34 thoughts on “Mercury the two legged kitten wanting snuggle time, not play time

  1. it looks like a raptor. And i find dat cute and cool. Eventhough i hate cats. I would call it blue from jurassic world

  2. I would snuggle and scritch Merc until my arms would cramp up.

    And I'd just keep going anyhow.

    His T.rex stance is adorably mesmerizing. When he rears up, I can't pull my eyes away, the loveable novelty of it is just too strong.

  3. It's actually really clever as to how he's adapted to being a bipedal creature, resting most of his weight on his hocks so that they act like heels.


  5. dont know if i should find this horrible or adorable or both but then again dont know if the kitten is born like this eater way it seems the kitten is in good hands.

  6. Wait. So you are telling me there is a cat that doesn't become a bear claw trap when you pet it? I will take 10.

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