or do you want to make some kids scream okay and I like making kids cry okay wait what sixty-two percent of people want to explain other bloody hoo-hah and they don't work okay I'm not playing that shit okay you move on to the next question would you rather never eat pizza again all never drink another soda now to be totally honest for me okay I like pizza but I could do without not eating again but to be honest I don't drink soda the only thing I do drink is water drink water kids okay it's good for you okay now that everything's all drying what was the question again oh yeah like I was saying I would choose to never drink another soda okay yes 60% of green would you rather have to wash your hands every 10 minutes or wash your hands wants a month okay my hands are pretty clean okay I washed them like several times a day but I could not afford to wash them every 10 minutes okay so I'll just have to be very careful and wash them only once a month what okay would you rather what a volcano erupt or witness a meteor hitting Earth wait what kind of stupid question is that you will not be harmed you would however be impressed I would probably say I would watch a volcano erupt okay because I don't want to witness a meteor hitting earth because that innocent people will just die all right well only 52% agree I'm quite surprised okay because 48% of people want you know innocent people to die which Bartha have a huge head and a small neck why Oh would you rather have a huge neck and a small head why is my future or small head hmm both of these are pretty shitty I'm not gonna lie I'll probably choose to have a big head okay I'm not gonna lie that would be pretty cool all right people would probably be like oh you got a big that's cool would you rather save two family members all save 10,000 strangers whoa this question is pretty hard I'm not going to but you know what I'm a good person okay and although it would really upset me I'm gonna have to save ten thousand strangers what fifty four percent of people are bloody selfish little bastards okay I mean it does say to family members so I'll just pick you know the oldest people on my family okay although it will be sad I could just do that would you rather be Danny Phantom he's a phantom or would you rather be been ten okay so I've seen Danny Phantom alright that was a show which I watched as a kid but Ben 10 kind of came out you know after I was a kid okay and I don't watch kid shows anymore I'm 22 year old man so I'm allowed to say Danny phantom phantom 52 percent agree okay I'm in the majority yet again okay ladies and gentlemen I am going to end the video here this has been another would you rather video if you want me to continue this as a series because I love making the videos as you can clearly tell and I think they make great videos but you know like if only people watch them and actually like them I'll make more okay I want to make videos that you like to like to watch okay so leave a like if we reach 10,000 likes on this video I will definitely continue would you rather thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video man steady guys love you but bye okay so I'm like like [Applause] you

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