Mercy For Animals 2019 Year in Review

Thank you. Gracias. Obrigado. Thank you. In 2019, Mercy For Animals celebrated its 20th anniversary. We looked back on all we had accomplished for farmed animals in our first two decades, and none of it would have been possible without you. This year, we achieved so many successes for animals around the globe. Thanks to your support, Mercy For Animals remains at the forefront of the animal protection movement, constructing a compassionate food system and reaching millions of people worldwide. This year, we released our first drone investigations into factory farms in Mexico—and our sixth and seventh investigations into government-owned slaughterhouses, which uncovered horrific suffering in the country’s animal transport industry and brought greater public awareness to these unseen, all-too-neglected practices. We took to the streets with a powerful message: The Amazon is burning, and the world’s appetite for meat is fueling the fires. After our groundbreaking drone investigation exposed the meat industry’s devastation of the Amazon, our eye-opening demonstration on the renowned Paulista Avenue in São Paulo kicked off a multiregional campaign in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. We launched Grilled: Turning Adversaries into Allies to Change the Chicken Industry, and we brought its message to a wider audience, including The Ezra Klein Show and TEDxSeattle. We kept the pressure on McDonald’s with a powerful television ad that features 25 celebrities asking
McDonald’s to listen to customers and end the worst cruelty for chickens. We launched the Transfarmation Project, a new initiative to help animal farmers transition to growing plants, a true win-win for consumers, animals, farmers, and the planet. As part of a movement-wide initiative, Denny’s, a restaurant chain with nearly 1,600 locations, committed to giving chickens more space, better lighting, and an environment that allows for more natural behaviors. Because of your support, our teams and volunteers worldwide were unstoppable. After two years of organized action, Walmart pledged to eliminate eggs from caged hens in all stores in Brazil. In the United States, we successfully lobbied for a ban on the sale of eggs from caged hens in Michigan. The new law will reduce suffering for at least 10 million egg-laying hens per year. In Mexico, our team collaborated closely with the country’s senate to pass a proposal that urges the agricultural ministry to improve animal welfare standards. Together, we garnered over half a billion impressions on social media, and our undercover investigation footage and award-winning videos have surpassed 45 million views globally. We amassed over 500 media hits with coverage of our investigation
programs by major media outlets, such as the Atlantic, the Guardian, Vox, and
Excélsior. The global impact we made this year is a direct result of your generous support. We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without you. As we look ahead to our next 20 years, we hope you will be there every step of the way, just as you were for our first 20. Thank you. Obrigado. Thank you. Thank you.

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